Well done Len, instead of most liveable you’ve got one of the most expensive

Len Brown constantly tells us that he wants Auckland to be the most liveable city in the world.

He has failed.

Instead all he has achieved with his never ending rates increases is turning Auckland into one of the most expensive city in the world.

Auckland has overtaken Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide to become the 16th most expensive location in the Asia Pacific for expatriates, a survey by ICA International has found.

The City of Sails is ranked 36th most expensive globally, up from last year’s 54th spot.
The South Korean capital Seoul take the honours for being the most expensive in the region and 10th in the world, overtaking Tokyo.

“Cost in New Zealand for many international assignees have increased at a faster rate than in Australia, largely due to the strength of the dollar there,” authors of the report said.

It noted that locations in Australia had risen in the ranking, with Sydney up from last years 32nd position to 29th, and Canberra in 34th place globally – ahead of Auckland.

The survey is aimed at helping companies with the calculation of cost of living allowances for their employees stationed overseas by comparing a basket of common consumer goods and services in 440 locations worldwide.   

These include groceries, household goods, electrical goods, but not certain living costs such as car purchases, school fees and utilities which are usually covered by separate allowances.

“Living costs for assignees are affected by inflation, availability of goods and exchange rates, all of which can have a significant impact on assignee remuneration packages,” it said.

Wellington is ranked 19th in the region and 39th most expensive globally, and Christchurch is 24th and 51st respectively.

Karachi, Pakistan, is the cheapest location surveyed in Asia Pacific.

And who does Len Brown blame for this problem?

Certainly not himself…its the dirty foreigners flocking to his city.

A spokesman for Auckland Mayor Len Brown said the survey came at a time of “unprecedented immigration” including expats returning home, and given those pressures, the higher ranking was “perhaps not surprising”.

“It’s interesting to note the cost of living for expats in Auckland remains lower than that of Australian cities such as Sydney and Canberra, other international cities we compete for skilled migrants such as Singapore and Hong Kong and other cities that rate highly in the most liveable city stakes such as Zurich and Copenhagen,” the spokesman said.

Time’s up for Len Brown.


– NZ Herald


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  • Reid

    It’s quite an achievement given what a crap city Akld actually is, by international standards. I mean it’s tiny, it’s boring, its climate sucks. The list goes on and on.

    • Dumrse

      And the smart are leaving in droves and some of us, will never look back.

      • The Accountant

        Reid and Dumrse, your comments are a little shallow. I live outside of Auckland and still appreciate what it has to offer. Those keen to use their initiative and effort can be rewarded and do well. Its just a pity that the large resource that the Council commands is being squandered by people who will do anything to retain their position.

  • cows4me

    “Times up for Len Brown”, no, Lens a stayer, he’ll put in an extra effort to make number one, go Len.

    • OneTrack

      He is going to leave a “legacy” – even if it is that Auckland is bankrupted, like Detroit and Kaipara. Did they have left-wing councils as well?

      • cows4me

        Detroit is a shinning example of Liberalism and the fulfillment of socialist policy, it’s the perfect socialist city where all live in poverty.

        • Kevin

          I suppose at least Len’s not a crack addict.

          • Wallace Westland

            Opinions vary.

          • Billythekid

            Depending on the crack !!!!!

  • Hard1

    “And who does Len Brown blame for this problem?”

    Here’s a clue. One Council officer dereails an entire project ;

    “John Dare, who keeps minutes of meetings he has with officials, gives the example of a proposed apartment project in Onehunga Mall, which would have added 180 flats near to shops and public transport, but which was abandoned “due to council officer risk”.
    “Dare said at a pre-purchase meeting, where developers check with council to get a feel for whether it’s worth buying land, a council urban designer “went ultra vires” asking for a different architect, requiring fewer floors, demanding retail on the ground floor and a cut in the number of units.”

    Surely big decisions need far more intelligent oversight than a single Council employee.


    • OneTrack

      That’s shocking. No wonder Auckland is the most expensive city with power freaks like that working for the council.

      Best thing Len can do to help Auckland, is to get himself, and his team, out of the way.

      • Hard1

        Overseas that kind of power leads to corruption. Pay the guy $100,000, he’ll sign on the dotted line. Given the influx of overseas property investors already well versed in smoothing the way, we have all the ducks lined up.

      • Kevin

        It’s nothing less than thinly-veilled socialism. Soon we’ll be like China where every business will have a government official on the board of directors and you won’t be able to so much as fart without getting permission from some bureaucrat.

        • AlanB

          Either it’s compulsory or prohibited, the personal options under extremism.

  • Wine Man

    Having had a large number of dealings with council since the creation of the super city, this doesnt surprise me one bit. Upon creation they actively seeked experienced staff from the large councils in Australia, this has lead to a number of the issues we see now, including in my opinion primarily the significant increase in spending by council and resultant increase in rates. Through employing these people for their ‘experience’ all we got was their inflated egos (and salaries), inflated budgetary requirements to do larger grander projects for no benefit and the mislaid belief that an expensive train set is the solution to our traffic woes, oh and lets not forget the intensification that is being promoted, I wonder how that went for Sydney?

    If Len wants to salvage something from the mess he has created, he needs to start by resigning and requesting a commissioner be appointed and the city devolved into several smaller cities as we had before, these worked, this doesnt!

  • Odd Ball

    The core constituency that elected Lenny are in south Auckland.
    It seems he has abandoned the Pasifika vote and the churches that direct them.
    These are the very people who can’t afford all that extravagant spending.

    • Aucky

      …….and who is the money behind the organisation that secures that vote? Who is profiting from Len’s mayoralty?

      • sheppy

        Apartment developers and manufacturers of train sets plus anyone selling overpriced inefficient services into the council?

    • Sunshine

      There are many South Aucklanders who despise Len Brown and would never vote for him. Alas there are more of the stupid kind who believe Len Brown is their saviour. I wonder if he slapped a rates charge on renters if they would be so keen on him. It’s the same lot who see Labour as their salvation to keep the gravy train chugging along.

      • Odd Ball

        The recent revaluation of properties means that rates are going up rather steeply next year for a lot of properties.
        That cost has to trickle down to the renters eventually.

        • Sunshine

          But it’s not presented as the rates in its entirety . I’m sure if each household renting were issued the rates notice as a proportion of time spent renting the property for the year, a different mindset re being responsible for said rates would mean a different attitude towards those in council who set the rates.

  • sheppy

    AND this ranking is before the rates increases both from Len’s declared rates increases and also the revaluations related increases kick in.
    He’ll leave a legacy alright!

  • PsychoKea

    Len is actually happy with the high levels of immigration it increases his “talent pool”

  • taurangaruru

    Time’s up for Len Brown? Only if a credible alternative stands in the next election, even then it isn’t a given unless there is a better turnout of voters than we have seen in recent elections. National really need to mobilise in local body elections in the way Labour/Unions have done in the past. I am not advocating National find 200 “Singhs” living in a house in South Auckland & they all happen to vote National btw.

    • MaryLou

      This from Alright yesterday, although I’m not sure what source for info was used:

      “Michael Barnett has put his hand up.

      Remember he was the highest polling ARC candidate at the last election before it was disbanded.

      Would have stood last time had he not become ill.

      Know him personally. Talks about the need for the ACC to be “fit for purpose.” He is. Len Brown isn’t.”

      EDIT: I reckon turnout will be much higher next time. We’ve seen the result of not taking enough notice.

  • kiwisnab

    As a resident of the Orakei ward, it has ben brought to my attention, via local meetings, that the local councillors are looking for a project in the ward to spend over $50K on. The reason being is that if the budget is not spent, the money will be removed from the budget next year. Whoever oversees the budget should instead congratulate the local councillors for coming in under budget and undertake not to decrease the budget next year. A ludicrous state of affairs when money is spent for the sake of it.

    • Platinum Fox

      Some things never change in local government. There always used to be a flurry of activity towards the end of the councils’ financial year such as resealing streets which showed no clear evidence of need in order to use up budgeted provisions.

      • Kevin

        Isn’t it a case of if you don’t spend the money you get less money for the next budget?

  • Raibert

    At the rate things are going, the cost of housing in South Auckland will become too expensive for Len’s supporters and the Housing Corp. seems only interested in selling properties or building units in areas closer to the centre. This should concern Len as his support base will be moving to Huntly or Hamilton to avoid high cost of living, and find jobs in newly created industrial areas. Cost of land is too high around Auckland for new industry.

  • kayaker

    Does LB even exist? It’s always “A spokesman for Auckland Mayor Len Brown” doing the talking.

    • what ajoke

      the only thing to do is , get rid of him Sack him and
      for council who are with him( Len Brown ) you will pay in the next election, we will not vote for you or Len Brown anyway I did not vote for him I never trusted that him he is a crook, thief, and dishonest person to his wife and to the people whom elected him Len Brown bugger off and for good