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  • exactchange

    Wow, the Salvation Army is soooo mean. It’s all their fault the kids get no Christmas presents or Christmas dinner.

    Good for the SA for taking the view that people need to step up and help themselves.

    Seems to be a Facebook page with more information from the family about their finances. Mr Rentals $106 pw. Fines $40 pw. Just as well they have cheap rent in a state house.


    • Steve HT

      TheFacebook page also has a prolific amount of pokie type apps. I also investigated the fines. Seems she was done in 2011 for fraudulently using a document to procure money (benefits?) and had to pay back $10000… Go figure.

      • pisces8284 .

        Well done Steve, why couldn’t the msm find that out?

        • Mick Ie

          They mustn’t EVER let the facts get in the way of a story. Otherwise it becomes a non-story and non-stories reduce the size of a newspaper, and then they have to resort to advertorials, and that reduces their readership base.
          And round…and round…and round, they go…
          (sarcasm intended).

          • pisces8284 .

            Agreed, this story is the main feature on Stuff complete with photo

      • Michael

        Then convicted and discharged for her breach of home detention later in 2011.

    • Michael

      Having to use Mr Rentals as she used the no asset procedure (the quick bankruptcy method for debts under $40k) in 2011, so no-one will sell to her on Hire Purchase.

    • Honcho

      The family had been on the same scheme last year and received presents for their children, a supermarket voucher and a food hamper, they said.

      That wasn’t the only hamper they had last year, this turned up on the 13th of December …. the more and more the whale army are looking into these ferals, the more and more it becomes apparent that they are gaming the system for freebies they are undeserving of.

      • OneTrack

        They have probably got away with it for so long, they can’t conceive of it being any other way.

    • Albert Lane

      Do you find it interesting that she is using her taxpayer-funded benefit to pay her fines back to the taxpayers ? And then she goes to the Salvos to ask them to provide food provided by taxpayers to make up for the food she hasn’t bought her kids because of the fines she has to pay back to the taxpayers.

  • All_on_Red

    Santa Claus is like a Labour Politician. You buy the presents and they take the credit for it.

  • sarahmw

    Well another whinging family with numerous children whining about not having any money to buy christmas presents and food this year because the Salvation Army would’t give them any help….and last year according to The Salvation Army. Well these wonderful folks have been told by Salvation Army that it is their responsibility to make sure they were able to support their family. At last an organisation saying it like it should be! Good on you Salvation Army. Apparently they were hooked into a program that included budgeting but never went. Their income is $631week and they live in Invercargill…cheap living I believe. About time other organisations gave people a reality check. Maybe the Sallies have been reading WO and have seen comments re City Mission.

    • sheppy

      It’s good to see a balanced story in the MSM for a change.
      Good on the Salvation Army for expecting people to help themselves rather than continually rely on handouts

      • mommadog

        Im not sure the intention was balance as the paper is doing the sob story for this family but I agree it was good they included more information so you did see both sides. I’d be interested to know if the family went to the media or if the media found them. Either way – no sympathy from me. The whole but we got it last year and expect it all again this year mentality is mind boggling. It makes my blood boil.

    • jcpry

      Now to apply the same criteria to other handouts including the dole.

    • rantykiwi

      That income works out to the same as working a 40 hour week at $18.75 an hour – money that is coming directly from the pocket of those who do actually work. That’s almost exactly the amount of the lefties’ living wage which will apparently solve all child poverty and make the country a utopia for the indolent and low paid. As usual the lefties are wrong – Ms Bludger and her useless partner can’t make the living wage work, because they have no sense of fiscal or personal responsibility. Well done to the Sallies for calling them on it too.

      • The comment about people being on welfare continuously is not actually helping them, in fact hinders them, must have all the Leftie’s screaming…

      • Honcho

        On her facebook she has a break down, this is gold;
        ” $631.00 a week out of that goed the rent $130.00 and mr rentals $106 and fines $39.99 and gas $60.00 and food $200 , power $80.00 and all that is left is $15.01 ”
        rent is cheap, but its a statey, we are paying

        mr rentals? seriously? over $5k a year for appliances and furniture!!!

        Fines? $2k a year repaying fines!!!!

        Food at $200, probably not too bad with 6 kids and a partner who looks like he would eat more then the lot of them combined.

        $320 a month on power is huge, I have been in a flat with 4 other young adults and the most we got up to mid winter was $400 running heaters, a couple of fridges, going through hotwater and running the clothes dryer like we really didn’t care, $320 a month every month is horrendous, how many fridges? how much hot water? did you mr. rental a clothes drier and refuse to hang clothes out?

        These people should have attended that budget advice back in july, they have wrecked their own xmas.

    • Saggy

      Stop…having…children. What is it with these people who breed themselves into hardship. If you want children you are responsible for them. I do not want to look after your children.

      • mommadog

        Agree more than a thumbs up shows.

      • Platinum Fox

        I expect that this particular breeding programme was actually a cynical approach undertaken by Ms Edwards in order to increase and extend her “entitlement” under the benefits rules.

    • Gaynor

      Why can’t they use the money they are getting from the Cook Island plates of food they are selling?https://www.facebook.com/events/772676889453518/?ref=22

    • mommadog

      I couldn’t believe it! This beats all the pimping the poor stories to date. The family blaming the Sallies because they all got great free presents last year and expect the same this year but its not their fault they didn’t fulfil their part of the bargain and turn up to budget planning meetings. I like the Sallies a lot for their “charity” work but they have definitely gone even further up in my esteem for this stand. The Auckland City Mission could learn something.

      • Wheninrome

        Diane Robertson of the City Mission seems to use the plight of the so called poverty stricken and unfortunates in life at this time to raise her profile. Do we see “Dame Diane Robertson”.
        I always believe further research into what else someone has done in life should be done before these sorts of Honours are bestowed.

      • Mick Ie

        Poor SA. They are damned if they do and damed if they don’t according to this useless trougher.
        So it’s the Sallies fault that they have enabled this family soooooo much, they can’t do anything for themselves?
        So, now that they are encouraging them to stand on their own two feet, they’ve had a reality check, don’t like it and now expect them to support them again. Really?
        Obviously her IQ is controlled by her ovaries.

    • Wheninrome

      This highlights the fact that the truly unintelligent,t lazy and selfish are outbreeding the intelligent and diligent. A time bomb waiting to happen. They are so stupid and selfish they continue to breed themselves into a position where there will be no money for hand-outs.

    • Skydog

      The sad thing though, is that some generous person or organsiation will still deliver presents and food. The best message this family could receive is nothing.

    • Tony

      It was interesting for me to see very little difference between the comments here and the comments on Stuff. Everyone is tired of this poor me attitude.

      • ozbob68

        Comments are now closed on the article. Only 73 comments were received but they must have been doozies.

  • Just Mick
    • oldmanNZ

      wouldn’t call it pimping, the article actually hilight their stupidity, and says its their responsibility, not the Sallies.

      It says they spend the $615 on rent , bills and petrol….

      but they have no petrol to go to meetings with Sallies?

      • Michael_l_c

        And couldn’t take public transport because of the kids. Seeing as dad is being paid by us why couldn’t he look after them or help on the bus.

  • seismac

    OOOH Mr Shaw all through the holidays I will text you time and time and time again and if you don’t keep them and put them on the public record I will apply for the Chief Archivist to fine you $5000 each omission and NZ Inc will be rich and perhaps it will be called the new currency –“the wussell”

    • mommadog

      He’d probably be grateful that someone was finally texting him.

  • Sally

    Like to congratulate the Greens in promoting 2 growth industries overnight – phone hacking and pigeon breeding. Pigeon post will be the way to go in the future for communications – no text/phone records, no hacking worries,

    • ozbob68

      I would predict a high use of “burner phones” (as they put it in US movies). Throw away phones with anonymous top-ups that can be “plausibly denied”.

      • Champagneshane

        Also typewriters. In both Germany and Russia there have been a surge in sales as everyone is becoming wary of anything digitally storted.
        All you need then is a reliable rubbish bin in a suburban park for your letter drops

  • Karma

    Hopefully two good things will come out of the latest pimping the poor story. Firstly, that the Salvation Army sees an increase in public donations, and secondly, that those considering going to the SA for assistance realise the charity is no ‘easy beat’.

    I just hope they’re not asked to reconsider giving this family assistance, or worse – some sucker taking pity on them, which is probably what the family are hoping for by going to the paper.

    • Wheninrome

      Give a Little will be the new hotline.

  • Peter Maguire
    • John1234

      Astonishing. Bludging self-entitlement has gone to a new level.
      The Sallies went on my blacklist when they opposed homosexual law reform but I think they’ve come good since then and this proves it. Back on the white list they go!

    • Michael_l_c

      Great response from the Sallies. Nice to see them telling the whole story about a family that seems to not want to help themselves, just put the hands out. Now using the MSM & the MSM happy to try for the sympathy vote.
      Noted he is trying for a job in the meat works. How about trying for some other jobs as well.

    • Sally

      8.40am so far 71 comments all supporting the Sallies and all upvoted multiply times. Maybe people are catching on to “pimping the poor” stories.

      • Not Clinically Insane

        Stuff have closed the comments. Misread the public mood again?

        • Albert Lane

          From reading WO’s very interesting comments in the Pimping The Poor article, I was astounded to find out how much of a person’s life is actually in the public domain. I wouldn’t be surprised if the moderator took fright and canned the whole thing for fear of being accused with invasion of privacy in connection with this very stupid benefits scrounger. If you haven’t read the Pimping article, you’re missing an incredible piece of investigatory journalism from both WO and the large number of commenters.

      • Teletubby

        I see Stuff closed down the comments after only 3 1/2 hours. The opinions of the readers didn’t fit Stuff’s agenda so they had to be stopped. Will Stuff finally get the message that the pimping the poor method of getting a story had been busted and give it up.

        • Honcho

          Why do they always do that? if the majority of comments are f*#$ john key, or conspiracy theories then they let the comments run.

          Stuff have an agenda

          • peterwn

            Seems the jorno who does the article ‘moderates’ the comments. They should have a separate moderator whose sole job is to deal with obscene, libelous and illegal comments.

    • metalnwood

      Yes, it seems if you want to give money to either the sallies or city mission then the sallies are the ones to make sure that what they have got gets given to the people that need it, so when they run out, the people that deserve it have been sorted out.

      Looking on her FB page, she is complaining and a friend says how bad it is the sallies wont help her with presents for the kids. I notice she doesnt offer anything. Nice friend, expecting other people to help as well. If you cant count on your friends why count on someone else.

  • newbarnkiwi

    Good grief, this is from Rachel Stewart’s comment piece in the Taranaki Daily News today… “My other New Zealander of the Year is Nicky Hager, author of Dirty Politics, for services to the exposing of political corruption and general filth. ” The other ‘top bloke’ is NP’s racist mayor, the one pushing thru the maori wards fiasco. All this in a rural block paper… our local opine in clearly shaped from Wellington these days. http://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/opinion/64380607/Two-top-blokes-earn-recognition

    • Annoyed

      Yeah, Taranaki. Isn’t that where Little’s from? Didn’t he get spanked in the election? Way to represent the views of the readership Rachel.

    • Cowgirl

      She uses Charter Schools as an example of segregation? Really?

  • ex-JAFA

    Merry Festivus, one and all! May you have a joyous Airing of Grievances and a fulfilling Feats of Strength.

  • Albert Root

    Public transport fares for the year have no doubt been priced in anticipation of the arrangements the bus and ferry companies will negotiate with the oil companies. So they are likely to be at the premium end of the spectrum to account for possible upward movements in supply prices. But now with the Saudis suggesting that oil may reach US$20 a barrel – about US$80 less than the price in February, and stay low for sometime – should we expect the various transport agencies around NZ to negotiate much lower public transport subsidies in the New Year? Don’t expect any change if your provider happens to running inefficient Spanish electric trains.

  • Citizen

    Islams (ISIS) tactic “the lone wolf attack”. Police in France shot dead a man who ran into a Police station armed with a knife and started stabbing officers shouting Allah Akbar! I think Sydney was also like this. There has also been a man driving around a couple nights ago running over random strangers in the street. And another shot dead by French cops when they responded to a call of a man in the street armed with a knife and covered in blood. As they approached him he grabbed a bystander and stabbed him 20 times before being shot. http://www.france24.com/en/20141221-france-probes-possible-lone-wolf-radical-islamic-attack/

    • metalnwood

      What does Allah Akbar mean? Going by youtube videos it seems to mean ‘Kill me’ as they die shortly afterwards..

      • Primrose

        God is Great

        • Albert Lane

          Are you sure it doesn’t mean ‘My God is greater than your God”?

          • Primrose

            Not according to Google!!

          • Albert Lane

            Perhaps it’s something in the translation – or the interpretation. So if it does mean God is Great, why is it so important for them to shout this out before committing an extraordinarily heinous offence against their victims that any so-called God would instantly prohibit ? After all, we don’t kill snails in our vege garden whilst shouting out God Save the Queen. The mentality of these people seems to be permanently stuck in a time-warp.

          • OneTrack

            Their god demands that they kill. Not all religions are like sunday school.

  • caochladh

    “Two charged in relation to MacDonald burglary”
    Two teenagers are in custody awaiting an appearance in the Blenheim District
    Court this morning following a burglary at ex-All Black Leon MacDonald’s
    Blenheim home in which international rugby jerseys were stolen.
    The 16 and 17 year olds were stopped by Police driving a stolen car.
    They will face charges in relation to the MacDonald burglary and other
    unrelated matters

    • I.M Bach

      Stand back! Here comes a wet bus ticket. (Bad upbringing to blame, turning their life around, blah blah blah…)

      • OneTrack

        They are good boys really. We just need them to spend more time with the whanau, …….

        • I.M Bach

          Or a corrections officer.

  • R&BAvenger

    In the best Xmas present so far, KDC’s appeal against the legality of the police raids on his home has been thrown out by the Supreme Court (surprise, surprise – Dame Sian Elias only dissenting opinion.


    • Orange

      SAD DAY FOR KIMMY! And, as you say, a nice prezzie for the rest of us :)

      • Sunshine

        And he got a nice $35 K bill – Santa must have put him on the naughty list.

    • John1234

      Good to see Sian “Activist” Elias get an embarrassing slap.

      • Albert Lane

        John, please see my comment above. It’s obvious that you have never met Dame Sian. If you ever do meet her, you will be just as impressed by her as I am. I’ve met a lot of people in my time, and Dame Sian is the most incredible person I have ever encountered.

    • Albert Lane

      Some years ago when I worked in the courts system, I used to work for Dame Sian Elias on a fairly regular basis. I found her to be an incredibly intelligent person, she had a wonderful personality, she didn’t look down on her subordinates. I couldn’t fault her as a person. It’s interesting that despite her being part of the Fletcher family, she hasn’t lost her feelings for the downtrodden in society. Much of her court work involved reconstructing very complex cases so she could make a judgment on their outcome. Her thought processes would put almost anybody else’s to shame. To me, she is an intellectual genius, combined with compassion and personality. I write this in the hope that it will give you an alternative view of this amazing woman.

      • Benoni

        Sian Elias got this one badly wrong. It is time she retired. She is no longer competent. She should go or be sacked.

        • Albert Lane

          I worked with her around 20 years ago. People do change with time and age. But my memories of her will last for my life-time.

          • R&BAvenger

            Nothing against the person at all, however you can almost bet the farm that any dissenting opinion will be hers.
            A soundly based judgement might be sound in legal terms, but not in terms of common sense.
            I believe that at least one of her ‘soundly based’ judgements has been thrown out by the Privy Council?

          • Albert Lane

            Show me the human being who has never erred in their life. Apart from Jesus, there is no such person, living or dead, who has led a totally perfect life. And you’ll know that he also had detractors. I respect your right to disagree with some of Dame Sian’s judgements, but surely she has the right to make those judgements. And that’s why we have appeal courts at the highest levels. Even the best of us can sometimes be wrong. Democracy at work.

          • kehua

            20 years ago, that is when she started talking like Queen Elizabeth.

      • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

        I am sorry to say but it is my opinion she is like Trevor Mallards Moa bones left over from the Clark era

      • Alright

        The problem here Albert is that I don’t like judicial activists.

        Do you also rate yourself as “an intellectual genius” and therefore able to judge her on equal terms?

        • Albert Lane

          IQ tested some years ago and rated in the top 10%. During my career I spent a considerable amount of time in evaluating people, some of whom have attained positions that you and I could only dream about. However, I could never have attained anywhere near the status, experience and expertise of Dame Sian. I hold her in the very highest regard. And I presume that others did too in appointing her as Chief Justice. That’s not an appointment that’s simply handed out to the most senior High Court judge. And as you have seen, she is not a “Yes” person. She makes her decisions based on what she thinks, not what somebody else thinks she should think. There will always be times during our lives that people will make decisions that we may not agree with. We have a term for that. It’s called democracy.

    • Alright

      ….but then Dame Elias would dissent wouldn’t she.

      I wonder which left-wing country she and husband Hugh Fletcher are spending Christmas in?

  • Benoni

    North Korea’s victory in having Sony take their North Korean movie off the market following the hack and publishing of corporate emails has been short lived. The USA (or someone else) has blacked out North Korean internet access in a progresive attack over the weekend. Cool. Revenge is sweet. http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/64412717/north-korean-internet-goes-dark

  • In Vino Veritas

    I note with interest that the “social” eco lender, Prometheus Finance has called in receivers. Looks like they can’t make green loans work, just like nobody seems to be able to make green technology work without taxpayer hand outs. The best things about this are that Noel Josephson, a Greenpeace Board member is on the Board of Prometheus and Greenpeace is a major shareholder! They cannot even make eco lending work themselves!

    • OneTrack

      That can’t be true. Russel Norman guarantees that Green “tech” will solve all our problems since “we” are so good at it and we will make “billions” selling our unique skills to the rest of the world.

      Our Russel wouldn’t make something like that up. And if we don’t hurry, Russel will just get tired of waiting and will start his own company and show us how it’s done.

  • Alright

    Why the peaceful majority are irrelevant.

    Brigitte Gabriel deconstructs a Musilm woman during a debate.

    Gabriel’s personal backstory is exceptionally instructive.

    • OneTrack

      Will the “peaceful majority” vote for, or against, instituting Sharia Law in New Zealand once they get to 2% of the population?

      • Alright

        The “law” doesn’t matter to Muslim extremists. It’s their way or the beheading highway.

  • ex-JAFA


    On last night’s Backchat, I posted a comment that Wussel was invited to divulge his text messages, but wouldn’t because he didn’t have to. Yet he expected Mr Key to divulge his.

    I’ve since realised I made a mistake. Paul Henry was inviting him to publish all the Greens’ donors, as Wussel was insisting National do. So wrong topic, but still a double standard – National *must* release this information because we said so, but Greens won’t release theirs because they don’t have to.

    My apologies to all Oilers.

    • Hans

      To err is human, it’s a sign of strength to acknowledge a mistake and correct it. If i am wrong the sooner i realize the mistake the better so it can corrected it. Spot the flaw. Geener smarter or Bluer smarter, stronger – must ask Russell

  • I.M Bach

    Is it my imagination or did Andrew Little just say someting sensible?

    “A deal is a deal is a deal. SkyCity offered to build the convention centre. If they can’t come up with what they now say is a shortfall in costs that’s their problem. Taxpayers should not be asked to dig into their pockets…”


  • Bart67

    No comment on Dotcom’s tilt at the Supreme Court to rule the search warrants invalid being chucked out? Good to see that ze chubby cherman has had another legal door slammed in his face!

  • Bluemanning

    Listening to Larry on ZB; Soper is saying Banks “has to fight his conviction” however it has been thrown out of court so the Crown have to decide whether to proceed; this to me seems unlikely, the Crown would have to be in la la land. Also carrying on about Collins and Oravida and Dirty Politics, get over it Barry, straighten up and look right for a change. Oh I have got to go as Soper is feeling “sorry’ for cunny saying he did well and it’s been a remarkable year for Little. 1ZB is fading in popularity for me.

  • Hans

    I wonder if Australia’s new immigration policy is working – in the good old day you had to have a criminal record that was a complete fabrication and then you received a free ticket to Aussie , now if you actually have a real criminal record you are admitted and you haver to pay your own way.

  • Carl
    • dgrogan

      Nice one, Carl.