Turkey is so last century. Why not a slice of reindeer?


Fancy a slice of Rudolph for Christmas lunch?  

Normally, they are to be found pulling Santa’s sleigh over roof-tops to the delight of countless children. But this festive season, reindeer can be found in a much more mundane location — stacked in packs in the deli aisle of a budget High Street supermarket.

For Lidl, whose dramatic price-discounting has lured shoppers away from its rivals, is selling smoked reindeer meat this year among its Christmas delicacies. The packs are part of the German-owned chain’s ‘Deluxe’ range.

But are we British — brought up on stories of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer — too sentimental to want a slice of Dasher, Dancer or Prancer with our Christmas lunch? And in any case, what does it taste like?

Exactly – stick to the important question:  what does it taste like?

According to Lidl bosses, ‘reindeer resembles antelope in flavour and texture.’ But since most Britons will never have tasted antelope, this isn’t the most useful recommendation.


Would you give it a go?   Or is it better to stick to the ham and turkey?


– Daily Mail


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  • HunuaRanger

    It would definitely be on the Christmas day menu.
    I wonder if Countdown will be stocking it this year?

  • Andy

    I had quite a bit of reindeer meat on my trip to Norway in April.

    Very gamey, as you’d expect

  • Whitey

    I’d definitely try it.

  • Valid Point

    All good thanks, Cam – have fresh venison from the Kawekas planned for Christmas this year…again. Albeit with paua ravioli, crayfish and other variations of seafood.

  • MaryLou

    Nothing wrong with ham. Had it for the last 40 years in different guises – mustard, orange, pineapple… there’s no end to the options. No need to get silly about it and start eating Santa’s pets. Kids would never forgive me

  • R2D2

    That’s a bit on the nose!

  • Isherman

    If it can be roasted, sliced and slapped between two bits of bread, its gotta be worth a go, I would expect it to be a slightly stronger flavour of wild Venison, which I’m quite partial to.

  • johcar

    I’ve already set a trap on my roof – I don’t want any presents, but a nice haunch of Prancer or Dancer might go nicely on the barbie…

    • Tom

      Meh catch one you catch 12. After all aren’t they chained together.

      • johcar

        I’ve got a big freezer…

  • Wendy

    I used to live in Finland…had heaps of reindeer.
    I think it is most commonly stewed.

    • Whitey

      A slow-cook meat eh? Bet it makes a lovely vindaloo.

  • Karma

    Oh how the Head Chef loved him
    As he shouted out with glee
    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
    You’ll go well with Pinot Gris…

  • a slab of reindeer eye fillet or roast would go down a treat
    Given anything meat cooked right is pretty tasty – then i see nothing at all wrong with eating Rudolf (i may not explain it to my 5yr old daughter)

  • Pharmachick

    Mr. Pharmachick was an invited guest in Scandinavia about 10 years ago. To this day he avows that one of the best delicacies he has ever had in his life is smoked reindeer tongue.

    • Whitey

      Good to know!

      • Pharmachick

        Yes! I have miserable stories about “tongue” growing up in NZ in a lower socioeconomic household … still makes me shudder.

        All that said, Mr Pharmachick RAVES about the smoked reindeer tongue. He says its better than the best cured meat you’ve ever had. I believe him (as we eat a lot of cured meat, game etc in our house)

        • Whitey

          Yeah, if I didn’t know it was good I would avoid it like the plague purely because it’s tongue.

  • dgrogan

    Enjoyed wild venison leg steaks for dinner last night – courtesy of a South Island hunter friend. Probably similar in taste to Rudolph.

  • jude

    I do like my meat very pink! That finished roast I must admit looked delicious:)

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    Rudolph pulled the sleigh at night,
    My father shot him dead,
    Now I take rudolph to school,
    between two bits of bread.

  • LesleyNZ

    I am not sure about that roast – roasted leek?

  • Tom

    Absolutely. Even if it came with Rudolp’s birth certificate I’d still eat it.

  • RAS

    It tastes exactly like Caribou -and a lot like venison.