Throughout the western world Labour parties are failing while nationalistic parties grow

It seems the world is waking up to the damage caused by decades of social experimentation by leftie bleeding heart liberals.  Not only is there a surge against immigration in favour for keeping national heritage, Labour parties and their policies are being sent packing as voters blame them for the predicament the western countries find themselves in.

The Scottish National Party is on course to take a leading role in the Government of the whole of the UK after a poll showed a record number of Scottish voters plan to back the party.

Almost half of all voters north of the border now say they will support the Scottish Nationalists at the general election – prompting speculation that Alex Salmond could become deputy prime minister in a coalition administration.

The SNP is on course to win as many as 54 of the 59 Scottish constituencies, a result which would mean it holding the balance of power at Westminster.

A very strong move away from Labour in favour of UKIP and SNP, both nationalist parties.   It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.  

Labour is on course to get only 24 per cent.

What an odd parallel that is, eh?

Mr Murphy insisted Scottish Labour was ‘changing’. He added: ‘We are one week into a new leadership team and really determined to change.

It’s like a parallel universe.

Polls currently indicate that British voters are set to return a hung parliament for the second election in succession.

There are increasing fears in Whitehall that the election could produce an effective dead heat between the main parties – with only a ‘rainbow coalition’ made up of three or more parties able to govern.

The days of strong left-wing coalitions are over.  The world has moved on from their failed experiments, and voters no longer want Labour and their “rainbow coalition” to be in charge.

This trend will continue to haunt our own Labour party.  Even with the most harmonious and competent Labour party imaginable, they would still need the Greens.  And the Greens are toxic to over 70 percent of voters.  And voting Labour will get you Greens.

They’re doomed.  Doooomed!

– Mail Online


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  • GoingRight

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Labour Party NEVER got into power ever again.

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      The way they are going they wont unless they cobble together a missmash of wannabees, hippies and extremists (oh and winston’s mob).

      If they can do it they will call it a win but really unless their numbers improve the will still loose. If you only get 1/4 of the vote then you are not connecting and unltimately you wont make a difference. They are destined to spiral downwards to a simple footnote in political history.

    • cows4me

      The world is full of two bobs and a vacuum is soon filled.

      • Steve (North Shore)


    • mommadog

      Fine by me but I think they will be in power again in NZ and maybe sooner that we want if National don’t get their act together – there are problems that JK needs to deal with a sooner rather than later. All of which have been documented here on WO like a couple of badly behaved National MPs and Steven Joyce in the giving mood.

  • xennex

    At heart people want to be successful without undue penalty, including economically, and not hobbled to the lowest common denominator and sharing of wealth that socialism entails. Even if they can’t or won’t achieve it, the possibility needs to exist.
    I’m surprised that more effort has not been made to curtail the power of the unions. NZ has crazy employment laws, out of sync with everywhere but France. When was the last time the employment court came out on the side of the employer? (Ok, there was one case last week, but normally you can’t even fire an employee for stealing with them getting compensation for hurt feelings etc).

  • Well i guess you could say we are living through interesting times, where the western world and the middle east world try to find common ground to live together, so far we’re all failing. All this while technology to actually get people to the moon to live is being developed, the next great step outwards for our species. Now what are future historians going to be paying more attention to? British/US wars on the Canadian border or the westward wagon trains of human advancement?

    If you take the long view, like I tend to, and if at least one side of this conflict maintains a cool head as a planet, we’ll come out the otherside ok, if that includes a cooling off immigration freeze for a period of time in parts of the world (im thinking most of Europe here) so be it. Let trade build trust for a generation or 2 and for the older closed minded generation in the middle east and in the west to pass on before reopening immigration.

  • steve and monique

    Guess the world finally is starting to think, and do things for itself. Not be ruled by those who think we should follow without question, and not think.

  • conwaycaptain

    he SNP is MORE Socialist than Labour. They have said that they would have free this and free that all based on the myth of endless N Sea Oil.
    If The SNP were in a Coalition with the Labour Party in the UK it would be a disaster.

  • Rocket

    So once again NZ is out of step with the rest of the world.
    Our National party is absolutely NOT “Nationalistic”.
    They are more like the SNP with “free this and free that” as pointed out by the good Capt. below.

  • cows4me

    There was an interesting article in the latest Investigate magazine by Mark Steyn. His theory is that on general terms the left are on the back foot and socialist policies are the pits with voters now moving to the right or becoming more nationalistic. The political/ academic left in turn realize the public over time will see the swill and rubbish their policies actually are. The left unfortunately know the only way to true way to socialism/Marxism is to break down the family unit and this they have been striving for in earnest for the last three decades. Look at our society now and what the family unit has become. It’s been attacked by welfare policies, political correctness, social engineering and countless minority agendas. The left may be losing some battles but their evil never sleeps, the war continues.

    • Don W

      The Nats haven’t reversed many of the socialist programs, if any,they are into wealth redistribution much like the previous Labour Govt.

      • Nige.

        Its about lesser of evils to me. National aren’t the be all and end all for me but they sure beat the alternative ay

        • Don W

          True, but wouldn’t it be nice if we got a govt that started to head in a direction of smaller govt, lower taxes and more personal responsibility more individual freedom rather than just treading water.

  • papagaya

    The mood among New Zealand’s middle class is that “we are taxed enough already.” That poses a big problem for Labour. The party would need to campaign on a platform of “no new taxes” if it wants to win again. It also faces a demographic challenge: the growing influx of Asian immigrants. Asians will naturally gravitate to National, because they value individual effort and personal responsibility. Asians are not into welfare, and this has interesting long term ramifications for New Zealand once they’ve outpaced the Maori population, which is not far off. I think Labour will have to tack to the right to have any prospect of governing New Zealand again in the near future.

    • Mainstream Mike

      Labour has no prospect of ever governing NZ ever again.

      But who needs Labour, when – by the next election – National will have borrowed something like $100 BILLION and flushed it all away on benefits?

      Asians love their families and their children. They’d rather die than send their kids to state schools, go to state hospitals, go on the pension, or go on welfare. That’s the attitude that the rest of NZ needs.

      And it is salutary that – with David Seymour supporting every single (borrowed) dollar of National’s ruinous welfare spend – there is no political party in NZ that even talks about real welfare cuts, let alone what needs to happen: complete abolition!

    • taurangaruru

      The problem is we have a very strong, very left leaning media in NZ, it is a pity we don’t have a more balanced media as public opinion & to an extent voter sentiment is influenced by the media. I am sure National would be more bold with reforms if there was a strong & balanced media to sell the message.

  • no bullswool

    Even Sweden is in trouble with a snap election forced upon them as their minority socialist/green coalition government was blocked from passing their budget.Immigration is the major issue gaining support for the Democrats Party.Generally regarded as a country with a very stable government, this is unheard of.

  • Warren Murray

    The SNP might be Labour’s electoral opponents in Scotland, but they have so much in common, they could be allies in Westminster. They have a very strong socialist core.