Whaleoil and Cameron Slater the year in cartoons Part VI


















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  • Richard Holden

    It is interesting when you see so many of these MSM cartoons in a collection how they tell a story of the pettiness of the authors. Seriously, its like under 5s at daycare calling someone a poopy head lol

  • mommadog

    Love the KDC one – that’s my favourite of todays bunch. As I mentioned yesterday I am amazed at the shear number of WO related cartoons that were done. Will look forward to the 2015 cartoons when the rest of the Dirty Politics story comes out – or will the cartoonists be found lacking when it comes to showing WO winning and having those involved in dirty politics and stolen emails for breakfast – especially the labour party.

    • Teletubby

      The KDC one is the first one out of all of these that has made me chuckle

      • Carl

        That’s cause it was done by Sonovamin, not by someone with a left bias.

    • simon

      But remember, according to the good people at the Standard, the MSM is hopelessly biased in favour of the evil right wing government.
      I understand that their contributors have difficulty with reading comprehension, but it’s incredible that they can’t even understand pictures.

    • niggly

      MSM Cartoonists portraying the Labour Party in a bad light in 2015?

      I predict that you will be proven right in that the cartoonists will be found lacking!

      After all they set a precedent during Labour’s last term in Govt – the entire cartoonist and MSM Editorial fraternity were pretty much missing in action and too gutless to relentlessly mock and attack Helen Clark, Labour (or the Greens) in the same manner they mock John Key, National, Cameron and the “right-wing”.

      They would also dare not infer anything untoward Helen and Labour without any evidence in the same way the cartoonists today continually infer National is nasty or arrogant simply based on hearsay or partisan dirty politic attack lines being fed to them from the Opposition and their SubStandard Lap-Blogs.

  • Teletubby

    I’m staggered at the level of plain nasty in these cartoons. Seeing them all collected like this shows exactly how desperate the MSM were to get a hit on WOBH and John Key. I can still recall the time when the job of the cartoonist was to put an amusing take on the current issues, sadly most of these aren’t even remotely funny, just nasty and petty. It seems that now days the cartoonists, like the rest of the MSM, want to be part of pushing the leftist agenda,

    • Damon Mudgway

      Builds up a pretty nasty picture don’t it? And do we really think these cartoonists simply submit toons based on their own musings? They do have paymasters after all. Nothing like prostituting ones art for a paycheck.

  • conwaycaptain

    The first today reminds me of a quote from Julius Caesar
    “Give me men about me who are sleek and fat, yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look”

  • Macca

    The thing that amazes me with the whole collection of these pathetic cartoons is just how utterly desperate the MSM were to get ‘hits’ on National when basically bereft of any real material to use.

    If you go back through all these posts, the same hackneyed clichés are used over and over and over……talk about being done to death!

    A glass of milk for Collins and a phone call from Williamson! A bogus and fraudulent ruling on John Banks from a judge who should be disbarred for utter incompetence. A supposed ‘Teflon shield’ for John Key – because after two terms to date, the left and their media associates are still unable to get any dirt to stick. Then to top the whole thing off, a book written from stolen emails full of unsubstantiated claims from a known hard left activist (and now a criminal), and a proven liar with history – and don’t even start me on the German who became the darling of the left and their media who res!

    When you look at the ammunition handed to these people on a platter from the left and the scandles which have been totally ignored, all the ‘cartoons’ become like an old one hit wonder song which hit it’s used by date 2 weeks after its launched but is still being thrashed by DJ’s six months on. Pathetic really!

  • Effluent

    The cartoons are just the graphic representation of the MSM’s view of the world. What concerns me is that the remaining few sections of the MSM that deal with current affairs in written format also treat CS and WO as one dimensional cartoon villains, fit only for vilification and contempt. In doing so, they have abdicated any responsibility to present reasoned and balanced analysis. Other than Whale Oil, there is no mass medium in NZ that provides a platform for presentation of the non-politically correct, right on, lefty view of the world, apparently shared by the voters who lined up to ensure that the parties supported by the MSM would lose the recent election.

    The fact that WO’S readership continues to grow, and contribute hard $ to keep the site alive in the face of this lynch mob treatment, demonstrates that a real, hard cash market exists for an alternative, more balanced view.

    I have greatly enjoyed Sonavamin’s cartoonsin general, but particularly this year, as they show very clearly that in the right hands, the left and their hangers-on make very large targets for mockery as well. I think the Herald are making a big mistake in re-running all the anti-Key / WO cartoons again this week, as it simply serves to remind their own readership of how badly wrong they were on the dirty politics issue, and why we should ditch them as soon as an alternative becomes available.

  • taurangaruru

    The harpoon through the head must be bordering on inciting violence, a good cartoon is a great way of making a point but some of the examples above are infantile.