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  • Carl

    Mmm Bacon Donuts. (pic)

    • ex-JAFA

      You win. Not just the internets, but all of everything.

      • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

        Yup. Deep fried bacon and cholesterol – whats not to love!!

        • a small heart attack . . .

          • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

            Small price to pay…

        • caochladh

          Followed by a deep fried Mars bar…..or two.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Hey, where do you live? I just want the recipe honest

      • Carl

        I cant help you there I got sent the picture on facebook and had to share cause everyone loves bacon.

  • Disinfectant

    Today Russell Norman wants to have State sector CEO’s pay rises linked to their performance.
    He will now to have to maintain consistency and never ever support collective bargaining by any group of employees.

    • yoyoyo

      while it is a good idea, how about his pay linked to his performance?

      • Carl

        If that happened he would be down to the city mission for a food parcel cause he wouldn’t be earning anything.

      • cows4me

        He’d have to pay to stay in parliament.

    • Cowgirl

      Does that mean he supports performance pay for teachers too?

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Will Wussel “stand by his statements”?

      I guess he now supports performance pay for all govt workers (including politicians- both local bodies and govt). He must also stand behind performance pay for teachers, so I guess he will back the new school models and will have no arguements when the charter school techers get rewarded for their work while the mainstream struggle to get pay rises (not all but some surely will remain stagnant in the pay race).
      Will the remainder of the greens back what their leader has put forward? Will the rest of the left support their comrade?

      This politics game is so much fun when you start to understand the way the game is played.

    • Bluemanning

      Does that means performance pay for Green Co-leaders as well? If so he would receive nada in fact zilch actually he should pay us for having to listen to him.

    • niggly

      Silly Wussel prostituting himself for soundbites by shooting off rhetoric that bears no resemblance to reality. Like it or not but presumably Rennie has performed consistently well time after time, as opposed to being judged by Wussel and the Opposition over one incident that wasn’t handled as well as it should have.

  • yossarian

    Government Department/Ministry CEOs pay rises are already subject to an annual performance review which I can tell you from personal experience, albeit a few years ago, is pretty darned rigorous. Plus deep scrutiny by the SSC Commissioner each quarter during the year. Once again Mr Norman does not know what he is talking about.

    • Jp

      Norman knows what he is talking about. He just likes to stir trouble

      • Wallace Westland

        Perhaps he’d like to take all the things he knows about a naff off back home the miserable aussie git. Geez his parents were so tight they only gave him one L no wonder he’s such a misery bag.

    • peterwn

      Treasury Secretary still at the top of the heap. In the old days the ‘trading department’ chiefs got less than Treasury Secretary. The chiefs now in successor roles earn heaps more eg The NZ Electricity Department chief got $500k (expressed in today’s money) but his five successors (Genesis, Mighty River, Meridian, Contact and Transpower) EACH (as far as I know) get more than a million.

      • Aucky

        The Mighty River CEO gets my vote – 14% divvy for the shareholders coming up and we’ve just had a 5% bonus dividend! The shares are currently at $3.09 so a nice capital gain too (no CGT either Wussel).

        How much would the CEO like by way of salary?

  • kiwibattler

    Just over 40 years ago English singer/songwriter Nick Drake died in a suspected suicide aged 26 – a tragically sad person who despite all the talent in the world failed to find popular acclaim in his lifetime. Ironic then that only after his death would he become a cult figure. If you haven’t checked him out before do so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3jCFeCtSjk

    • I have made a note, Im always keen on new to me music
      Plus it’s on the Spotify so cheap as chips to listen to

      • kiwibattler

        Have to be in the right mood for Nick Drake but he is a gem if on the right wavelength – “Fly”, “From the Morning”, “Day is Done”, “Place to be” and “Time has told me” are also good introductions to his music.

    • InnerCityDweller

      Listen to him as well as Tim Buckley just last week…

      • Sunshine

        Tim Buckley, a big fave of mine.

  • cows4me

    My Trotter was on with Willy and Ali this afternoon having a moan about Cam. The left are a bitter breed. Apparently Cam is/was a dangerous man as he had the ear of the king ( JK ) and thus has way to much influence in politics. He also claimed that the right wants to make politics a dirty business and thus question politicians as they may be indulging in skulduggery. Trotter must leave that studio dripping in hypocrisy, i wonder if he never had a quite word in she beasts ear, I wonder what side of the political spectrum a certain author who wrote a book called “dirty politics” belongs to. These people are as full of it as my —- ponds.

    • 1951

      How many years has Trotter been in the public ear with his went-to-a-better-school-than-you diction? (Like that Kerridge woman from Greens) Must be many decades now. You know, not once in all that time did he ever ring true to me. Another leftie who will die trying hard to remain ‘as long as I am more equal than you’ angle on life.

    • kiwibattler

      Ironic really when the unions have always held, and continue to have a strong hold on the Labour leader of the day – I know who I’d rather trust for advice between Cam and the Unions. Trotter lives in the past and thought Cunners was the second coming of Norman Kirk when he was announced as Labour leader…

    • peterwn

      The publicity gift that keeps on giving – even there there is no more Question Time for a few months.

    • mommadog

      What gets to me more than the actual hypocrisy is their lack of insight into their own behaviour. I think I would understand it better if they realised and were doing it very deliberately as a strategy. One or two may realise but for the majority they follow along like sheep, repeating what they are told and don’t have any concept that they are two-faced. They believe their own …. (whats in your effluent ponds). How can people be so unaware of their own behaviours.

    • stephen2d

      The only reason that Cam “has an influence on JK” is not Cam. It’s the hundreds of thousands of Cams in NZ, who agree and share the same principles (i.e. voters). The same ones who said (yelled) a resounding no to Labour and it’s self centred “partners” and elected National and JK with an ever increasing vote for their third mandate!

  • cows4me

    Here’s another clip, I love the Irish dole office and the Irish countdown.

    • Nechtan

      The Dave Allen reference prompted me

      • cows4me

        Marvelous :-)

  • ex-JAFA

    A friend showed me this last night:

    • cows4me

      They’re very clever.

    • Gaynor

      Love it ….Needed a laugh tonight ..thanks.

  • Sagacious Blonde


    “Bullies had broken his cane and he was walking around with a metal pole that didn’t even touch the ground. Life at that point was really hard for him.”

    What sort of scum would break a blind person’s cane.
    Thank you Samaritan, I hope I would answer the call if presented with similar circumstances.

    • Cowgirl

      Christians-Cupido – what a great name and sums her up.

  • yossarian

    Great work that Samaritan. Wonderful country New Zealand, we have it all from marvellous people like her to scumbags who would attack a blind man. And the equally nasty (expletive deleted here)’s who attacked a couple in their 80s in their own home in Waikanae this week, and countless others who do similar things every week. Not enough Samaritans, too many scumbags.

  • corporate refugee

    Has anyone else in Auckland found that their broadband is STILL playing up (running slow, dropping out) since the Spark outage earlier this week?

  • BJ

    Hey everyone. I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, but if you could indulge me tonight: Tomorrow I was to fly to French Polynesia to join the lovely men in my life – on a great expedition – that have been through a lot lately – much more than the Volvo crew – that through good management is off the radar, but an injury on Monday precludes me from flying for the next 2 weeks least I circum to a DVT. Many NZ’ers do awesome things all the time, but we don’t necessarily want publicity. But, in our own way we quietly put NZ on the radar without taxpayer funding, everyday – and I am proud of that.

  • Trashley

    Re: content of link. This might be appropriate http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2014/12/christmas-time-pimp-poor/

    • Pete

      Yep. !

  • Anyone know if Phil Goff has been briefed about this new gig he’s expected to do for the SST?

  • Saggy

    Did anyone else pick up on Greg Boyd and Popping Cherries on tv1 news? What were they thinking? Comedy reporting failed on Seven Sharp and now they’re trying it on what is supposed to be our most credible television news.

    • ex-JAFA

      He did interrupt himself to declare that he didn’t write it.

  • Pete

    I see the liberal media and UN love fest with Malala continues, as she has been awarded the Nobel prize. I do really struggle with it, and I can’t help but think this never ending push by her enablers has become something almost akin to a religion, you get the sense they are lining her up to be the next Mother Theresa or Dalai Lama type figure…..

    I do have empathy for what happened to her, and I fully understand and support what she is standing for, but I sometimes wonder who it is that wants it more, her or her handlers. That part of the world has some very evil people, with some very strange views, and I hope for her sake she doesn’t end up like Benazir Bhutto.!

    • stephen2d

      I watched her interview some time ago on the daily show and I couldn’t help thinking that she was saying exactly what she thinks she should be saying to her audience. I’m not suggesting she is saying different things to different people, but that it all seems a bit rehearsed. I’m not taking away for an instant what happened to her and that her message is indeed a good one, but I do smell something – if not fishy, then some coaching for some yet unpublicised purpose.

      • Pete

        CNN is a major fan, as is the smooth & creamy and ever oozing Christiane Amanpour, who is is a major cheerleader of the girl, as is HRH Piers Morgan, and as hard as it is to say and hear, ..I think we all know how its all going to end for the poor girl..

        • stephen2d

          Amanpour is a very similar type of journalist as our own Campbell.

      • Cadwallader

        The Nobel Peace Prize is an odd award if you scroll through past winners…Al Gore, Bishop Tutu, Mother Theresa, Obama etc.. I do not wish to reduce the apparent strengths of this year’s winner but the Peace Prize will never have the majesty of the other Nobels largely due to the motley bunch of previous laureates.

  • Aucky

    Changes at ZB coming up end of next year.

    Marcus Lush joining and taking over from McIvor who moves to the afternoons and replaces ‘Kaumatua’ Watson who is buggering off to look after his bees.

    • Pete

      Watson is well past his sell by date, I’m surprised he’s lasted as long as he has, everything about his style is forced and fake..

      • Aucky

        Totally agree Pete. He likes to make himself out to be just one of the bros but most weekends he jets off to his Queen Street farmer’s estate down south. Hates being challenged and doesn’t hesitate to use the ‘dump’ button if someone looks like they are winning the argument.

    • Alright

      Give him his dew.

  • MaryLou

    Interesting newsletter from Tony Alexander this week. Nice parallels with some earlier discussions on WO round Peak Oil and other financial matters: http://tonyalexander.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/WO-December-11-2014.pdf

    • Alright

      Alexander is the best market economist in NZ – by a kilometre

      • MaryLou

        He’s really pretty good. I’ve been reading his stuff well over a year now (maybe actually 2 or 3 – can’t even remember), and he’s far more often right than wrong. His climate change comment this week surprised me a bit, but can’t argue with most of it. Nice writing style too

        • Alright

          Totally agree re writing style. One can understand what he says. Isn’t a “grandstander.”

    • Bluemanning

      “Interesting” I must say.

      • MaryLou

        Well, “interesting” if you’re interested I guess…

        • Bluemanning

          Yes I would like to see more accessible examples like this; I wonder if similar will be catered for in Cam’s new venture? NZ certainly is doing ok.

  • Hard1

    DNA egghead James Watson sells Nobel prize for $4.8m, gets it back

    He told the Financial Times that he’d taken the unprecedented step after being made to feel like an “unperson,” after he told an interviewer in 2007 that black people were inherently less intelligent than other races. Watson, 86, complained that his research was no longer taken seriously and his income had taken a hit following his assertions.

    In this PC (western) world, you tell the truth you get stamped on.
    Was he right ?..

    “Albinos in Tanzania: ‘We’re being killed like animals’
    9 December 2014 BBC
    A new campaign launched in Tanzania aims to protect albino people after a rise in the number of them being murdered.
    In the last three years over 70 albinos have been killed, but only ten convictions have been made.
    There is a belief among some in Tanzania that the body parts of someone with albinism bring wealth.”