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  • unitedtribes

    Green activists have warned me over the years that all the bees are going to die and this will eventually kill me too because there will be no food left. I would like those
    activists to sit with me for a we while this afternoon under the canopy of my forest and listen to what must be millions of bees tucking into the manuka flowers.

    • 1951

      That beautiful hum is only because we spend $$$ on varoa strips though. It does costs heaps just to protect them.

      • unitedtribes

        I was with a friend who is an armature beekeeper. One day on our way home we stopped at public toilet to relieve. On entry he noted that the council had replenished those little green blue deodorant things in the urinals with fresh ones. He got down and retrieved ever one wrapped them in tissues and took then with him. Eventually he fed my curiosity to this bizarre behavior. He said the little blocks were made of the same stuff as varoa strips. He managed to keep his costs down

        • 1951

          That’s a good tip. I am hopeful that a course of action my neighbor & I have been taking is having an effect. We are pretty isolated so having pushed strips heavily for last couple of years, thrown out old housing and hitting as soon as signs appear, I had only had to treat four of the thirteen hives so far this season.

        • Yeah, right, whatever…

          What’s an “armature beekeeper?” Someone who has got wound-up in beekeeping maybe?

          • unitedtribes

            Theres a special place in hell for auto spell

          • Yeah, right, whatever…


    • Cadwallader

      I heard an apiarist speaking to Jamie McKay about this time last year. He certainly did not scream catastrophe about bee numbers…I think this is another voodoo strike like Climate Change?

      • 1951

        Bee clubs are full of alarmist neurotics but thankfully their are still some level heads to be found.

        • Whafe

          Totally agree, there are still a great number of level heads within the bee clubs for sure…

          Hive numbers are at there highest ever, honey production is in the rise, which is awesome…

          • Cadwallader

            I am told that back in the 1940s/1950s there was a solicitor who practised in Palmerston North whose hobby was bee-keeping. It was said that when he visited another solicitor’s office bees would invade the room as soon as he opened his brief-case.It must have been hilarious especially if there was tension between the parties.

    • Lemuzz

      I was a commercial Beekeeper running a long established family business. Over the years since 1935,.New Zealand and probably world wide average honey crops have remained constant with variations between years depending on temperatures and weather conditions etc. As the nectar production of flowering plants is totaly dependant on temperature and weather conditions and comparing with recorded by Government Depts, honey crop averages over the past 100 years or so

      have remained constant. Therefore climate change on average certainly since 1935 have not changed and this can be verified probably world wide using world average honey crops supported by agriculture records. The cabbage patch activists dont know what they are talking about.

      • MaryLou

        This is all good news to us city-dwellers. It’s easy to believe the hype from here, all we ever see is mass bumble-bees and wasps.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      The only people I hear lamenting how they never see bees anymore- all live in town.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Paddy Gowers ‘News selfie’ collage of the year was embarrassing for him. It was a mix of clips about ‘how obnoxious can I be?’. It was interesting that the Greens did not feature at all. It showed all his accusations as if being from Wrongly Wrongson. He made a big thing about Winston as Kingmaker – yeah look how that worked out.
    Todays proverb is so appropriate for this [ MOD – you know better *sigh* ]

  • sarahmw

    What school of journalism teaches the writing of a headline such as the one at Horrid online this morning? Headline reads ‘Aunt sees girl smashed by car’. Written by …wait for it…senior police reporter Anna Leask. It really has become a gutter paper. Does no one monitor these stories and surely the editor would have suggested a more intelligent headline. Oh but wait of course they don’t cater for intelligent people anymore do they.

    • I’m not sure the journo picks the headline.

    • Sally

      Did like this headline on the Herald mobile site “ PM’s love of greens has flourished“. Noticed the same article had a different headline on the Herald desktop version to PM’s handicap improves why in office.

      Norman will be texting Key shortly.

      • Aucky

        It was very gratifying to note the the two young journos who wrote that column referred to the PM throughout as ‘Mr Key’ rather then ‘Key’. That was good to see and something that all journalists should take on board particularly TV One & TV3.

      • Teletubby

        BUT, as someone who’s known for strongly expressing opinions that some people do not agree with is Normsn even allowed to text the PM.

    • Mark

      It should also be noted from the article that the child was not hit on a Pedestrian Crossing.But was hit running across the road at a traffic light controlled crossing,while she was crossing with the “Green Man”. Which is quite a different situation.

  • Blue Tim
    • Betty Swallocks

      Good job the item doesn’t feature in the Harold then, we would probably have been treated to this.

  • Nirvana10

    Interesting to see that a Kiwi is up on charges in Myanmar for defaming Buddhism in a bar promotion featuring Buddha wearing headphones. I hadn’t realised that Buddhists were so sensitive. Given that you can’t take a bible into a Muslim country such as Saudi Arabia and that the Real Madrid soccer club removed the cross from above the crown in their logo for a promotion in Abu Dhabi because Muslims find the cross ‘offensive’ it is becoming more and more obvious that Christianity is the most tolerant of all world religions. It is par for the course in New Zealand to mock Christianity and Christians but maybe it’s about time Christians started to be a little more outspoken about the offensive attitudes, particularly in the media, towards Christianity,

    • KGB

      Sadly we live in a world so pc now we are told to call a xmas tree a “holiday tree.”

      • Soleman

        Sorry KGB. I won’t wear that and if someone told me that they wouldn’t hear the end of it. This is my country, my tradition and if they don’t like it … (sentence ended as in fear of the mods)

        • KGB

          100% agree. My brother lives in the USA & says that the term “xmas tree” is out. They now have holiday trees. Schools are the biggest problem. The UK now decorates without nativity themes. Not saying I agree, just saying it’s happening. Our generation will always refuse to change our ways but it is inevitable that newer generations have & will adopt this rubbish. Christianity has become the new politics.

    • Cadwallader

      I was in Sri Lanka in June/July this year. While I was there a group of Buddhists beat up some Islamos which is heartening to say the least. Don’t expect wall to wall tranquility from Buddhists. They are generally peace-loving though.

    • Jas

      In this case it probably has more to do with the miltary junta trying to stop buddhism being used in any form of promotion/protest etc as if they let it happen once then others may see it as a way to help remove them from power.
      It also is a silly promotion as the head is considered to be the most important part of the body for a buddhist so making buddha’s head look different with headphones is a big no no.

  • yoyoyo

    A lot of people are saying that many Muslims are peaceful and not Jihadis.

    This video will shut them up.

    It is a great response to what we all know…………..

    That the moderate Muslims in the world don’t matter and we need to fight the extremists.


    Edit: added word “video”

    • Bombastic

      That’s a great clip, and she makes the strongest argument when it comes to the “moderate majority”, there are indeed, irrelevant.

    • Hans

      Yes she is a fighter, i have read her book about her story in Lebanon and how the Christians were treated by Hezbollah and the Peaceful Palestinians – shocking but unsurprising how brutal the war was

      • yoyoyo

        oh I will have to get her book and have a gander – sounds interesting

        • Hans

          You get a bit of insight into why Lebanon went from the Paris of the Middle East to a dust bowl after the Palestinians arrived and teamed up with Hezbollah and murdered the Christians – the media was silent until the Christians fought back with Israel’s help – so the lefts history in the region starts after 1000’s were murdered by the Muslims. She has some great clips on you tube. Also worth reading are books by Mosab Hassan Yousef, Robert Bruce Spencer, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Walid Shoeba and Pamela Geller. Enjoy

  • peterwn

    Julie Anne Genter complained on TVNZ news about roading expenditure. I cannot think why they highlighted her when the item was supposed to be about Simon Bridge’s ‘Government Policy Statement on Land Transport’. Anyway by rabbiting on about roading in this manner she is a gift that keeps on giving – while she strikes a chord with core Green supporters, most other people are not amused and tend to be put off voting Greens.

    • Wallace Westland

      Given the amount of money being wasted on cycle lanes no one apart from Barbara Cuthbert and 140 other people want to use along with road widening projects using our money to build roads for private buses to use I’d have though she’d have been in complete raptures.
      I guess it just goes to show you can’t please the greens. Maybe she’s waiting for the indroduction of hitching rails and watering troughs?

    • conwaycaptain

      Why we have to have a whining Yank and a whining Aussie in our Parliament is beyond me.

      • Charlie

        Spot on, even when Russell Norman isn’t whining (which is pretty rare) he still sounds and sneers like he is. I guess that is just his normal unfortunate self.

        • WeaselKiss

          Kind of puts me in mind of one of Crumps ficticious characters, one Ashley Nash.
          As a lad he got kicked in the face by a horse and from then on, whenever he smiled it looks like he is sneering.

    • dgrogan

      What a pity MMP does not require these two muppets to have been elected by an electorate constituency – they could have been dealt with in the same way Angry Andy Little was in New Plymouth. Problem over.

      • Catriona

        Exactly. I did bring up the subject of MMP the other day and got put in my place. The Julie Anne Genter’s of this world simply would have never become an MP under FFP. I rest my case.
        Why would we listen to her anyway? She is just another inconsequential Green MMP with her sought in the taxpayers’ trough.

        • mommadog

          I really dislike MMP and voted to get rid of it when we had the chance with a referendum a couple of years ago. Unfortunately
          I feel we are now stuck as there wont be another referendum for a long long time. Wasn’t there supposed to be some tweaks though out of that – a keep MMP but make some changes result that hasn’t happened yet.

    • Second time around

      She also wants light rail out to Wellington airport. There’s a bus that goes there every 20 minutes during the day with wifi and it is almost never full. Extend its hours maybe, but a train/tram will never happen. I presume she shares a taxi when she goes home from Parliament or bikes to the airport because she doesn’t seem to know what she is talking about.

  • Wallace Westland

    Nice to see Auckland Council is using its powers in a useful and productive way.

    They can’t streamline services or costs across Auckland but they can load petty small minded bureaucracy onto a fishmonger for using two car parks that he has been using for 50 odd years at a time when no one else wants them and then attempting to foist the blame for their bureaucratic interference on to the local business association. Nasty little small minded people.

  • Blackcap

    I do not watch Breakfast often but I have some time off and its just reminded me that that “Alison Pug H” does a great disservice to blonds.

  • KGB

    Did anyone watch Paul Henry & JK last night? How many leaders around the world could ‘be themselves’ so convincingly in public. He has his faults but he simply comes across as likeable & real.

    • Cadwallader

      You should hear his laid back manner when he joins the crew on The Rock. A few Christmases ago JK got “married” to Bryce during a visit to the station. Can you see Putin doing that? Or, heaven forbid, Russell Norman?

      • KGB

        I really want that suit jacket!

    • Gaynor

      I liked the bit where he pointed out that hacking Cameron’s emails was on a par with the Sony hacking and not something that should happen in NZ.

    • The2Game

      JK might have his faults – how could he not know Barack Obama’s number when the Prez called him on Election Night, eg, heh heh – but they are far outweighed by his many pluses, included amongst which must be:

      1. Keeping Labour in Opposition
      2. Letting the Red Greens know they are not as loved as they fondly hope
      3. Ruining Kit DotCrim’s Christmas
      4. Ditto re Hone Harawira’s Kirihimete

  • seismac

    I live up a creek through the bush in darkest Otago and have a few Xmas wishes
    -that those of the left would look in the mirror and pledge to congratulate John Key for a splendid win this year against all the dirtytricks
    -that new labour spokesmen eg Ms Wood wigram Trans Spokesman who know nothing of their portfolio cease pontificating on things they know nothing eg the wreck of the Rena
    -that we all ruminate on the fact that Dirty Politics is founded on theft of information by Hagar
    – that we will call at anytime we like and rifle through his letterbox for our own information now because theft from him is ok now
    -that Aust opens its doors to Wussell as a only slightly demented xpat
    -that meteria closes the castle moat for a very long time and ruminates on who pays the frock bills
    Happy Xmas I am off to shot a paua hook a pig and snare a titi for dinner

    • Jas

      Megan Woods must be in the Angry Andy in crowd as my evening last friday was ruined by seeing them together in a pub I frequent.
      I think we might find that for the next 3 years she is his glove puppet

    • WeaselKiss

      Have a good Christmas mate, you had me up until ‘snare a titi for dinner’ lol.

  • Sally

    Looks like Brown is pushing ahead with his road toll to use motorways or raise rates by another 1% and fuel tax increase of 1.2cents per litre.

    “Aucklanders tell me every day we need to fix this city’s transport problems and I know a basic network isn’t good enough for them, so let’s debate, discuss and decide if and how much we are prepared to pay to finally fix Auckland’s transport problems,” Mr Brown said.

    Don’t think there will be a transport problem soon – we would all have left.


    • MaryLou

      Tauranga’s always struck me as a much better alternative – mind you grew up there and always wanted to go back

  • ruawai

    Even in the local Franklin paper, the Franklin County News, numpties like John Allen who are meant to be writing about rural issues are feeling sorry for the Muslim terrorists, even for the kidnapper in Sydney, this guy writes each week supposedly about rural issues but it always has an anti Key pro green/labour undertone. See link for his pro muslim article. http://e-edition.franklincountynews.co.nz/#folio=2

    • dgrogan

      What a muppet John Allen has proved himself to be. Jumps right in and praises the #illridewithyou fiasco as a “spontaneous reaction from real caring individuals” in contrast to the PM’s “exploitation” of the Sydney hostage crisis. Now who is the real exploitative one here?

  • Old McDonald

    I see an article from Andrea Vance attacking John Key for being opportunist in promoting the new “anti terror” surveillance law after the sydney seige.

    She should be sent to Syria or Pakistan to cover the atrocities there, preferably permanently.

    Im happy that the majority of our elected officials seem to recognize the risk and are taking steps to facilitate the safety of me and my family.

    As for Norman et al, they can bugger off with Vance and argue civil liberties with the taliban

    EDIT : link
    Crass opportunism in wake of siege

    • Kopua Cowboy

      The only opportunism is from Vance. Clearly this legislation was being worked on well before Sydney happened. Anyone who can’t see this, or who tries to spin it like this… I’d call them irresponsible

  • Mrs_R

    I may have missed the announcement where Cam accepts yet another award, this time for having the Quote of the Year. Congratulations for being acknowledged as someone who says something that is worth repeating :)

    • Sally

      As it was a public vote, probably a reflection on how popular Cam is. Tiso and Wrongly Wrongson will not be happy.

    • Garbageman

      Here you go

  • El Jorge

    Heard on the radio this morning that the whole #i’llridewithyou story is a fake, never actually happened.
    Gotta love the twats on twatter…….

    • When it first broke I was amused to see how Old Testament the lady’s name is – Rachael Jacobs. Oh the irony.

      • Gaynor

        She is a green party candidate….

  • Not Clinically Insane

    The DomPost this morning refers to Hager as a mere ‘author’….. Repeatedly! Hahahahaha

  • Kiwi David

    ‘The Hilarious Cameron Letters’ book makes it to Sydney! Just finished reading it and still laughing. The letters to and from Phil Goff being my favourite! Quote- Is it true Phil that you are entering The Boobs on Bikes Parade, riding solo?

    • oldrugbymum

      Neil’s Kim Dotcom cartoons make me choke on my coffee. I don’t think he cares for Minto or Hone much either! Hard case book.

  • Raibert

    Now we have a “prominent Auckland businessman” found guilty of drugging and sexually abusing young girls given name suppression, even after his victims asked for him to be named. NZ herald reports today. What public benefit is gained by his name suppression? He has been found guilty and no matter the punishment the public should know who he is. Or this just another cunning legal move to delay and then avoid naming and shaming of this nasty, viscous criminal?

  • jude
  • Isherman
  • Woody

    Heard John Key talking to Leighton Smith this morning, one of the topics of discussion was the recent anti terror bill and Wussel’s stand on in. John managed to get a couple of nice derogatory digs into Wussel – calling him a muppet (again) and saying something to the effect that Wussel is entitled to his opinion “Bless his little cotton socks”

    The PM di have one thing nailed though when he said that Wussel “doesn’t have to keep the people of New Zealand safe but I do”. Spot on.

  • Herbert Charles

    Muslim kids in Australia being tought to hate.

    • Hans

      thanks for the post but sad to say I’m not surprised

  • Reaper

    Saying that Cam takes “great delight in dead babies” is going a bit too far. I don’t think any regular readers of this blog believe that at all. Don’t these people realise how many of us there are? They don’t do themselves any favours when they say these stupid things.

  • Hans

    Halal certification boss is now denying having been in the Sydney cafe just before jihad siege began – It may be nothing but it smells bad