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  • Aucky

    The Kiwi arrested in China for drug trafficking doesn’t stand a chance if the authorities read the Herald which persists in referring to the amount of meth involved as 75 kgs instead of 75 grams.

    • Spiker

      No need to bother with minor details like that when you are the NZHerald.

      • Woody

        It is easier to not bother with the NZHerald

        • Spiker

          Was at the family bach over the weekend. We were scratching around to find some newspaper to light the fire. In days gone by there was always a stack of read news papers. Its was the routine to go across the lake to the shop to get a paper each morning. Now we all sit around catching up on news with phones.

    • Jonathan P

      I thought it was 1.75kgs?

      • Aucky

        That’s De Malmanche.

    • rantykiwi

      With accuracy like that, the truth is probably that he was arrested with a 1.5kg tin of baby formula.

    • Spiker
      • Dave

        aha, I might have cracked it! Perhaps what the Horrid Herald and SMH haven’t told is, perhaps his girlfriends name was meth and he was importing her? Given she could have been the 75 KG they refer to, Rachel Smalley will pen an article about Lardo heifer drug dealers! Yeah I know, but it’s probably closer to reality than either of those DTM organizations get!

        • Spiker

          75kgs is pretty massive, even for Walter White.

          Edit to say that post was meant for Aucky above.

    • Skydog

      Have you seen it quoted as 75 grams? If so, where did you read that?

      • Aucky

        When the news first broke. On the Newstalk ZB website I think.

        When you think about it trying to smuggle 75 kgs as a passenger is impossible. That’s the equivalent of two chocker suitcases or four sacks of spuds.

        • Skydog

          I thought 75kgs was a misprint. When I looked at the Aussie websites, they also quoted 75kgs? Maybe lost in translation??

          Like you say it must be near impossible to carry that amount.

          • Aucky

            Sniffer dogs would be somewhat superfluous!

          • HogsWorth

            Saw a news cast of a reporter sitting on three sacks, it is definitely 75kg’s, reporter remarked it was over three times allowable baggage limit

          • Aucky

            Bloody hell! I stand corrected then HW. How on earth could they think that they would ever get away with a consignment of that size. There’s a story behind this.

            A bullet for sure ………

  • rantykiwi

    The inconsistent hypocrisy of the Teachers Council is beyond belief. After 5000 unregistered teachers have been found to be working in schools their chief exectuive’s response is “the numbers, in its annual report, should not alarm people”.

    If 5000 unregistered teachers isn’t an issue (and it doesn’t appear to have been to date), quite why does the teachers council exist? Time to legislate it out of existence maybe?

    • metalnwood

      .and why would they care about the far less than 5000 unregistered teachers that may be working charter schools?

      • Sooty

        Why did it come to light just as schools are closing for the teachers two month holiday?

    • Woody

      “He said schools were
      obliged to check they were employing people fit for the job.”

      That bit I agree with, but there is a disconnect between
      being fit for the job and being registered, the two things don’t necessarily go
      hand in hand.

    • All_on_Red

      This hypocrisy pretty much slays one of their objections to Charter Schools.

  • Alright

    “Face of the Day” is well worth look as a comment point.

  • Doc45

    Yesterday Pete raised the question on why it takes Police so long to open the road after an accident. It is interesting reading up on the subject. It seems that it takes time to measure, photograph, interview etc – that bit is obvious although surely it could be done more quickly. The “why” is that they have to build a water tight case for any prosecution. It is hard to believe that much of that couldn’t be done by GPS, taking multiple camera angles, checking car computers and other post accident actions. The other reason is that in case of deaths and bad injuries family need to know details for “proper grieving”. MMMmm???
    Given the potential danger of locking up the roads for so long plus the cost and inconvenience surely things could be done to shorten the time.

    • Alright

      That is pretty much what Michael Barnett said in the Horrid this morning.

      Process improvement, not gizzilions more on infrastructure. .

    • HR

      A serious crash scene is treated like a crime scene, and the police only have one shot of getting the evidence or information, as once the road is reopened the scene will change and information lost. They have homicide scenes closed up for days, so to get a road reopened in a few hours is pretty reasonable.

      • Doc45

        Funny thing is that in Britain where the same procedures are used they don’t know how many times the evidence collected has resulted in a conviction. I suspect they would know if there was reason to know. I somehow think there is a con in all of this.

      • Aucky

        Sorry HR – you are years behind in technology. The days of tape measures and spraycans are over.

        • HR

          I agree. Point I was making is that it takes time. And our cops are underfunded, so they make do with outdated technology (for the most part).

        • Soleman

          In the olden days, I was in the Police and stationed at a busy S.H.1 station just south of Auckland. Attended regular high speed crashes – most serious injury or fatal. Yes, we used spray cans and tape measures but were effective. If we didn’t have the highway cleared in half an hour, we got a “please explain”.

    • Aucky

      They have been using 3D technology in the States for years. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

      Makes you wonder what the police do with the the gazillions they take off us every year for traffic fines.

      • Platinum Fox

        Fines go to the Consolidated Fund without passing through police hands. There doesn’t appear to be any commission structure in place for Vote Police to be increased if the volume of fines imposed increases, though if there was the Ministry of Justice would also expect to be on an incentive payment structure based on its performance against a collection benchmark.

    • Bert Piepoint

      I’m sure some accountant can work out the cost to the country having thousands of cars, people etc sitting idle on the motorway during these jams. The most important thing from the police point of view is to get the traffic moving again. The technology is there for rapid scene capture, drones, 3D imaging- the list goes on.

    • Brian of Mt Wellington

      With all the high tech gear they have now you would think things could be done quicker. Years ago when Traffic was run by the MOT, accidents on the bridge were cleared up a lot quicker as you had supervisors screaming down the radio to hurry up and get the road open. There have been worse accidents in the past and they never took that long to start clearing traffic. Probably because of all the extra paperwork that the police require. Plus as far as I read it was only an injury accident not a fatality which requires more info.

    • friardo

      Most of the increased danger is caused by the number of police cars, anbulance(s) tow trucks that need to take an extra lane or two and setting out and removing the cones.

    • david

      it comes from the Police treating it as a crime rather than an accident. The world can stop as far as they care, its not their responsibility. To what purpose? (apart from inflating their ‘success’ rate). We have ‘no blame’ accident insurance precisely so we don’t have to try to allocate blame. Some tiny fraction of crashes are deliberate – if there is evidence of this, then maybe greater scrutiny is required, but otherwise an accident is an accident and for most people the trauma is worse than the punishment a court might met out. In any case I was told by a UK road safety expert that they use a 360 degree camera to capture all details and then immediately clear the road.

  • Whafe

    Am in Germany, very crisp and cool. As always when I travel, Whaleoil is my place for news….

    Stunned to the core, but not surprised about the two stories re the rapper singing about our PM and Len Browns little room…. What will the MSM do? Nothing, don’t hold your breath…

    Rather cool Christmas markets in Germany, here is a shot from last night in Frankfurt. In Mannheim now, more cool markets

    • LabTested

      I’m Just back from the Xmas markets in town. They are one of the best things about this time of year in europe. Food stalls from about 8 countries, Hot Wine laced with rum. craft stalls & small cottage industry food manufacturers.. Unfortunately no snow yet.

      • Whafe

        Agree, the vibe and atmosphere is amazing.. Very cool, always enjoy it.

        I love the selection of sausages cooked over the open fire, Yumminess all round…

      • Wheninrome

        In good old NZ wonderful new market in Kerikeri The Old Packhouse Market, beautiful veges, strawberries, almost as big as apples, I kid you not, home made pies of all sorts, fresh seafood, salmon oysters etc., craft, jewellery, clothes etc., etc. Coffee, cake, hot food, wonderful wine, and local Sovrano Limoncello, This is a large market on Saturday, there is still the Sunday market in town as well.
        If you are up in the North check it out.

    • friardo

      Rappers can’t sing, that one particularly.

    • Bluemanning

      Ah, gluehwein in the altstadt? Used to do similar in Mainz.

  • True dat. (pic)

    • LabTested

      I see what you did there.

    • Bart67

      Absolutely correct. Hitler was wrong to invade Russia, so Stalin corrected him very quickly!

  • Sally

    Now that Judith Collins is officially a ‘journalist’ I hope she has applied for a job with FREED.

  • who’stoblame

    The latest in scaremongering. “Treasury figures, released by the Sustainability Council today, show
    failing to take action to cut greenhouse gas emissions will cost between
    $2,000 and $34,000 per household, the Green Party said.” Wow, is this an estimate or a quote?

    • ex-JAFA

      I would’ve picked the household cost to be zero. Not doing anything costs nothing… especially when there’s nothing to be done about something that isn’t happening.

  • Being honest, and I know that we all are, who else aside from a few aggrieved journos, and contributors to various blogs, are interested in or have a reason to pursue an ongoing, and baseless character assassination revolving around the PM and WO?

    • ex-JAFA

      KDC, because he’s a vindictive so-and-so who’s not altogether happy about the situation in which he’s found himself… which has little to do with the PM and nothing to do with WO.

  • Curly1952

    A random thought – With the end of the Parliamentary year at the end of this week it seems highly likely that any dirt delivered on any parliamentarian will die a natural death over the holiday break. I am wondering if WO may drop one or two clangers in to ensure some of our more needy pollies have a number of rocks under their beach towel for the summer!

    • ex-JAFA

      MSM will be desperate for something to fill their pages, and might even venture back here to look for anything worth pursuing.

      • Curly1952

        They certainly will. And we would be all pretty naive if we thought that the majority of politicians don’t check WO to see what is going down. They would say otherwise of course!

  • Unionbreaker

    I listened to Mike Hosking talking with John Key this morning. Regarding the issue of the chap facing death penalty in Bali for drug running. The way I heard it Mr Key said it was not likely that the government would step in but he would wait and see how it played out. Now MSM are reporting this as John Key absolutely ruling out government intervention full stop. I have not streamed the interview due to data restrictions. Anyone else hear what I heard?

    • Dave

      Yes, I agree. The different “repeater interpretations” is quite alarming. From my perspective, there needs to be a media watchdog with some (redacted) teeth to hold the cowboys to account, you know, report accurately. Exactly as the PM said.

      From my perspective, the PM is doing the right thing, deMalmanche broke another countries law, if they try him and afford him his rights, then there is little NZ or Key can do. I think the only intervention could be if his rights are breached (if he has any rights).

      • Wheninrome

        The poor man was looking for love, so it is reported. Was he on drugs that it blinded him to reality, and that he was being taken for a ride. Was he trying to prove what a helpful person he was? The excuses that people come up with. Radio hoping that there is an understanding justice system in Indonesia who will take this into account.
        Drugs are drugs in my book, lots cause great misery.
        The only drugs that improve my life are those that assist with sports injury, i.e. voltaren, wonder drug from where I am sitting.

  • Albert Lane

    Can anybody name the people who run the ZB radio newsroom at night? The 1 a.m. ZB news this morning contained an article about a green MP who says that if Auckland had its proposed rail system, the hold-up on the Auckland motorway wouldn’t have happened. She then raved on that there was absolutely no need for the Puhoi to Wellsford motorway extension. Now is that responsible reporting? And how could the traffic jams have been avoided if we had Len’s railway system? It was the most biased news reporting I have ever heard in my life. Strangely, the item was not repeated in the 2 a.m. news. I had to do a mental check on the date. Yes, it’s 8 December. Not 1 April. So why was such a stupid raving comment used in a news item?

    • Aucky

      There’s no doubt Albert that the ZB newsroom has been captured by the left, the biassed and the inarticulate.

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    Swimming pool in Brazil found with swastika painted on the bottom…
    Maybe this is .Crim’s secret hideaway?