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  • MAWG

    I simply cannot believe that a number of people are adamant that we should not get involved the fight against ISIS.


    If we do not act against this barbarity, then what the hell do we stand for?

    • johcar

      And no comments allowed on that article…

    • Damon Mudgway

      The sheer volume of ignorance is, quite simply, breathtaking. I wonder how many would change their mind if you asked instead of “would you fight for country?”
      “Would you fight for your family?”
      Because basically that’s what it comes down to, under Islam there is NO room for the life and freedoms we now have.

      Frankly, it disgusts me the amount of complacency I see in your average Joe. The war is happening, and it’s happening NOW.

  • Hard1

    Quote of the day from a Jihadi in South Thailand …

    “The [jihadis] say ‘This is against Islam!’ It’s their duty to eliminate this,” Wan Kadir says. “When you’re Muslim, and you see other people in your area doing things against Islam, you should stop them.”

    Their most sought-after prey: cops and soldiers, whom they call “Siamese pigs.” But they will attack anyone linked to the Thai state, including teachers, bureaucrats and Muslim collaborators.

    The religion of intolerance will not allow co-existence at all.

  • DrCP

    NZ Metservice severe weather outlook picture is a bit of a LOL this morning. Pretty accurate I would say…:-)


  • Blue

    NZ Herald cartoon today, another dig at the voting population for not listening to all that the Herald tried to throw at National and John Key.

    • Aucky

      You gazzumped me there Blue.

      Yeah what a way to maintain your dwindling audience (not). Just gratuitously insult the intelligence of near on 50% of the voting public and probably a majority of your readership. Nuts!

    • caochladh

      The “cartoonist” is a disgrace. The Santa facial features are straight out of Goebbels 101.

    • Hollyfield

      Another example is yesterday’s article by Greg Dixon, which is supposedly a review of best and worst TV in 2014.

      “Why so many people watch it is a mystery to me … but then so was that business of one million people voting for National.”

      I didn’t ready any further after that – I wanted to read about possible good TV programmes that I should check out, not be sniped at.

    • caochladh

      I see the cartoon has been removed from the front page on line….

  • fergus

    Questions, re. the “torture report”
    1. Was anyone killed during these sessions?
    2. Was anyone maimed during these sessions?
    3. Was anyone seriously injured during these sessions?
    or were they just frightened? Maybe even terrorised? Into giving up some information.
    Since the answers would appear to be NO, NO, NO and yes, to these questions.
    Are we not just replying to terrorists in kind?…
    After all, they have terrorised a world into changing our previously free travel habits.
    Where you could taking any sized toothpaste tube or even a razor on a plane. You were never X-rayed before getting on a plane.
    and nobody was beheaded in desert simply for their religion, passport origin or just to try and make some sick subhuman point.

    • Greg M

      My answers to your questions are real simple. I don’t care.
      I do care about the 3000+ victims of 9/11 and their families.
      I do care about the journalists and aid workers murdered in the desert whose only crime was trying to help humanity.
      I do care about the tens of thousands of women and girls not allowed to go to school, and beaten, raped and kidnapped as sex slaves.
      I do care that my freedom to travel as a law abiding world citizen is now restricted.

      So a few ratbags who are almost certainly involved in terrorist activity get tortured to give up some information that will save some innocent lives, and I’m supposed to feel bad about that? Just to ensure people and governments know what I’m saying,

      • Damon Mudgway

        Ditto Greg. Pretty sure your average run of the mill American ain’t gonna end up in G.Bay. Tree hugging peace lovers have no idea of the sacrifices people have made just so they can espouse freedom and peace from their pathetic soap boxes.

        Naked force has solved more conflict than hugging your enemy. Sad, but that’s human nature. Oh…and all nature, survival of the fittest (or in our case the biggest guns)

      • LabTested

        British soldiers have now been banned from shouting or swearing at Terrorism suspects. They are also prohibited from banging their fists on the table in case it upsets the terrorists

        Col Tim Collins. (retired) says..Since I was serving, the rules on interrogations have been tightened up because of the lawyers…

        Lord West, the former First Sea Lord and national security adviser, said: “We have gone too far in letting people take us to court.

        “While these insurgents are chopping people’s heads off and raping women, the idea they can take us to court because somebody shouted at them is ridiculous.”


        • Petrus Calvus

          John 11:35 !
          Now I know our world has gone totally bonkers !

      • fergus

        and exactly my point.

      • fergus

        Since the Hobbit films are finished.
        Try this, seems apt.

        “War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would
        devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor
        the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only
        that which they defend.”

        J.R.R. Tolkien,

        The Two Towers

  • jaundiced

    Watching John Key being interviewed on breakfast this morning. They just don’t get that its OK for the PM to come on TV and talk to the likes of Rawdon Christie, but somehow a scandal that he talks with WhaleOil. Sadly the PM was in defensive mode, talking about how even changing phones may not stop people like WhaleOil finding his number.
    The body language of Rawdon when talking to the PM was totally arrogant and disrespectful.

    • Gaynor

      Gave up watching Breakfast a while back ..best not to watch that rubbish before the first cuppa of the day does its job. Rawdon and his silly faces and rudeness to our PM finished me off. Stupid man should get a real job.

      • Aucky

        Gave up Breakfast and whatever they serve up on TV3 a couple of years back. I have taken to the BBC News channel. They might be left of centre but the presenters are so well researched, wellspoken, knowledgable and treat their interviewees with the utmost professionalism. The absolute antithesis of the garbage served up locally.

  • Iceberg

    Mickey Savage is in irony overload again this morning. His leader apologising worked out pretty well…http://thestandard.org.nz/whaleoil-is-the-only-person-john-key-apologised-to-this-year/

  • cows4me

    And more unsurprising news from the climate conference in Lima, they’ve come to a compromise, wow didn’t see that coming. But wait there’s more this compromise will see a large block of countries to meet in Paris next year, wow won’t that be nice for them, to thrash out details for the next conference no doubt. How many millions do we waste on this steaming pile of feces. Our representatives need a good kick in the arse and made to go out and find a real job, digging ditches would be a good start.

    • fergus

      School of salesmanship and marketing…lesson one:
      The aim, when going into a meeting, is the intention of booking another meeting.

  • Rightsideofthebed

    Just a comment on the way stories are reported.

    What does the fact this woman was married to a police officer have anything at all to do with the story – yet it’s in the headline.


  • WestieBob

    Hostage situation in Sydney. Islamic flag in evidence. Hope this ends well.

  • kloyd0306

    NZ Oil/Gas Prices STINK

    The NZ public are being royally screwed by the oil/gas
    companies, and here’s the proof:

    In June 2014, the per barrel oil prices was $NZ 134 ($US 115
    – converted at $US0.85)

    In Dec 2014, the per barrel oil price is $NZ 77 ($US 60 –
    converted at $US0.78)

    This represents a drop (including the fact that the NZ$ has
    lost 9% of its value) of 42%.

    Our per litre gas prices have dropped a mere 13%

    Per litre gas prices should be closer to $1.40 – not the rip
    off $1.90 we are currently paying.

    • Aucky

      ……..and the standard pricing is all the same or within a couple of cents a litre. Go ask yourself the question. What the hell is going on here?

  • Fredd Dagg

    Coroner: Pilot who crashed plane to suicide ‘Had discussed MH370’, and DHBs ‘shoud have advised CAA’.
    Wow. I know a lot of pilots, and EVERY pilot discussed MH370. Probably every person in NZ who wasn;t blind and deaf.
    If the DBH had advised CAA that he was unfit to fly that would have fixed it… yeah right. He was wanted to kill himself, and destroy his plane in the process, and did so. That would have been prevented if the CAA had taken away his bit of paper making it legal to fly…. ‘coz he would have risked prosecution perhaps?.
    Where do they get the coroners? Failed judges? Lawyers with megalomania?