Whaleoil and Cameron Slater the year in cartoons Part II

















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  • ShoreRight

    Thanks for sharing …..the one about the haircut really made me laugh the most….must be the holidays !

  • garryb

    put it all in a book, would be a top seller. I will take two please, one for me and will make sure slimey hager gets one, just to piss him right off. lol

    • spanishbride

      There is this pesky thing called copyright. Unlike Kim Dotcom I have some respect for it. ;) It is extremely unlikely that the cartoonists would give me permission to use their work. One in particular is so ‘ toxic ‘ towards Cam that when we attempted to purchase the original off him so we could frame it ( a common request of political cartoonists ) he refused out of spite.
      The book I made was a one off photo book not for re-sale so was ok and images were found on the internet so were not top quality.

  • 1951

    Non can capture the personalities like Sonova can.

  • cows4me

    You know you have to be doing something right when they expend inordinate amounts of ink trying to mock you. When they cease drawing you it’s time to worry.

    • mommadog

      That was my thinking. I was also thinking how much Andrew Little and some of those in the left would love this much attention.

  • andrewo

    You’re their worst nightmare:
    > Real investigative reporting.

    > Real news.
    > For free.

    Who’d invest in the mainstream media today?

  • Eiselmann

    Laughed at the one from Evans regarding the gender of Prince Williams’ and Catherines’ next baby…..quite clever.


    You must be doing something right…..why all the attention?