A touching email from a reader

This morning I received this email.

Dear Cam

Before responding privately to your Christmas Message, I wanted to think seriously on the message itself and the import of your experience in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Nearly seventy-five years ago, I learned three undeniable Truths:-

1. There are no atheists in a fox-hole

2. No matter how deep you dig the hole, if it has your name on it, it will find you

3. Do not worry.  If it is going to happen, it will happen.  Worrying will not change that.

Sometimes, in the heat of battle, one figure emerges, standing tall above his fellows, who changes the course of the events of the moment.  He is a Hero.  In today’s often hostile political and social environment, you are that hero, standing taller than the rest and for that, I salute you.    

Almost, without exception, we are the product of our parents; their morality and their standards. Whatever we become, we are made stronger and better by the support of an outstanding woman who completes the process.   You are proof of that.

For nearly a decade, I have read your blog each day.  In the early times it was often an outlet for the angry outbursts of a man suffering a vicious and debilitating illness, sometimes amusing, sometimes totally exasperating, yet somehow mesmeric in its attraction.  As it has matured, it has become the essential source of factual daily news and information unavailable from any other source, a unique forum for the balanced, mature exchange of views among a large and growing community of thinking people and for that I thank you, your extraordinary and talented wife, and the dedicated Whale Oil team.

May 2015 see your detractors confounded, their canards and deceit exposed for all to know.  Equally important may you all have a happy, successful and prosperous year.

Go safely and go in Health.

So, contrary to the Twatterati and Facebook and the left-wing media, it appears that not everyone hates us here at WOBH.

Thanks for your email Norm, I thoroughly appreciate it.


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  • Michelle

    Totally agree with Norm and well written

    • bjmarsh

      I agree Norm, you have articulated concisely what I feel and without sloppy sentiment which I may have slipped into. Roll on 2015 and all success to you Cam et al.

  • Builder

    We’ve ditched most of the other media already, prefer not to listen or read the left-wing biased rubbish.

    • Hans

      I to have ditched ene media, they have become so irrelevant. What I cant understand is why do they repeat the weather news and sports news 3x in one hour. This disease has spread to almost every TV program. Do they think kiwis have all got alzimers or just plain stupid.

  • steve and monique

    Well written. He has encapsulated what we all feel about Cam, and his team.

  • I’m Right

    Cam…team! my arse has been buttons since Hagers book came out, I know (hope?) you have emails from major Labour MP’s and players associated with Labour, National won a good election and you walked out the smoke and debris like you see in the action movies walking forward…I know at some stage there will be some Labour MP’s careers over and I hope some of the background puppets (McCarten?) please make it soon!

  • Pharmachick

    Dear Norm,

    thank you for your service. Thank you for sitting in those godforsaken foxholes. Thank you for making us better, stronger and free. We still remember your sacrifice and what you did, I assure you.

    Merry Christmas, and good tidings to you and yours, Norm.

  • AM

    I disagree with point 1. Atheists have integrity of belief. Pascal can keep his dishonest wager.

    • Cadwallader


    • T Mardell

      I guess that unless you’ve been in a fox-hole, “under fire”, you would not be able to really comment on this. I accept your opinion here Norm.
      (PS: I have nothing against atheists, however I’ve observed that human nature is often unpredictable in strange circumstances)

      • Ilovelife

        How many times do you hear people who have survived an accident or some danger say “I don’t believe in God but I prayed” This always puzzles me.

        • Michael_l_c

          Because there is nothing else they can do so out of desperation …

      • rangitoto

        I recall we were fighting the godless commies in Nam. I’m pretty sure they used foxholes.

  • maninblack

    Is that Norm from Kerikeri?
    Great letter Norm!

  • Monito

    Well said, I am sure that Whale Oil will be the centre of debate in many discussions during the holidays – my feeling is that when the going gets tough the tough get going and you sure lived up to that. Well done. Hope 2015 is a really BIG year for you and your crew.

  • Michael_l_c

    Regarding hatred of WO, I think back to the numerous positive comments by people who looked up WO around the time of dirty politics. WO got a lot of new commentators & I assume even more readers.
    How many people really object in the comments? Very few from what I see. So unless WO censors those that disagree, it again shows the inadequacy of the msm.

  • Tony

    great message – heartily endorsed!