Want to live where Lusty Lyin’ Len lives?

I don’t, but some might.

He’s selling his home with 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms for something smaller.  No kidding.  He’s rattling around in there.

Embattled Auckland Mayor Len Brown is selling his family home. The exclusive Tiffany Close property on the outskirts of Manukau City has been listed for sale with Pakuranga & Howick Realty. The popular residential auction process is being bypassed and the property is on the market at a set asking price of $1.75million.

There is already a conditional offer on the sprawling 19-year-old chalet-style home, which Brown owns with wife Shan Inglis.

The two have rarely been seen together since news emerged last year of Brown’s two-year affair with former Ethnic People Advisory’s Panel member Bevan Chuang.

Brown has been under fire about his behaviour all year.

Yesterday at the house, Inglis declined to discuss the sale. She said Brown was home but the family was busy decorating the Christmas tree and couldn’t talk.

The house features on several websites including Trade Me, realestate.co.nz and in local property publications, but there are no photos of the interior.

There are several photos of the brick-and-tile profile of the multistorey home, its contoured landscaped backyard, in-ground swimming pool and tracks through lush bush.

“That was what they requested, given the profile of the owners,” said agent Paul Barrett.

The few public appearances where Shan and Len pretended it was all just fine was pretty much busted by Whaleoil as we had in-situ reports of an address in Remuera where Len stood in the street shouting and pleading for Shan to come back to him.

Len really only has his little job left.  And the time on that is running out too.   He wanted to have his train set.  He won’t be allowed to have it.  Then he decided to go and build part of it anyway, and was told if he did that, the city’s credit rating would crash through the floor.

Now, with the help of Michelle Boag, he’s trying to get nationalise a private trust so he can fund his train set that way.

You have to give him credit for being a tenacious bastard.   But time is running out.


– Kirsty Wynn, Lynley Bilby, Herald on Sunday


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  • john Doe

    Pass on that one. Too many skeletons in the closet in that place for me and it is likely to fall down from the weight of lies and deceit.

  • conwaycaptain

    I feel sorry for his 3 girls. Two are still at school or only just left

    • oldmanNZ

      He should just resign and lead a quite life, people will forget him like yesterday news, if he wants his kids to be out of the picture. For him is just draggin the family constant thought the sordid 2 minute affairs

      • Michael_l_c

        Resign, he will hold on till the last moment for the pay.
        Highest paying job he will ever get.

  • Sally

    Maybe his rates are getting too much.

  • KGB

    It is tempting to make an appointment to view.

  • Monique Angel

    He’s only got five bathrooms? I bet all the bedrooms have tissue boxes.

    • Cadwallader

      5 known bathrooms, what about the secret ones?

  • kloyd0306

    Seven bedrooms?
    Being a good liberal, how come he’s not providing shelter for the homeless?
    Oh, I know why. It’s because he’s a hypocrite.

  • LabTested

    As soon as Len has sold the area will be rezoned to high density. Him living there is the only thing preventing that. – I hope the real estate agents are making full disclosure on that issue.

  • Goldfish

    The cynic in me thinks that the reason why there are “no firm plans” is because it is part of a divorce process. Quietly sell the house, give Shan what she wants, go their separate ways.

  • Anthony

    blacklight, Jackson Pollock painting, yuck.

  • Ginny

    It must be a dive if he only wants 1.75 million

    • Unicorn

      Considering the dumps in AKL that go for $1m… I reckon you’re right! Mind you, where I live, the mayor actually lives in a dive…

    • Wallace Westland

      Well it is in his core constituency.

  • hunk4hire .

    Yep…it’s all over. Sadly, the palatial estate of Auckland’s royal family is now a cold, mournful mausoleum, haunted by screams and tears. They’re heading for Splitsville and are liquidating assets.

  • Michael_l_c

    Horrible little man & what he hoped was hidden is now out there. Wait for the tears & sob story. Maybe he won’t use his children again.

  • PMol

    A new CV of $1.3m and an asking price of $1.75m. Seems like Len is into inflation in everything he touches.

    • Platinum Fox

      I’m surprised that the recent CV is so much less than the asking price, though I did notice on Google Maps that Tiffany Close is mapped as a through street rather than its present status as a dead end street. It could become a rat run from Flat Bush to Redoubt Road.

      • sheppy

        The cv will be less to make sure that Lenny has to pay less rates, just like his street isn’t in the intensify area.
        Hey Lenny, how about living in one of the tiny shoebox apartments with no parking next to a train line that you claim Aucklanders want?

      • Brian of Mt Wellington

        Maybe Lenny has been tipped off to something major happening near his house so is getting out before it devalues for whatever reason. Thru road or massive intensification.

  • Monique Angel

    Heard he won’t get off the crapper for less than $10,00 a day. Like Linda Evangelista

  • Bruce Rayner

    By time he sells,pays agent fees,matrimony settlement, mortgage etc hope he is broke. Is a disgusting little creep no one has any respect for.

    • Cadwallader

      I hope you’re right and never forget: “He who acts as his own lawyer, gets a fool for a client!”

  • Cadwallader

    My son pointed out that the old Monty Python song can be re-hashed for Len.

    “Instead of every sperm is sacred” he can instruct his realtor in melodic tones….”Every bathrooms secret!”

  • Steve (North Shore)

    7 bedrooms with 5 bathrooms? How many live at that place? Who are the extra 2 bedrooms for – guests? Who pays the Water Rates for 5 bathrooms?
    Hey wait a minute, does the Mayor even pay any form of RATES?

  • Never in the dark…..

    Would have go over the place with luminol before I put an offer. I’d like to see where the blood letting took place when Shan found out how despicable the little weasel really is. I mean those rooms would need to be gutted and completely remodeled.