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  • George

    When John Key sends out Chrismas cards, he is ridiculed on National television by Heather du plesis, when Andrew Little sends out Christmas cards he recieves a glowing endorsement written by Matt Rilkoff in Stuff. Not that it matters. What matters is how many “gifts” they received back from the public by way of votes. Merry Christmas to you both.

    • Aucky

      Mrs Soper’s comments just keep getting more irrelevant. What an embarassment she must be for Bazza who has to travel away with the PM.

      • mommadog

        In the future she will be busy looking after him in his old age – unless she sticks him in a rest home. The benefits of marrying a much younger bride.

        • Aucky

          He’s much more likely to suffer a premature cardiac arrest!

  • Korau

    I see the Sony hack has now descended to Google suing the Misssissippi State Attorney General Jim Hood. This relates back to the scheme allegedly revealed in stolen Sony documents concerning the MPAA scheme to subvert the internet DNS system.

    While I don’t support in any way the hacking of Sony, it’s surprising the ripples this is causing. This is s story well worth following as the DNS system runs the internet, and if subverted (as was planned by the now defeated SOPA legislation) this affects every internet user worldwide.

    Source : http://www.theverge.com/2014/12/19/7422119/goliath-strikes-back-google-takes-legal-action-against-state-attorney-general

  • Nirvana10

    This time of the year always puts me in mind of the good old union-dominated days when the Seafarer’s Union would always threaten to go on strike to disrupt the Cook Strait ferries and the Christmas travel plans of ordinary kiwi families. No doubt cloth-capped wee Angry Andy is planning on taking us back to those halcyon times of union blackmail.

    • Carl

      They don’t need to threaten to strike to disrupt sailings anymore as the boats seem to break down that often it happens anyway.

      • conwaycaptain

        Don’t worry the Greens will want them to be replaced with sail powered vessels and when there is too much wind or not enough then they wont sail. 50% of the year/

        • Cadwallader

          Mind you, with the blow-hard co-leaders on board the ferries would literally breeze across the strait. There could be a twice daily trans-Tasman service with that energy source.

          • conwaycaptain

            They would be sea sick and would be sick to windward and then the plums would come back before the peas.

            Anyway Wussel could use Material Girl as a flotation device in case they were washed overboard

          • Cadwallader

            Yes, and one of her jackets as a spinnaker.

          • ex-JAFA

            I think they should do a trial of that service. Just one-way will do; no need to test the return leg.

        • peterwn

          No, they would go further and want a fleet of scows built to further avoid the use of fuel.

          • conwaycaptain

            IMHO the Cook Strait Ferries should be privatised and a commercial operator run them with rail capability and then they charge Kiwi Rail on its usage.

          • island time

            Interisland line basically operates like that. Rail capacity is on a take or pay basis (or at least it used to be). Its run on an arms length basis and is profitable (but not sure % profit). Its the rail part that sucks all the cash.

          • peterwn

            I have a horrid suspicion that the economic case for rail-capable ships does not stack up. Hence any privatised operator who took over the Interislander would in due course phase out rail capable ships. Part of the problem is the operator has to have designed and built ships one at a time, and even if a subsequent ship is ‘cloned’ from the previous design there would be only two or three ships of each type built. By comparison Maersk ordered twenty EEE ships (largest cargo ships in the world) and would benefit from the economies of scale for such a multiple order. Even if Interislander was disposed to buy brand new ships, there would be economies in negotiating to coat-tail an existing order for another customer.

            I am not sure on what basis Winston Peters seems to be such an authority on the Interislander service. Perhaps he frequently meets a disgruntled Interislander employee at the Green Parrot.

          • conwaycaptain

            Buying a class of three ferries would reduce the costs. The run urgently need new ships and carrying on the way they are is a recipe for disaster. Bringing in charter tonnage that has been run down will not improve the situation and using old tonnage that is not up to scratch like the Aratere is a sure way to ned up in the poo.

      • PM of NZ

        Wouldn’t surprise me one bit that the current ‘unexplained’ breakdowns are instigated or ‘assisted’ by the unionised. So easy to do with modern electronics. Same result, no sailing.

  • david

    I’m in Islamabad at the moment and I get regular security briefings. I thought WOs would be interested in this one :

    Members in the capital Islamabad on 19 December should avoid a planned
    demonstration at the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) as a basic security precaution and to mitigate travel delays. The protest, which is due to start at 17.30 (local time), has
    been called to denounce a statement by Maulana Abdul Aziz, the mosque’s chief
    cleric, that failed to condemn the recent militant attack on an army-run school in Peshawar (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province).

    • SVlover

      Good to hear.

    • conwaycaptain

      Maybe the Islamic World is beginning to wake to the fact that these Jihadists are causing so much harm to them that they have to be stopped.

    • Blackcap

      I saw a piece on this on TV one news yesterday. What has the world come to. Now employers have to accommodate those that do not look after themselves properly according to the EU regulations. Ie change work stations, etc. And the one that made me laugh… find parking space closer to work so that they did not have to move/walk as far…….. the mind boggles.

    • Catriona

      Not it ain’t. In General it’s a result of gluttony. Poor food choices and all that. Oh and lack of exercise – you know the old input vs output.
      Quite simple really to reverse it – just takes willpower.

    • Reaper

      So all the fat people are going to be able to use the parking spaces reserved for the disabled? Here in NZ (if this comes in here) half the supermarket carparks will have to be reserved. So real disabled people (i.e. those with no legs or something) will have to park miles away, so fat people don’t have to waddle too far. Something is wrong here.

      • Dumrse

        What will Walmart do ? I can see a wheel chair bus way being built around the car park.

      • Cadwallader

        The car-parks will require twice the breadth as the fatties swing their doors wide to trundle themselves out of overly strained car-seats. If being a fat prick is a disability the airlines can be assured they’ll all be sued for discrimination against these cuisine oriented monsters. Houses will need to be designed to allow for larger shower capacities, restaurant seating will require more reinforcements, escalators and elevators will need to be re-engineered. Calling fatness a disability is typical of the “we know best all the time” attitude of the left.

      • edee

        Isn’t putting car parks for obese people closer to the supermarkets defeating the purpose. Surely these obese people are being or should be constantly encouraged to exercise more. Encouraging them to take a few extra steps will be of more benefit to them and ultimately doing them a huge favour. They of course also have the trolley to lean on for support should they need it.

    • Bart67

      What an insult to people who, through no fault of their own, are ACTUALLY disabled. I bet many disabled people would love to have a ‘disability’ that could be cured by diet and exercise!

    • Disinfectant

      Having a broken jaw and not being able to open it would be!

    • mommadog

      Typical paternalistic socialist views. If fat is a disability then “we” can look after you for your own benefit. “We” know you cant help yourself so “we” will help you out. Along with the nice disability sticker and close parking and help in the work place because you cant walk up the steps comes the nasty rules about food advertising, food labelling, rules about what you can and cant eat, blacklisting of fast food outlets as the new evil. We will tell you what mediations to take (of which we wont admit to making money from). However we wont actually stop you from eating lots because we want you fat and helpless. Watch and wait – it will be suggested here by someone on the left.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Once again the input hole is bigger than the output hole. Being ‘fat’ is someone else’s fault?

  • Friel Lane

    Yet again the justice system has shamed itself by giving name suppression to a ‘prominent Auckland businessman’ who committed unspeakable sexual acts on young women he grabbed off the streets and kept, drugged and chained up in a dungeon. There is no other sentence for what he did other than execution…………

    • Raibert

      Don’t know about execution, but he certainly must be named. The farce that is criminals being allowed to hide behind name suppression is a great as our irrelevant sentencing laws. Part of the punishment should be public condemnation of these predators, especially as most victims wish this to happen.
      The publics right to know is much greater than the sensitivities of the criminal and their associates. Also there is a lot of speculation on the identy of criminals which tarnishes the reputations of many innocent people as they come under suspicion by the General public.
      In this case any well known businessman between the ages of 56 – 60 who has just gone on holiday could be suspected of being this criminal.

    • peterwn

      A new sentence is required for this sort of thing. A 8 year sentence even if served in full may allow a still dangerous person freedom. A life sentence should be available along with sentencing tweaks to ensure it is imposed in appropriate cases. However it would be less severe than an ordinary life sentence in that the offender can apply in due course to be completely freed from its effects. In this instance he could be sentenced to ‘life’ with a minimum five year period, could be paroled after 10 years and could apply to be released from the residual life sentence imposition after 20 years. It could be that he is never fully ‘released’ because he may be unable to convince the Board he is no longer a risk to society.

    • Bart67

      It’s actually quite well known who this ‘businessman’ is. Far be it from me to make any sort of suggestion as to who it may be, I am aware of the sensitivity around suppression orders on this site. I also have no doubt that his suppression orders are unlikely to be renewed once they expire in February. The person to whom these orders refer is a fairly miserable example of humanity though!

  • Macca

    I just read Armstrongs column in the Horrid on line with its derogatory cartoon of WO.

    They just don’t get it. Every time the media and the left slag off WO, it just increases our readership and makes not only Whale Oil stronger and thus dilutes their own brand, but to add insult to injury, gives even more exposure to the upcoming Freed site which will weaken them even further!

    The MSM’s actions throughout National’s reign have had the exact opposite effect that they were intended to have – so what do they do………..keep doing the same thing! Boy, it’s no wonder they are all left leaning because it takes a real special kind of stupid to act as they do!

    • Bryan

      he will be named but there are other charges that have to be put through the courts next week and for them to stick they temp have to have this in place, so it’s only an temp situation and once that’s over the lid will be blown off him for all to see what’s the verse ” those things done in secret will be shouted on the mountain tops ” and even the prisioners have special treatment for those who abuse the young,even they cannot stand them,so he is in for a rough time, and who he was will count for nothing.

    • Sally

      However he did name Cam as a winner due to his popularity rising.

    • Yeahright

      Not sure if this is the same article, this one is reasonable fair for a leftie, but he did leave out two points. NZ public brushed over Dirty Politics because they knew half the book was missing, secondly “Andrew Little will be a force”, to much Christmas cheer I think.


      • MAWG

        Let’s not underestimate the ability of Andrew Little. While he may have made some stupid moves with the musings on how Rape is addressed. (All sex is rape until proved otherwise?), his comments on the new security laws, and his comments on Oil and Gas exploration have shown an indication to move to a more centrist position.

        He is coming across as more of a pragmatist than his predecessor, and we underestimate him at our peril.

        That being said, we certainly overestimated Cunliffe.

        • Yeahright

          I am not saying he won’t be, but let him prove himself first before the media say he’s the Next messiah, so far he hasn’t done anything, yet the media are lapping him up.

          • MAWG

            He hasn’t stuffed up yet as leader either, but hasn’t had such a high platform from which to do so. Cunliffe demanded media attention, as much for his failings as for his position. When half your media appearances seem to be about explaining the last stuff up, and the other half committing your next one, you are going to have a high profile, just not the one you want.

            Little is showing a huge amount of competence by comparison, but then as far as Labour leaders go, the bar ain’t very high!

        • Aucky

          He will appear to adopt whatever centrist philosophies are required to gain power but a leopard doesn’t change its spots. We’ve seen Little in action as a raucous, ill-mannered lout on the back benches and deep down he ain’t going to change one iota. He’s a lefty unionist through & through.

          If it walks like a duck……………

          The public aren’t that stupid.

  • N Korea must have got some really juicy info to be able to threaten, bribe and stand over Sony and all of the USA entertainment industry.

    … And the release of such info must be far worse than delaying a well planned blockbuster and all the associated backlash from capitulating to such ransom demands.

    Or, is it that things are now at geo-political threat level?

  • Hardie Martin

    In the sea! The Bay of Pigs?

  • Ratchette

    Now here’s a funny thing ……

    Trudie McNaughton, pro vice-chancellor of equity, Auckland University, said the cost of $127.70 plus additional fees, to change a legal name to a ‘preferred name of transgender students, would be funded by the University.
    “We don’t want cost to be a barrier for us to become an equitable and inclusive university,” she said.

    Dunno what to say. I’m speechless. Such fun.

  • gonzo

    Any word on when next chapters of Simon Lusk’s book are coming out?
    Bought the first chapter – don’t think any others are up on Amazon yet…