Time for Secondary Teachers to flee the PPTA

Angela Roberts and her cohorts in the PPTA have lost the plot.

It is time for secondary teachers to quit their union.

Firstly they waste massive funds opposing charter schools. Money that should be spent for the benefit of their members. Secondly they denigrate their own members through lying to the NZ public and treating the parents of kiwi kids like idiots. Thirdly they crap all over the lower end of the NZ education system where predominantly Maori and Pasifika are failing massively.

In terms of money spent on opposing Charter School Robert’s recently refused to tell Guyon Espiner on Radio NZ how much they had spent.

In terms of lying to their members and the NZ public they have produced another disingenuous document?that tries to say State Schools get less than Charter Schools. They fudge the numbers – leaving out centralised services for State Schools, ignoring that Charters are in their start up phase, and ignoring the State Schools get approximately $30million to start while Charters get approx. $1m. They also ignore the official ministry figures.

The PPTA, of course, fail to highlight high per unit funded State schools. The data is easily accessible, you ahve to wonder why the PPTA fails to include these schools in their jihad…but then again they are union controlled schools:

Kia Aroha College: $12,000

Tikipunga High School:?$12,300

Portland School: $10,200

Excellere College: $10,400

Pukepoto School: $10,400

Te Rangi Aniwaniwa: $14,600

Awanui School: $9,300 ??
Manurewa East School: $12,700

St Joseph’s Maori Girls’ College: $10,700

Wanganui City College: $11,000

Cullinane College: $9,600

Rutherford Junior High School: $9,200

Tawhero School: $18,000

Hato Petera College: $17,300

Hato Paora College: $16,100

Taihape Area School: $10,500

Te Wharekura o Arowhenua $13,000

Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae: $10,100

(One would assume if the PPTA had integrity they would be campaigning for the closure of those schools).

In terms of stomping all over the lower end of the scale the PPTA never kick up a stink about segregation, poor results and vast amounts of money spent in situations such as below:

School (decile) NCEA Level 1 Failure (2012) NCEA Level 1 Failure (2013) Roll (% European) Taxpayer Funding
Otahuhu College (1) 59.7% 39.5% 1228 (1) $10m
Southern Cross Campus (1) 39.6% 36.7% 1599 (0) $13.6m
Aorere College (2) 41.5% 41.2% 1503 (4) $10.5m
Papatoetoe High School (3) 48.6% 42.3% 1577 (6) $11.7m
Mangere College (1) 47.5% 61.6% 710 (0) $7.0m
Tangaroa College (1) 45.2% 38.8% 897 (2.3) $7.7m
One Tree Hill (3) 56% 30% 952 (9) $6.5m
Onehunga High School (4) 48.7% 51.4% 1206 (19) $8.9m
Tamaki College (1) 73.6% 50% 502 (2) $6.0m
James Cook High School (1) 52.8% 23.9% 1293 (4) $10.5
Papakura High School 55.8% 58.4% 752 (9) $7.1
Nationally 17.4% i.e. massive segregation $99.5million

Two things should happen:

  1. Secondary teachers should quit the PPTA in droves. They?can email Angela Roberts here to do so:?[email protected]
  1. Parents and families involved in schools such as above need to either find a Charter School or take to the streets and go on strikes with regards to the ones their kids are currently being provided with.