Whaleoil and Cameron Slater the year in cartoons Part V











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  • Michelle

    The MSM and cartoonist remind of primary school drawings of people they dislike

    their hatred of Cam and JK are palpable and with them being in contact with each other they are besides themselves with jealousy hence this childish behaviour followed closely by the opposition

  • Mark

    The grenade one is very good.

  • Effluent

    All credit for shaking up the smug, complacent, sanctimonious left leaning NZ MSM to the extent that you have; WO is now the MSM’s replacement for Lady Di or MH370, when they need to get circulation at any cost.
    However, I think 2014 will go down as the year in which the MSM became drained of real news content, and 2015 will be the year when the Herald and other dailies shut their doors, and the airwaves are filled with nothing more than advertorials, fluff and invective.

  • Michael_l_c

    Now, who really cares about dirty politics, haggard & co? Now irrelevant, forgotten, pathetic pre-election electioneering.
    Apart from the illegality of the hacking, a big so what?

  • mommadog

    I have been following the series (now up to part 5) and I am amazed at how many cartoons there actually were. Some I had seen before but many not. I imagine 25-50 years from now someone will be studying this period of NZ political history at a university and/or all of these cartoons will be a museum exhibit. I hope Te Papa is taking notes.

  • Kevin

    That’s because no one reads those blogs. :)

  • sonovaMin

    Oi – not all of them. One was mine which pointed out that that the whole dirty politics thing was a MSM construct with the media hounds going round and rounds in circles on the scent of their own butts.
    I was a lone voice in the wilderness. :>)

    • My apologies. Thank goodness for your quality work, you are certainly in the minority.

      • sonovaMin

        No apology needed it was jus a bit of ribbing. Thanks for the compliment.

    • wooted

      I love your cartoons, you never fail to make me laugh out loud, or at minimum have a little giggle. You may be a lone voice but you are certainly not in the wilderness. Please don’t stop.

      • sonovaMin

        Thanks for the support. The trouble with cartooning is you totally reliant on the news and react to it. Hence Most cartoonist just follow the official line as decided by the gallery journos. I prefer to make my own mind up and not have someone else think for me.
        Whale Oil is a very important as an alternative to MSM offering a different voice.
        The left have have had a boney death grip on the news and shaping the news. Also until recently public opinion. Soon we will be Freed.
        No wonder the Leftwing media is hysterically trying to demonise Cam.

  • Dave_1924

    The last one shows how out of touch the news organisations and their cartoonists were about Dirty Politcs…..Key falling on the wave of dirty politics, when the truth was completely the opposite he rode the wave to power….. The best bit is Laila eagerly diving in and Winston riding the wave – pretty accurate for those two and there love of dirty side of the game, imho

  • cows4me

    Feel the love.