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  • conwaycaptain

    I see Red Russel, Material Girl, Winnie et al are still v quiet about Sydney

    • Whafe

      The silence is but deafening conwaycaptain…..
      The silence of hypocricy is a wonderful thing

    • john Doe

      They come out of the same Leftard mould as Rudman. OOPs there is a problem, best keep the head in the sand.

    • Betty Swallocks

      Russell and Mr Monis at least have one thing in common – neither of them got their flags back in the end, did they?

    • One could argue we hold them to account for their pathetic, cowardly views but it is perhaps better to treat them with the contempt they deserve.

    • Luis Cannon

      Too busy out at the beach tunneling their way to Pakistan to join the terrorists no doubt or maybe building bunkers of sand to repel the derision these stupid vegetables deserve.

    • Aucky

      Russel will no doubt is no doubt sitting by a billabong somewhere on his annual hols. Do we have to let him back in?

    • Tony

      They are on their holidays only the Government has to work every day!

  • Whafe

    I pondered all night as to where the global economy sits, feel it is in a very precarious position indeed… The sharpest of knife edges….
    Russia will colapse in a screaming heap…. The world will have to pick up the pieces…
    Tough tough times ahead

    • I take it then that you are not encouraged that the deficit is at an 11 year low (Labour left the economy in a debt free position apparently) and Bill English is predicting 9% growth in the next three years then?

      Eeyore always said there are tough times ahead.

      • Whafe

        Paulus, take on board your thoughts, of which I agree with totally. The NZ economy is in a very good position and that National will put the economy in a postion so that Left / Labour can come in and again destroy it…
        Just getting back from Germany on Sunday afternoon again, I feel that things are in a rather precarious position economies wise…
        I also reflect this on the primary industry in which I work in…. Let us not kid ourselves, primary industry in NZ is the back bone of the NZ economy….

    • SNAFU

      Russia isn’t going to collapse. they have more economic friends than enemies. they just signed the two biggest trade deals in world history with India and china. the US and EU have far bigger problems than Russia at the moment.

      • Whafe

        I hope you are correct re Russia…
        And agree, the US and the EU are the proverbial poo storm ecoonomy wise

      • Albert Lane

        It still didn’t stop the Russian Rouble devaluing by 20% the other day. Their economy is in crisis. They are offering interest rates of around 17% for deposits. However, now that things in Russia are going from bad to worse, there is a fear that they may do something really bad.

        • SNAFU

          They are going through a “ruff patch” so to speak. They wont do anything stupid.Putin is smart… the ones I am worried about continuing to do stupid things are the idiots running the US and EU.

  • Lance Ralph

    Having been away for some length of time I have just flicked through a series of NZ Herald cartoons as part of a catch up process.

    Coming to them without any sense of context I have formed the following opinions. It seems to me that the individual cartoonist concerned is:

    Mildly sympathetic to Islamic terror.

    Anti police

    Strongly anti John Key and mildly hateful of the same

    with an obsessive hatred of the Whale Oil blog

    • Albert Lane

      When they feel they have to produce satyrical cartoons, you know the message is getting through. They’re running scared.

  • Greg M

    Good morning all. Good to see that Auckland councils IT guru is taking things seriously. This morning he opines “Mr Kimpton said the NewCore system would simplify issues that upset Aucklanders, such as not being able to book learn-to-swim programmes online.”
    Fantastic. $100,000,000 over budget, but hey, at least in two years time we will be able to book learn to swim programs online. Unbelievable.

    • Platinum Fox

      I’m struggling with how blasé Mr Kimpton is regarding a $101m cost overrun on a $71m project. I fail to see how it is acceptable to The Horrid’s writer that “these costs will come out of the $454 million budget for IT in a new 10-year budget”. Does Orsman not have a questioning bone in his body?
      One would presume that a ‘budget’ would have identified what expenditure was for and that it is needed for cost overrun on a project already underway will mean another project will be canned. If in fact the ‘budget’ is the 10 year plan, then the probability is that annual budgets will merely be set using the council’s normal process and costs will not be contained. Is it council management’s strategy to hope that no-one will ever attempt to reconcile its budgets to the 10 year plan and bring it to account for the cost blow out?

      • Greg M

        That’s the way I’m seeing it. The cost blowout will be absorbed over ten years, hidden in the operating expenses line in the budget. And once again nobody will be held accountable.

    • Sunshine

      There was nothing wrong with taking a trip to your local pool and doing it there. You got to meet the program director and arrange all the extras with a personal touch,discussing individual needs which was great. You could also then go have a swim.

    • MrHippo

      Yes super city strikes again. Now if there were no super city, wouldn’t there be no 170million cost to integrate systems and wouldn’t that 170million be sitting in the hands of the ratepayer?

    • taurangaruru

      Now that the Super City has been in place for a number of years isn’t it time for a review of how effective it has been? All the reasons that were put up for the creation of the Super City can be dragged out & measured against the actuals we see today. I am sure the architects of this Super City would be interested to see whether their vision is being realised – or do they already know the answers?

      • Albert Lane

        Wouldn’t it be good if at the next Auckland local body election, if they held a referendum giving voters the opportunity to say what they think about the super city? A binding referendum would be just right, thanks.

  • pisces8284 .

    I see Simon Dallow was back reading the news last night. What exactly was that TV One self promoting junket all about? What did Simon Dallow bring to his ten minutes on air that any of the other correspondents couldn’t have done? It wouldn’t have been a cheap exercise either – a last minute flight a week before Christmas.

  • George

    Andrea Vance – “Is there a better time for political opportunism than in the wake of a terrorist attack? For Prime Minister John Key, it seems not.” “The Government tried to cash in on public fears when few facts were know.”
    May I ask you Audrea, is there a better time for political opportunism than to put the boot into John Key in the wake of a terrorist attack? For you it seems not. You have tried to cash in on your socialist bias when few facts were known.
    You are entitled to your opinions Andrea, but without integrity they are worthless.
    Considering the close proximity of this event it would have been irresponsible for our Prime Minister to not make comments of reassurance. Are you so blinded by your prejudice that you can’t tolerate logical comment? Your latest piece defies logical belief.

    • Whafe

      Each day I feel I cannot be stunned more by the MSM, sadly though, each day I am re stunned beyond words….

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      It is called ‘dirty politics’ George – a tradition invented by the left!

    • Mick Ie

      If she doesn’t like our present government, and it is quite apparent she doesn’t, I am sure she is free to return to her own country of origin. Or has she burned her bridges there too?

      • Tony

        The News of the World no longer exists and she is making it hard for the DomPost to survive in this new environment.

    • Albert Lane

      So how does she get away with such slanderous comments? Could it be that her anonymous supervisors have ear-to-ear smiles every time she opens her trap?

  • MAWG

    Think about the contrast on how the MSM reported 2 separate issues.

    The leaking of classified documents by Phil Goff

    The leaking of classified documents by Peter Dunne.

    Our media is demonstrably left wing.

    • …and with just those 2 examples, it makes one wonder why we have another tax payer funded trough called the BSA?

      The BSA will not act by themselves it seems, they only react to a complaint that highlights exact breeches… in the context the BSA requires.

      So, exactly like a judiciary that would only act if you the victim were to provide them with the solid proof of a crime committed against you, supply the perpetrator of the crime… and point out the Acts, Laws and Statutes broken… and only then, would a “complaint” proceed.

      Can anyone else see the flaws in such a self-policing, self regulating industry?

      Let’s hope the new CEO at the BSA knows what “balance” is come the new year.

    • Dave

      And how they hounded Judith Collins for months and months, yet Goff’s lies and trickery hardly rates a mention. It makes me sick!

    • Albert Lane

      And they admit it. A recent poll revealed that around 60% of journalists are lefties. And you can bet that if a leftie is running a news room, all new staff would be mirror images.


    how to respond to “islam is a religion of peace” rubbish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1l4gGkPziA

    • Luis Cannon

      A must listen to by all Whaleoilers whatever your views.

    • Brian Badonde

      That was worth watching. A slam dunk.

    • no bullswool

      Suggest Brian Rudman watches this, it might get him up to speed!

    • Albert Lane

      This should be compulsory viewing in our schools and universities.

  • unitedtribes

    I have been following the development of ISIS in the Middle East and in particular the
    enthusiastic following they are getting from jihad tourists the world over. These
    Jihad’s, once there, find they have three enemies The first is ISIS them selves
    who send the tourists to the front line as canon fodder the second is whoever they
    are fighting on the day, and the third the Coalition. Maybe the Coalition should not be in too much of a hurry to stop ISIS and its apparent popularity. The International Jihad’s will be a problem to the West sometime in the future and this may be the best way and place to subdue them.

    • Wheninrome

      In one word “containment”.
      Volunteers wish to die for their cause, why should we stop them.

      • Aucky

        Because they take the innocent with them?

  • Sagacious Blonde

    What’s the odds on the passport scammer in The Herald this morning being Muslim.

    “Holes in the security of New Zealand passports have been exposed after an illegal immigrant paid for two false identities – copies of which ended up in the hands of a master forger linked to a terror plot.”

    The barbarians are well through our gate. Most of us haven’t got a clue how evil and base these extremists are.

    • Wheninrome

      Would be interesting to know he identity of the two Northland people who provided the information and passports they used. Without these sorts of individuals it makes it more difficult to create false identities.

      • taurangaruru

        Exactly, the fact that those two were willing to risk & damage NZ’s reputation for $8k needs to be explored – are they actually Kiwis or more immigrants here on some refugee sob story scam? If they are not Kiwis send them from whence they came, if they are Kiwis name, shame & lock ’em up.

        • Albert Lane

          Yes, they need to be punished severely. A couple of days of home detention should do the trick.

  • Korau

    ****Careful – distasteful content****

    Have you ever wondered how the loony fringes of the political spectrum attract people to support them?

    Have you ever wondered how extremists find supporters?

    Surely there can’t be that many deluded folks ot there, can there?

    Here is a story that shows there is an endless supply of mentally deficient people available for duping.

    An outfit called Cards Against Humanity (they make a game for despicable people) offered a one day special for $6 a box that said (I won’t repeat the word because it will upset the mods, but imagine what’s left after a bull walks off). 30,000 people bought it, and that’s exactly what was in the box. You can read about it here http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/12/17/30000_people_buy_a_box_of_bovine_excrement/ .

    Just goes to show, if you get people excited enough you can sell them ****.

    Anyone who missed out can get one from ebay. Not available on Trademe unfortunately

    • Dave

      Sounds like a fundraising ploy by Labour or the greens, they manage to speak volumes of it year round, it seems fitting they could put it in a pretty box and sell it. The greens could add it’s completely biodegradable and the packaging can be recycled. Final thought: Labour could add, it can aid our poor supporters to grow their own Vegetables and in turn keep them from poverty

    • Reaper

      A bit like buying a copy of Nicky Hagar’s book, I suppose.

      At least it was clearly labelled.

  • peterwn

    I saw a book ‘Journalism Ethics for the Digital Age’ in Unity Books yesterday. I wonder how many people at Nicky’s book launch there saw it and wondered if it applied to them – after all Nicky does claim to be a ‘journalist’.

  • jsb1685

    Sorry to see that Kathryn Ryan will be giving a big interview to Hager tomorrow on Nine to Noon. Hopefully she may give him a hard time.

  • Wallace Westland

    Sniveller of the week Louise Wickham has set up an online petiton against Trade Mes gift finder. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11376035

    Seriously? When do these women get over themselves? If she want to buy builders toys for her girl then all she has to do is go look.
    For everyone else the gift finder is just a bit of an assist.
    I’m tired of these whiny women (and men) and their constant attempts at justifying their own existance.

  • I.M Bach

    I don’t wish to appear uncharitable but in the NZH today there’s this;http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11376175. In the picture I can see people who appear to be somewhat generous of girth and that makes me wonder how ‘needy’ they are. Also, why is that the numbers swell around Christmas? Surely if people are needy they are needy all year round. I can’t help but think there are some (or maybe even many) bludgers amongst them. I would further suggest that part of the reason donations have slumped is because I am not the only one with this view.

    • Albert Lane

      I would like to see John Campbell’s team talk to some of these people who have been waiting since about 3 a.m. and then accompany them to their homes and see how they live. Oh. Sorry. I’m stupid. John Campbell wouldn’t do that.

    • sarahmw

      It appears the city mission are not getting the donations they are used to. According to the story only $400k has been donated and they need $1.3m. Well maybe people are not impressed with so called needy people turning up and rorting the system. City mission needs to tighten up their requirements for Christmas.Personally I would not donate to them because of the ‘needy’ people who drive from Hamilton to get a food parcel and no one at the mission thinks it is wrong.

    • Reaper

      I don’t think you are being uncharitable suggesting some are “generous of girth” – several would probably be classified as ‘morbidly obese’. At least one is smoking, and sitting next to a woman who appears (I may be wrong) to be drinking bottled water. Does water not fall out of the sky for free in Auckland on a fairly regular basis? It is not surprising that many people are rethinking their donations.

  • Hakaru

    TVNZ Noon News at Auckland City Football club. Non other than Phil Goff picked out of the crowd to be shown on TV. Len Brown will be wishing he had been there.

  • sarahmw

    Just went to look at the horrid online and I kid you not but a story about the 6yrold who was hit on ped crossing features a video with a shoe that looks as if it has blood on it. Sorry but what part of this is journalism????? or even right. Also a story about a couple who were stuck in their car…..this was on seven sharp couple weeks ago. The USA recognising Cuba is huge news but no some couple who got locked in their car beats that.
    Edit: I did not watch the video it was the start of the video by the looks