Want to be in charge? You need your head read


Leaders tend to age quickly and visibly.  Crazy long work hours, never ending problem solving, and you can be guaranteed that at least half of the voters will hope you choke on your next bowl of muesli.  


John Key – 2009 and 2014

John Key hasn’t weathered too much yet.  But the next three years are likely to be his first genuine test as Labour, helped by media, are no longer under any immediate pressure, and appear to have stepped up their game at picking at the cracks that inevitably form when you have a track record to answer for, and the old stand-by to blame it all on the previous Labour government is no longer available.


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  • peterwn

    John does have some advantages. He can walk at any time and still have enough to live on for the rest of his life. He has no worries of a military junta taking over and his facing a firing squad. These two things alone would remove significant stress from him. There are not many people who can tell the boss where to stick it on a Friday afternoon and walk out.

    • Monito

      And as a country we had better hope that he doesn’t give us the Friday “see yuh” message there is still no serious contender for the role.

  • steve and monique

    Was thinking the other day Obama was looking aged, and tired. And in such a short time.

  • xennex

    The Obama age photo is misleading, as the first photo was taken in 2005, not 2009. It’s from his 2005 senate portrait. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Senate_career_of_Barack_Obama#mediaviewer/File:BarackObama2005portrait.jpg

    • xennex

      Come on Whale Oil – an error has been pointed out, but you’re going to correct it?

  • caochladh

    “Crazy long work hours, never ending problem solving.” Sounds much like my first marriage that aged me too.

  • timemagazine

    Obama looks as if he has cancer. Jk is still looking good and healthy.

  • Monito

    You could not have possibly found a worse picture of Obama he has aged but not that badly – John Key looks better than he ever did.

  • armotur

    You don’t have to be a nations leader to show age over time, it’s natural enough but worsened if you have a life of stress, be it work, marriage, family, illness, money, etc.