Watch Labour push youth voting here

Ed Miliband is promising to give 16 year olds the vote in the UK.

Labour here has hinted at the same policy, and I remember a soft push along these lines.

But if Miliband succeeds in the UK then watch them push it here.

Sixteen and 17-year-olds will be allowed to vote within a year of the next election, Labour leader Ed Miliband pledged last night.

Mr Miliband said the government would change the law to lower the voting age from May 2016.

Such a move – the first change in the national voting age since 1969 – would enfranchise more than 1.5million 16 and 17-year-olds. It comes after the voting age was lowered for the first time in the Scottish referendum in September.

During a YouTube debate Mr Miliband said: ‘Too many young people are turning their backs on politics which is bad for our country and bad for them too.

‘That’s because too often young people don’t get a look-in with politicians who know they can’t vote – or assume that they won’t vote.

‘The measures we will introduce in our first year of government represent the greatest extension of the franchise in my lifetime.

‘But it is not enough just to give young people the right to vote. We must do everything we can to ensure they have the chance to exercise it.’  

Mr Miliband, who has long been a supporter of an earlier voting age, is expected to use a speech at next week’s party conference to pledge that the policy will be included in his general election manifesto.

Party sources believe that idealistic youngsters are more likely to vote Labour. The idea is also backed by the Liberal Democrats.

The voting age in Britain was reduced from 21 to 18 in 1969.

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps has previously dismissed calls to lower the voting age to 16 when the issue was raised last year.

Mr Shapps warned the move would ‘politicise the classroom, with votes for youngsters who are still at school’.

He also accused Labour of bowing to the demands of its union paymasters over the issue.

Last year Unite, which is Labour’s biggest donor, demanded that 16-year-olds should be given the vote.

The union, run by Len McCluskey, said: ‘Young people should be given a stake in the political process by lowering the voting age to 16.’


The schools are already politicised by the teacher unions…but this will only serve to make it worse.

We lowered the drinking age and look at what happened there…giving snot nosed kids the vote won’t help anyone.


– Daily Mail


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  • R&BAvenger

    In summary, Labour are totally, totally desperate. Both in the Uk and here in NZ.

    • MaryLou

      Yes. The only people they can get votes from are those that spend little or no time studying politics or have an understanding of cause and effect. What absolute nonsense. Students are notorious for growing out of their views by aged 30, which is probably about the same time they’ve had a chance to learn a little more about the real world.

  • R2D2

    I can certainly see why Labour would love this. Younger voters, who have not yet had any life-experience, tend to lean to the left, then often lean to the right as they learn a bit more. This would definately swing the vote to the left.

  • conwaycaptain

    There is a distinct possibility that Red Ed could be the next PM in the UK.
    UKIP routs the Conservatives and the Lib Dems implode and RED ED gets in by default under the FPP system.

  • phronesis

    This would be quite destabilising. I’m not convinced that the children will vote left, I suspect they will vote against the Government of the day regardless.

    In terms of neurobiology and decision making skills we should probably be raising the voting age to 25.

    • WordWeasel

      Good point. I would have said they’re mainly left/green leaning but you are right, teenagers also believe being in anti-govt. I guess their voting would just follow whatever peer group they were in

    • In Vino Veritas

      phronesis, don’t bet you house on youngsters not voting left. They are indoctrinated from the get go with regard particularly to green issues. And everything they are taught, is taught as if it is absolute fact. On top of that, you have some teachers who politicise the classroom anyway. And they are seldom politicising it from a right perspective!

  • peterwn

    It will be chimps next.

    • WordWeasel

      Labour already relies on them

    • Sorry, but I have already voted.

  • Annoyed

    Makes sense. Get the kids while they’re still under the sway of the nasty teachers. Same reason they’re pushing for Civics to be taught in schools.

    • Baron

      Nasty teacher, you must be homeschooling then! No?! Hypocrite!! (Or thankfully you haven’t reproduced!)

      • spollyike

        Homeschooling is certainly the preferred option to help this issue for the future however because of stigma from the progressive left and cost of having one parent at home it is a near impossible dream. One thing is for sure the state education system is nothing more than a brainwashing exercise..

        • Baron

          I think you will find that it is not confined to left or right but mainly disgruntled parents who blame the schools rather than the government who make the policies! Please don’t pigeon hole people just because of your flawed political stance!

      • Annoyed

        When my son is going to school, hopefully he’ll be going to a charter school. Teachers aren’t nasty people (as a whole), but when they get politicised (and when the unions get involved), they get nasty as a group. Look at their treatment of charter schools and National’s proposed education reforms. Do you honestly think that there wouldn’t be an undue amount of pressure/attempted influence put on the children by a large number of teachers that want Labour in? I don’t trust teachers to do the best for my son when politics are involved, they’re humans, they’re going to do what they believe is best for themselves.

        • Baron

          Well I hope he doesn’t have a learning difficulty or middle to low achiever as he will be kicked out. Plus I don’t care which party is in if they make sound educational policies. Right now National are not or should I say Act as it wasn’t John Key’s policy he just allowed it to get something else he required! That’s sound judgement isn’t it. I’m amazed at the brainwashing National have done in this country. They have widened the gap between rich and poor yet have poor voting for them. Read up on Charter Schools and the powers they have. Then explain to me why they are better. Please don’t skim and think you know. The education of our youth is too important!

      • spollyike

        I worked as a TA for 6 months and could not handle it anymore. The shear feminisation and moarification and PC’ation is everything gives me little hope for our kids.

        • Baron

          Did you understand why?! Was it paperwork? Was it poor policies? Was it poor teaching? Easy to blame teachers without having a full understanding of how a school works. Not saying you don’t but full stories need to be understood before judging. As I don’t know I won’t judge.

      • Nige.

        [MOD] -(Or thankfully you haven’t reproduced!)- Please leave the personal stuff out.

        • Baron

          Hypocritical of you! Leave personal stuff out but start with that comment! Says a lot!

  • Franco.Prussia

    Labour tries to bring the voting age downwards at the same time as social policies they support have worked to extend adolescence into the late 20’s.

  • jaundiced

    Anyone who has read anything relating to the teenage brain and how it works, would say, while we need to respect our kids, giving them the power to effect the governance of our country would not be a good idea. Hell, at that age I was a socialist!

    • NoEyeDeer

      It was in the awesome BBC series The Human Body with Robert Winston where he explained that teenagers CANNOT make rational decisions because the hormones raging through their bodies clouds their judgment. This ‘fog’ over their brain process can last until their early 20’s.
      Clearly this will differ per human but the majority of teenagers (especially testosterone riddled boys) will be impaired.
      If we know this as thinking rational beings, how the hell can anyone think giving teenagers the vote at an early age is a good idea.

      • spollyike

        Not mention women nare screwed indefinitely – they always vote left. They are the reason the left exists. Their instincts make sure of that. For example the women/feminists that claim poor ISIS despite the fact that under ISIS rule their lives would be hell, and those that despise CIA interrogation. Put simply women cannot see the wood for the trees and will generally vote socialist.

        • jaundiced

          You clearly have women troubles!

  • Monty

    The Greens have been quietly promoting this for years, along with compulsory voting. I am sure it is what they want to do, and it will be interesting to see if they have the audacity to try and push this through with a barest of majorities. I have no doubt they will.

    Famous quote was “a young man who isn’t a socialist hasn’t got a heart, and old man who is a socialist hasn’t got a head. “. By David Lloyd George

    This is what the socialists are banking upon

    • Christie

      The left make the mistake, in my opinion, of assuming that, if they persuaded all non voters to vote (the missing million), they would all vote Labour/Green. But, if this were the case – why is Tony Abbott the PM of Australia? They have compulsory voting there.

      • spollyike

        Aussie aren’t stupid like us…

  • unitedtribes

    Kids just won’t vote if they have the choice. But Muslim kids want have the choice they will be told who to vote for. As Muslims in UK have an average of 8 kids compared to under two for other cultures this would bring Sharia law a lot closer.

    • Sir Brucey

      Not too sure about that. For those voters still at school I feel sure teachers will do their utmost to cajole their charges to cast votes for the left.

  • caochladh

    Can we really afford to give 16 year olds the vote when you consider how big the Labour lolly scramble will be to incentivise them?

  • I have a counter proposal, if the 16 & 17 year olds have a job, pay taxes and is contributing to society they are allowed to vote, if they are still at school and hence are still a drag on society they they wait to till their 18. Sound fair? The old saw of no Taxation without representation put to its logical use.

    • jaundiced

      Dunno – the kids still at school at that age are probably smarter

  • Garbageman

    This might explain the pre election tours of schools by Cunliffe & co, too young to vote by 2017 but indoctrinated by 2020, very cunning Labour i see your long term goal now

  • El Diablo

    This is a new tactic of the left to try and subvert democracy in their favour. In the same vein, Barack Obama has just overridden the US constitution to grant citizenship to millions of illegal aliens in the assumption that most of these people will vote for his party.

  • maninblack

    Young voters are just single issue morons and will result in the rise of the green vote. I say raise the age to 25.

    • dgrogan

      Nice idea. Might also be an idea to consider re-introducing the Real Estate Property Ownership Requirement, as an elector qualification. Could solve a whole heap of electoral issues.

  • Jas

    If they were to bring voting down to 16 then surely things that are affected by voting would also have to come down to 16? Can a MP be 16 or 17 and they get to vote on stuff that they can’t do?

  • sin-ic

    It was the socialists who brought the voting age down from 21 to 18 several decades ago in the hope that the teachers union indoctrinated kids would add to their vote. There was no noticeable difference as they could not be bothered voting then, as now.
    WHat did Flanders and Swann sing some many decades ago? In every little Socialist is a future Conservative. Or words to that effect.