Views from Your Holiday Windows

Let’s have some fun…how about posting some views from your holiday windows.

Here is my effort.


I love pohutukawa trees…the splash of red all around the coast at this time of year is so beautiful…add in water, boats, sand and sea…bliss.

Next week perhaps some hunting shots.

Add your own in the comments, photos that encapsulate your own holidays or how you like to relax.

Also, think about Pete, SB, me and the rest of the team…we run a full on blog here for your entertainment…but I just know some of you have brilliant thoughts, comments and guest posts in you.

Take a few moments to write them down and send through to us to hep spread the load so we can all get a tan and enjoy the holidays.


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  • Spiker

    The veiw from our holiday spot. Looking forward to some time there once Auckland has vacated the area.

  • Yeahright

    Back to Taranaki (Home) to visit the family.

    • dumbshit

      at least there is still one light glowing there!
      could you check if Eltham is still there!

      • Yeahright

        Actually there are a lot of lights in Taranaki, they are called oil rigs and cow sheds and with this comes economic prosperity!

  • Curly1952

    Went down country to the old stamping ground for a few days over xmas but back to paradise!!

    • ex-JAFA

      This is home for some of us – no need to go away to get to paradise!

      • Curly1952

        Dead right there ex Jafa. We look directly out onto the Mount. Great all year around view. Walk to the CBD and don’t need to worry about drink drive limits. Wouldn’t go across to Tauranga if I didn’t work there

  • I always avoid going “on holiday” when everyone else is. So this is my view from home.

    • Backdoor

      Why go away? With a view like that you could be on holiday 365 days of the year without even starting the car.. And, yes, I am jealous.

  • I did have a little pre-non-holiday holiday in the days leading up to Xmas
    (taken at the same location)

    • johcar

      That’s an interesting looking loofah, Pete….

  • Nige.

    My brain is permanently on holiday so I don’t need to take a physical one…but never wanting to be left out, here is a picture of/from Picton I took the other week.

  • Congratulations to Cam and the team for keeping WO going and interesting (and informed) when many of us are lazing around, either on holiday or in the garden. You guys are dedicated in the extreme. My thanks.

  • Not really on holiday, working from home but this is the view from my office window across Christchurch to Pegasus Bay.

  • Greg M

    Don’t get too many holidays now, but here is a pic taken at pioneer hut, looking towards the west coast christmas 09. I miss that part of the world.

    • Coffee Connoisseur

      that’s pretty special.

  • Coffee Connoisseur

    generally prefer to stay home can’t be bothered with traffic anymore. get enough of it during the working week so prefer to stay put over xmas holidays. view from the deck at home

  • virtualmarknz

    Cam … Arkles Bay in Whangaparaoa.

    Home base for me.

  • essiep

    Beautiful Castlepoint. Not bad from IPhone with no glasses. Not from my window but close. Has been boiling the last few days. Slightly cooler today which is welcome.

  • a3catlady

    View from my home this morning. Call me crazy but I drive a reasonable distance each day so I can enjoy this at either end of my day and the weekend!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Was looking out the window but my nose distracted me. Scallops in saffron/chilli sauce.

  • Citizen

    I’m jealous of the sun and the beaches. Christmas this year in Prague Old Town Square. Giant Xmas tree, and markets selling spit roast pork and hot mulled wine. Pretty good, but still not the beach.
    Thanks to Cam and the crew, this site has really kept me in touch with NZ politics.
    Hope you all had a couple days off over xmas, will have a great new year party, and a bright future for this site and Freed in 2015. I for one can’t wait.

  • Guest

    Some Moody West Coast weather in Granity

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Hmm pic didnt work that time