Wednesday nightCap

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  • Doc45

    I have been going to India for 20 years helping to start and support sewing classes for poor women. Over 1,000 have been trained and given treadle sewing machines. They make their own clothes and many take in work for friends and neighbours to make a little money. The transformation in lives is almost beyond grasping. Most women own nothing at all except their two lots of clothes. They are abused physically and mentally beyond what is comprehendible. I have watched women break up hard granite rock in a quarry, carry baskets of rock on their head for a kilometre and build up the bed for a new railway line to over a metre high while men stood around smoking and jeering at them. They worked 10 hours then went home to get an evening meal and look after children. We found women too exhausted to stand up being beaten with a large stick because they could fetch water or get a meal. There is a long way to go for these women to get something of a reasonable life.

    • Onya.

      Making a real difference. You have my respect.