Vance gets apology, Fairfax boss happy journo sources and comms protected…hmmm

Andrea Vance has received an apology today from Parliamentary Services.

Big deal, so what…but what is interesting is this comment from Fairfax boss Sinead Boucher:

Fairfax group executive editor Sinead Boucher said she welcomed the apology as a the resolution of privacy complaint Vance made over the incident.

“I am happy that this complaint has been resolved to Andrea’s satisfaction, and in a way that recognises the importance of journalists protecting their communications and the confidentiality of their sources.”

Fairfax didn’t give two hoots about my privacy, nor my sources, nor my communications. ¬†They aided and abetted a criminal hacker and their journalists still go on and on about it.

They splashed them all over the front pages of their newspapers, and Andrea Vance was one of the main hitters along with Matt Nippert (who has now shuffled off to share a desk with another dodgy journo at the NZ Herald)

They set a team of journalists onto me including Matt Nippert to troll through my communications and hunt down my associates, and attack my friends.

Matt Nippert even contacted people and made up lies to get them to spill, claiming he had evidence of exact payment details…but never printed them, because they never existed.

If they truly believe in “the importance of journalists protecting their communications and the confidentiality of their sources”, then why did they oppose my injunction, and then go after me for costs?

Surely if they believe in that, they should be apologising to me, and sending me my money back.

Or is it the case that Fairfax are just another bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites?

I won’t hold my breath waiting for an apology from Fairfax…I’ll just see them in the market, and then we will see how they like their customers being FREED.


– NZ Herald


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  • Not Clinically Insane

    Thats a level of hypocrisy approaching that of the Gweens!

  • Blue Tim

    Farrfax are just scum hypocrites

  • Whafe

    Stuns me that these MSM light weights don’t choke on their own hypocrisy, how is this so?
    “FREED me Seymor, FREED me”

  • Chief Wiggum

    Reminds me of George Dubbya…..”you are either with me, or you are with the terrorists”. You either tow the party line with MSM or you are against them…I am shocked at the double standards of our supposedly impartial media…they love to pretend they are the last bastions of truth and free speech but they are anything but…Vance and Dunne have their hands so dirty that no amount of washing could make them clean.

  • Pluto

    Take one part envy, two parts fear, add a little sunlight and presto, one very large humble pie when they are FREED of their readers, advertisers, jobs.

  • Raibert

    They say “the wheels of justice grind slowly, but the grind small”. We are all awaiting the exposure of “raw shark” and the subsequent punishment for the hacking of Cameron’s emails. Until this happens, all journos seem to think it is open season on all digital media. Example must be made and then lesson learnt will modify behaviour.

  • Benoni

    It was pretty clear at the time that Dunnebrush had been leaking confidential cabinet details to Vance. ie she was “donkey deep” in a surreptitious breech of government security. Why the spy should get an apology from anybody is the ist question to be answered.

  • sarahmw

    Well boo hoo poor Andrea Vance. ‘Parliamentary Services and the DPMC
    acknowledged the hurt and humiliation that Ms Vance suffered as a result
    of personal information about her being accessed and released’ . Well
    knock me down with a feather! Excuse me ? What a load of crock. Hurt and
    humiliation I think you jest, this is the same person who thinks it is
    ok to dish it out in a sleazy manner but oh you cant do that to me…boo
    hoo boo hoo.. Andrea next time you think it is ok to breach someone
    elses privacy maybe you should think again because what’s good for the
    gander……………….but oh no you’re a ‘journalist’
    riiiiiiiiiiiiight. I have reposted this as it was in General Debate and it just makes me livid to think these sanctimonious people of little talent receive an apology while WO has his private emails spread about and these same people think that it is ok. BUT when it happens to them? Oh an apology is given.
    PS hope it is ok to repost

    • Chris EM

      Cam is an adult, when things go against him, he sorts it out.
      Vance and other little journos are children, who go on and on and whine and cry, and don’t let up. So you give them their damned lollipop just to shut them up.

  • Geoff

    The hypocrisy is mind numbing, It would have been more appropriate if Andrea Vance lost her Parliamentary accreditation. Most of her articles are seditious.

  • caochladh

    Vance needs to apologise to all of us for constantly subjecting us to the pathetic one sided drivel she espouses.

  • david

    Was the photo on the herald real?

  • zotaccore

    I wonder what Vance will say when she really is humiliated… more to come on her in the future methinks.