Whaleoil’s Top Ten Searches for 2014


Removing all the searches for whale oil wale oil, whale blog, and variations of my name, the top searches for 2014 are

mona dotcom 870

The winner.  Well done Mona

xxxxl 523

That, oddly enough, was about Kim Dotcom’s xxxxl pants.   So Kim and Mona take out number 1 and 2.

rachel smalley 417

Yes… well.

vanguard military school 337
nz chris trotter 333
the muthoot plaza snack bar 319  
tania billingsley 261
sexual intercourse positions 228   (228 hits from shameless clickbait! ;)
john matheson 227
stephanie key 225
muthoot plaza 217
kim dotcom 211
the muthoot plaza 191
millie elder holmes 162
anna lorck 159
louise hemsley 153
chris cairns 151
simon runting 148
david cunliffe 142
laila harre 140
len brown 137
andrew little 135
john key 132


In total, there were about 2,000,000 searches on the Internet where Whaleoil delivered a page as a result.



Top 10 people searched for, on Whaleoil, all-time


bronwyn pullar 4,682
jamie linehan 3,902
andrea vance 3,150
stephanie key 3,144
bibi aisha 2,256
peter clague 2,094
greg king 1,862
matthew ridge 1,844
laura maggi 1,827
jacinda ardern 1,563


You can see why Jacinda is kept where she is kept.  She’s really like one of those tennis players that are more famous for their off-court achievements.



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  • dgrogan

    Angry Andy Little beat John Key. Maybe his temper tantrum in the House was effective after all?

    • Timboh

      I think it may have something to do with John Key being generally popular with the WO readership resulting in no searches because they have already read it and Andrew Little is not worth searching for because yet again we have already read it.

  • El Diablo

    Whats with the muthoot plaza? Im a regular reader and have nfi what that is.

  • The Accountant

    Like to know what Jacinda Arderns off court achievements are?