Tweet of the Day

If the Greens had made it to parliament, Metiria would have been Minister of Sports.  How do I know?


In all my years of observing politics, I’ve never seen Trevor that engaged unless it was the All Blacks or Team New Zealand




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  • conwaycaptain

    Imagine material Girl on Roller Skates!!!! and playing in a roller Derby.

    • Aucky

      I don’t think they need front-rowers in roller derbies CC.

    • BG

      It would certainly put a crease in her Versace jacket!

  • Des Marshall

    Pretty sure the RDWC is in the States, so would we have been funding MT to go and watch?

  • louie

    The RDWC is in Texas and the NZ team is having a fantastic run. Big wins in both games so far – Norway and South Africa.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    She’d be a useless blocker, even her own jammer wouldn’t be able to get around to score. My mates are over there, her to skate and him to get wasted with dimebag. Oh and no funding from the trough, they fundraised like crazy to pay their own way, as all sports people bloody should!

  • Bartman

    RDWC – will have a global audience in about 300 years time!

  • kayaker

    Material Girl would make an excellent roller derby chick. Ripped net stockings, shrilling at the top of her voice, elbowing others out of her way, then getting shrilled at and elbowed out of their way, at which stage she would call foul. Usual pattern