So, you think Muslims are a scary lot? How about Christians?


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  • kayaker

    Looks more like a weight watchers’ convention.

  • friardo

    Maybe not scary like Isis but really really weird. I have generally regarded christianity as being so emaciated that it is mostly harmless, and thought that such practices died out with witch hunting. Still, it wasn’t a particularlyconvincing performance was it?

    • mommadog

      Convincing enough that a few more people will hand over a few more dollars to the preacher for the church. Its the snake handling crew that amuse me. Believe in the lord enough and you will be saved – don’t believe or pray hard enough, snake bite and you’re a goner.

  • blairmulholland

    Muslims: Blow things up and behead people.
    Christians: Fall on floor and bark like dogs.

    Yes, definitely just as dangerous as each other.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    So this is how the mosh pit was invented…

  • Video is down. And us prods stopped killing papists well, at least 20 years ago. Now we guard our Catholic Brother’s back, for if the Social Justice Warriors take down the Paddys, the Prots will be next.

  • Marby

    At least Christians dont teach murder or suicide. In fact its quite the opposite. I know there are some crazy fundamentalist Christian groups, and some have been pointed out here, but generally, in New Zealand and most regular societies, Christians try and save lives, give generously, and love others. Examples? Salvation Army. World Vision……among other small church groups who help in the community.

  • LesleyNZ

    What denomination are they? The video is not working but it looks like they are being “slain in spirit” – which is confusion and also scary. Being “slain in the spirit” is not a requirement in order to become a Christian and is not Biblical. All that is needed is faith plus nothing else – definitely not this.

  • Damon Mudgway

    George Carlin would have LOVED this video.

  • Andy Brown

    Kind of a massage that shouts at you, tickles and a shouting massage; I really thought they had it out at 1:37.