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  • jude
  • George

    Fran O’Sullivan In the NZ Herald Heading “Little takes game to National”
    “Andrew Little took a big step forward to the altimate prize – the Prime Ministership – with his decision to support John Key’s Government to get the Countering Terrorist Fighters legislation across the line”. She also suggests “That Little is prepared to position Labour as a ” Government in waiting” which will ensure the protection of its own citizens when it next gets to hold office”.
    It is apparent that if you are a socialist and support Countering Terrorist Fighters legislation you are ensuring the protection of your own citizens and worthy of being the next Prime Minister. If you are the National Government you are the dirty rotten invader of people’s rights to privacy and entering a conflict as puppets of the bullying USA.
    MSM – you’re a hypocritical discrace. Your transparent bias is so obvious and yet you are so blind to your own short comings. What you don’t understand is that middle NZ’s aline your bias with the socialist parties and you, in addition to the socialist parties, played a major role in engineered the landslide victory that was National’s.

    • Doug

      So much for the MSM interference.

      If a National Election were held now the latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows that National would be easily re-elected.

      • dumbshit

        one would hope that they keep up the good work, until such time as they go “bust”, which it seems may not be far away!

  • idbkiwi

    Israeli family thanked for act of kindness:

    “A Palestinian man threw a chemical substance believed to be acid at an Israeli family in the occupied West Bank on Friday, injuring a man and four children”

    “the Israeli man had stopped to pick up the Palestinian as a hitchhiker and then the attack occurred”


  • Michael


    Attacks a 13 year old girl almost killing her (and probably would have if a passersby had not intervened) and admits he wants to do it again. Judge sentences him to Preventative Detention.

    Good work Judge Paul Heath. Have a word to some of your dud colleagues.

    • conwaycaptain

      5 years minimum non parole period. Make it 20 and that should be right

      • peterwn

        Judge would not have got away with 20 years, it would have been successfully appealed. I suspect the judge has to set the minimum period assuming he was doing a finite sentence. Anyway the offender might as well get used to the idea of a practical 20 year minimum.

  • Rem

    Despite what they are saying about a shortage of new potatoes in the Otago region my Jersey Benne crop is going gangbusters and I will have loads at Christmas. Might be time to erect security measures with prices likely to equal that of Blue Cod.

    • conwaycaptain

      If you want to get your Jersey Benn’s tasting like the original you have to gather kelp washed up on the beach after a gale, then build little sea weed stacks and let them dry and then spread on the field.

      • Cadwallader

        Don’t EVER let anyone say this blog is not educative!

        • conwaycaptain

          I have a painting of a horse drawn cart and two farmers loading ‘vraic” on St Ouen’s Bay in Jersey.
          Now of course it is trucks and how some get up the slipway is beyond me as they are piled HIGH with the stuff. In Jersey the spuds were grown on quite steep fields known as cotils and they imported Breton and Norman labour to pick them.
          The Labourers would all congregate in a narrow lane near the market on a Saturday afternoon to chat and they all wore their heavy serge blue suits and a beret. All smoking Gitanes with nicotine stained moustaches. Place stank of smoke and old sweat!!!

          • Cadwallader

            Thanks that is really evocative. Talking of seaweed I understand the Japanese draw some sort of extract from it which is included in certain medications i.e. cough elixirs. Is that right?

          • conwaycaptain

            Nori is an integral part of the Japanese diet. I believe that they are now harvesting it in Southland and selling it to the Japanese.

            Not just the Japanese extract stuff fom sea weed for medicine. I beleive there is seaweed in toothpaste!!!

          • Old Man, Torbay.

            Seaweed is used in making Bonnington’s Irish Moss which is a cough syrup that’s been around for donkey’s years..

    • dgrogan

      Lovely flavour and texture. Just right with lashings of melted butter, a light sprinkling of salt and freshly ground pepper.

      • All_on_Red

        A nice entree is; small amount of Jersey Benne potato salad with egg mayonnaise as a base, slivers of smoked Eel lightly covered with crumbled boiled egg, sprinkled with chopped chives with a garnish of watercress on the side. Seasoned to suit.
        HT Marco Pierre-White

  • rantykiwi

    Steve Braunias in the Herald gives PDB and his muppets a sledge and manages to give Cam an honourable mention as well.

    And then for an encore, John Roughan attacks the very existence of Auckland Council.

    • Platinum Fox

      Roughan’s article highlights how far off the track Auckland Council is:

      ‘Elected councillors are not supposed to be discussing this sort of detail [about particular projects]. Their role in modern “governance” is broad policy and strategy.’

      There’s little doubt that mayor and councillors think that their mandate is to promote projects near and dear to their hearts and that they enjoy prefer getting involved in the detail to sitting back and focussing on the big picture.

      After following Cathy Casey through a work day Roughan’s conclusion that ‘Up close [the Council is] worse than I thought’ bears out my experience having read a few council papers over recent months.
      Thankfully I don’t have to read all ‘the vacuous, mind-numbing verbiage [councillors] are fed’ and only delve into things that interest me. Having a full-time role that required one to read the volume of paper produced for the council members and to spend most of every day in meetings sounds to me like an extreme form of torture. Interminable meetings are seldom productive or even useful.

      The best solution would be for the council members to reject an agenda full of detailed project matters and to insist that the management only put forward papers related to broad policy and strategy while getting on with dealing with individual matters within management.
      If management isn’t up to the task of running the city in accordance with the policy and strategy set by council they should be replaced by people who are.
      And if the present elected members are not capable of operating council itself as a policy and strategy body, then it is near time for the organisation to be disbanded and replaced by a small board of directors who can set policy and strategy and call management to account if they cannot execute as required.

      • Alright

        PF – you are exactly right. What is clear from Roughan’s commentary is that there is purposeful and intended focus by council staff (no doubt at Brown’s behest) on relative trivia.

        It is known as fiddling while Rome burns.

        Meanwhile Brown goes to meetings and stares into middle distance because he knows he is bullet-proof.

  • dgrogan

    We all know who New Zealand’s top politician is. I see the Herald Cartoonist gets it too. Pic

    • OT Richter

      Cam should get his knee looked at.

    • LesleyNZ

      Just saw it in the Herald and had a chuckle. Emmerson knows. He “gets” it like we do.

    • cows4me

      He’ll have to put a new wall in to hang all the cartoons.

    • Hakaru

      Scary, from my perspective Cam is leaning to the left

      • Carl

        You could look at it the other way round that Cam himself is still leaning to the right.

        • Hakaru

          The left, always looking backwards, will see him as leaning their way, The right, always looking forwards, will see that he is going the right way. I am of the right persuasion so will stand behind Cam.

      • dgrogan

        Not too worried about that. But hopefully he’s checked the charts for any lumpy bits up ahead.

      • D.Dave

        NO, he is leaning right, you are just seeing the left view.

    • Wheninrome

      I presume it is full steam ahead.

    • Sunshine

      Finally a cartoonist who draws the updated shirt.

  • Aucky

    Spuds are on special at our supermarket. I rather suspect a beat up on a spud shortage for Christmas.Seen it before with strawberries & cherries. Somehow I can’t quite see pitched battles in the Produce section on Christmas Eve.

    • kehua

      You better believe it we are generally eating our own new spuds by now, reality is too wet to plant and raining again as I write this, 40 km northwest of Auckland . Plenty of greens /beetroot etc ,no spuds ,corn or tomatoes planted yet.

  • jude

    Two weeks… pic

    • 1951

      Doin’ good. Luv the fluff. Are you co-sharing the parenting or has it been truly orphaned?

      • jude

        The parents are feeding. We had a scare early on and needed to warm up chick and feed, we had really wet cold weather that I think through the parents.
        Chick has antibiotics for a little infection . Was up and heard “dawn chorus”.
        The female has laid. Another egg. Little nervous. We are not out of the woods yet. Am very keen to get to fledgling stage. Chick will be more independent !

    • Wasapilot

      They grow up so fast Jude. At the airport waiting for our flight to WLG, hopefully the weather is warmer than CHC for the chicks sake and ours.
      When are you announcing the name Jude?

      • jude

        I just checked with daughter. His name is Mr Jingles!. Like the mouse on The Green Mile, I hope Mr Jingles out lives us all!:)

  • Dumrse

    We be good to give this Stuff headline a bit more sunlight…….

    Furore over All Blacks jersey prices continues

    Yet again, cheaper to by online overseas than here in NZ.

    • peterwn

      They are not selling a garment – they are selling an icon, the idea is to set a price that will yield maximum all out profit, a price beyond which the total profit made will start to diminish. Same with sneakers and garments with three stripes, a ‘swoosh’, or a crocodile on it. If customers cannot be bothered ordering from overseas then so be it.

    • rantykiwi

      Their logic is flawed – the price differential between NZ and UK is higher than they claim because of the UK VAT rate being higher than NZ’s GST. Take that into account and NZ is 20% more expensive than the UK.

      • sin-ic

        If a UK firm sells overseas (for export) VAT is not chargeble. If they do, they are rorting the customer.

        • rantykiwi

          I am well aware of that. The prices being compared were local retail in a shop prices, so your point is moot.

    • Aucky

      So no one is twisting the punters’ arms behind their backs to go and pay the NZ price at the local mall. Go online and buy offshore. I guess the whinging is coming from those who need the shirts for Xmas presents and the delivery time is getting a tad risky.

      Nothing new here. We can buy a multitude of goods offshore cheaper than we can buy them locally.

      • rantykiwi

        That is actually the issue – the great NZ retailer ripoff machine. The justification is normally “freight cost” or “small volume” – both of which don’t wash if you look deeper into things.

        Is there any believable reason that NZ butter and NZ lamb are significantly cheaper than a UK supermarket than in a NZ one?

        • johcar

          “Is there any believable reason that NZ butter and NZ lamb are significantly cheaper than a UK supermarket than in a NZ one?”

          Yup. More competition overseas.

    • Citizen

      Is this more media beat up indirectly highlighting NZ Economy and John Key and his rich mates?

  • Cadwallader

    I am becoming increasingly pissed-off with Newstalk ZB. I have tried to endure Jack Tame whose only attraction is apparently that he is domiciled in New York but he’s an irritant. I don’t think he is anywhere near as stupid as Smalley (but neither is my dog) he just comes across as silly. I predict that within 3-4 years after Larry retires, Leighton retires and Hosking becomes emasculated by his sponsors Newstalk will be National Radio with advertisements. The present National Radio seems to be nothing more than a mouth-piece for Labour/Greens/Mana so what alternatives will there be following the demise of Newstalk? Radio FREED?

  • cows4me

    I see oil has dropped to $58us a barrel. I was talking to a cousin last night that is an expert in fracking, the Melons around here love him. Anyhow he has been under contract with Santos Australia which is a major oil and gas exploration company. His contract finished about a month ago but was not renewed as Santos has cut it’s exploration budget by $700 million this year. He believes the world is in a very dangerous place mostly due to the falling oil price. The danger is that all the major oil companies have pulled the plug on exploration and eventually the present glut in oil will come to a halt. When this happens oil prices will skyrocket as new supply is not been brought on line and can not be for many years. You just can’t develop new supply in a matter of months. He claims at $100us a barrel oil companies could afford exploration and every thing was at a happy medium. The present situation is untenable, this is either by design or it is what it is but the finial result may break the camels back.

    • LabTested

      OPEC vs Shale was the Economist magazine cover story last week. Suggesting the Saudis are happy to see the price drop in the short term as it will put marginal producers out of business & stop new investment. The flip side is that the cost of bringing new Shale online is reducing all the time as the technology improves.


      • Wheninrome

        Not just oil, methinks the dairy price an interesting analogy.

        • Raibert

          Will be interesting to see who buys bankrupt dairy farms if returns continue to drop, I’m picking the same people who have been paying high milk prices to encourage farmers into debt.

          • NoVictim

            Could be, or it could be the same as the oil situation cows just outlined.
            As dairy production is scaled way back because its not profitable to produce milk with the global dairy surplus, when the current over supply is gobbled up, dairy could go through the roof because farmers cant just instantly ramp up supply again, it takes a year or so.

          • kehua

            Bankrupt dairy farms are generally bought by either a neighbour or a Corporate Farming Co.

  • Yum, my trip to the markets this morning.

    • Wheninrome

      Just been to The Packhouse Market up here in Kerikeri, smoked salmon, fresh fish, huge strawberries, fresh bread, oranges, lots still for others to buy. It is wonderful, and I have to say it was in the welcome rain.

      • dgrogan

        Plenty of rain down here in the Capital. You’re welcome to it.

    • ProudChiwiSince1990

      Nice. Enough vege to feed the whole family. Bet it costed much less then a trip to McD’s and 100X healthier. If only those ‘in poverty’ know this secret of feeding their family…

    • 1951

      New season garlic too. I took the liberty of asking veg-person in local supermarket to takeaway sign beneath new-season NZ garlic which read ‘Chinese garlic’. Can’t have that!

    • dgrogan

      That all looks like great fare. 5 servings a day – and it all looks very fresh. Wellington’s Chaffer’s Dock Sunday Market has become very popular and well worth the visit too.

      • We do visit that now and then, but focus on the food stalls for brunch, along with a walk along Oriental Pde, it all makes for a lovely Sunday morning.

  • Sally

    All the normal suspects are all a twitter this morning over Hooton’s column in the NBR which is behind a paywall.
    “Left reveal fascist tendencies over Judith Collins’ column”.
    The twitters are a little upset being called fascists.

  • Wallace Westland

    In today’s Herald the letter of the week goes to a school teacher in a decile one school who’s kids wrote letters to Santa. Her point was the kids asked for things like happy holidays, spending time with their families and chocolate etc.
    All very heart warming and touchy feely, of course there was the one kid that was after 10 million dollars to buy a car and a house and 3000 PS3 games.

    My point is this: Is this because these kids expectations from life are so low already that even Santa can’t possibly invigorate their little imaginations enough to believe that there is no harm in wanting something?

    My bet is the kid that wants the 10mill will go on to get a job have a career and a life. The rest are the next generation of bludgers waiting for a hand out because they’ve never been taught at home or school to want for more and to strive for success.

    Then again maybe I’m just a greedy cynical capitalist.

    • Cowgirl

      I’m more inclined to think/hope it means most kids know what’s important in life. The other sounds like a Dotcom type personality and I’d rather not have more of them.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    Don’t know if it’s been shared on here or not but if you have any delusional green eco warriors in your house or on your Facebook you should show them this….. http://youtu.be/NL8HP1WzbDk
    Edit – sorry about the language in the video title.

  • Sally

    Mana and the Internet Party are now divorced. What a shame!

    • Alright

      The marriage made in heaven gone to hell in a handcart…

    • Wheninrome

      3 years and they would have got a half share.

  • Wheninrome

    Greg Dixon the Expert TV eye in the Herald today.
    Best drinking game television on Seven Sharp wondering why so many people watch it and going on to infer that the business of one million people voting for National also a mystery.
    Really nailing his views to the mast.