If you are thinking of bugging your partner’s phone you already know the answer

Spying on cellphones of partners is on the rise.

I suspect it will be more women spying on their partners than the other way around, though when blokes do it isn’t to find out what they are up to it is about being manipulative and controlling.

Still if you are thinking of spying on your partner because you suspect they are playing away then you probably already have your answer.

Spying on spouses and partners through mobile phone bugging systems has reached epidemic proportions, according to pressure groups monitoring electronic abuse in the UK.

They warned women to guard against the growing use of ‘spyware’ which can tell a suspicious husband, boyfriend or former partner how they are using their phones.  

Cheaply available software will allow an electronic shadower to hear phone conversations, monitor emails, texts and social media messages, and even track the phone’s whereabouts using GPS tracking. The legitimate user of the phone can be left unaware that she or he is being followed and overheard.

Some devices are easily available in Britain for less than £100 (NZ$200) and software marketed in the US can be installed for less than £50 (NZ$100).

The Digital-Trust group said yesterday in the aftermath of Christmas – a time of year notorious for the high numbers of couples who break up: ‘Women leaving abusive relationships and seeking refuge will often unwittingly lead abusers to their location via mobile phones.

‘Mobiles can track the victim if the phone is registered to the abuser, if they have access to the victim’s Google or iPhone online account, or surveillance software or app has been put on the phone.’

The women will be doing it so they can get evidence which will likely increase the amount of cock tax he will have to pay.


– NZ Herald


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  • Imogen B

    “I suspect it will be more women spying on their partners than the other way around”
    Based on …?

    • dgrogan

      Because all men are lying, cheating, [redacted] people of questionable parentage, right?

      • Imogen B

        I must be moving in very different circles.
        The men I know and meet are usually decent human beings.
        That is why I asked what Cam based his statement on.

      • Wallace Westland

        Except more women cheat on their partners than men..but why would we let the facts get in the way of a good man bashing eh? :D

    • Because women are control freaks.

    • I have only ever been asked by women how to do this, or how to get into their husbands emails…over years and years it is generally only women who ask.

      • Mrs_R

        Lol, could it be because most men would rather die than ask for directions or read instructions :)

        • dgrogan

          Ha, ha. We only need instructions when we’re hopelessly lost, or it all turns to lumpy custard right, Mrs R. Not that it happens all that often! :)

  • Mrs_R

    Never mind the spying spouse, I would be more concerned what Nicky and friends asked Santa for Christmas. If I was Cam or JK I would be regularly checking my phone…

  • Chris EM

    I suspect it will be more women spying on their partners because they naturally expect their partners to be just as untrustworthy as they are. That is what I have experienced, and one reason I choose to remain single.

    • Mark

      As I have said to a few people,don’t judge me based on your standards.

    • caochladh

      Ah! yes, the black book, the FWB’s, the freedom and the bank balance to choose what to do and where to go……..just a distant memory for me, I’m afraid.

      • Chris EM

        Dunno about the BB and the FWB’s unfortunately, but yes, I am considerably richer than most of my friends. ; ) Hang in there though, at least your kids will look after you in your golden years.