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  • Korau

    Word of the day.

    pigopoly (plural pigopolies)

    A cartel of greedy, overcharging businesses, specifically the entertainment industry.

    And one for tomorrow.


    The state of having overeaten.

    Source : http://www.yourdictionary.com

    • sarahmw

      a remnant of a formerly widespread species that persists in an isolated area.
      the meaning of ‘relict’. now who could that be? Labor and or Greens maybe.
      Source: any dictionary

  • Teletubby

    Ahhh. The Koru lounge in Wellington is really quite pleasant when it’s not over run by politicians, their hangers on and civil servants all troughing it up on the taxpayer

  • Blue Tim

    So I hear on Radio Live this morning the usual Sky is falling and the government is bad from that professional sad person Dr Doug from Otago Uni. Well Doug, I’m sick of do gooders wanting to bring us all down to the lowest common demoninator. I enjoy a drink on Christmas Day and no one in my family has ever been hospitalised or been done for alcohol induced violence offences. Perhaps that’s because we don’t drink pre mix spirits. I wonder if anyone has ever looked at the coerlation between the arrival of RTDs’ and increased alcohol issues?
    Merry Christmas to all out in The Whalesphere

    • Tom

      The idiots at Otago Uni need to stop biting the hand that feeds them as it may well turn on them one day.
      Any other employer would of sacked them by now.

    • STAG

      The whole point of RTDs is to make the unpalatable palatable, RTDs a are custom designed to inject copious amounts of high percentage alcohol directly into the systems of people without the sophistication of to appreciate the delicate flavours of liquor.

      It’s not snobbery, but booze is designed to be enjoyed in small amounts over time, not mixed with sugar and guzzeled by adolescent retards .

  • All_on_Red
  • sarahmw

    Well boo hoo poor Andrea Vance. ‘Parliamentary Services and the DPMC acknowledged the hurt and humiliation that Ms Vance suffered as a result of personal information about her being accessed and released’ . Well knock me down with a feather! Excuse me ? What a load of crock. Hurt and humiliation I think you jest, this is the same person who thinks it is ok to dish it out in a sleazy manner but oh you cant do that to me…boo hoo boo hoo.. Andrea next time you think it is ok to breach someone elses privacy maybe you should think again because what’s good for the gander……………….but oh no you’re a ‘journalist’ riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    • Mick Ie

      Isn’t the hypocracy sickening?
      On the upside, can Cam use these findings to support his legal battles against the hacker, NH and the media for releasing his stolen emails?
      Wouldn’t that be wonderfully ironic?

  • sarahmw

    Not very good at putting videos on here. If a kindly WOiler could add some christmas cheer in way of Chris Rea’s ‘Driving home for Christmas’ cause I will be.

    • Mrs_R

      Merry Christmas :)

      • sarahmw

        and a Merry Christmas to you Mrs_R.

      • Alright

        Great song, sentiment and voice. Thanks for sharing.

    • dgrogan

      You can do it, S. And since it appears you’ve great taste in music, I’d like to see you try again.
      All you have to do is select the video you want to share on youtube.com and COPY the URL address (for that video page from the top window of your browser) then PAST that address into you WOBH comment box. The video will automatically load. Cheers, DG

      • sarahmw

        I will be doing this Boxing Day, or maybe later on today. I seem to be running out of time it’s Christmas Day tomorrow eeeeeeeek. Thankyou DG

      • Carl

        Thanks dg like Sarah I did not know how to post videos but your advice has proved fantastic and have done it. Cheers .

  • kehua

    Stay safe out there today Whalers.

  • GoingRight

    So woke up to grey skies, wind and rain in Auckland. Not sure that was the scheduled weather forecast! But then we usually get given incorrect data! Thankfully organised for all the family to arrive tonight to share Turkey, ham and presents. Nothing will dampen our spirits!

    Wishing all on WO a very Happy and safe Christmas, and a special thanks to Cam and his team for the entertainment and interesting articles we have read here on WOBH.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Another stunning morning where I am.
    A few more chores n gifts to be wrapped n time to relax into the event.
    Christmas time the season for good will, a time I’m especially proud to call myself a Christian so:
    Merry Xmas WOBH staff and commenters, be safe and happy I hope you are blessed with lifes wonderful bounty.

    • Cowgirl

      Merry Christmas to you too ICD. We are still on Christmas Eve Eve here, but expecting snow tomorrow!

      • intelligentes candida diva

        Aww you too Cowgirl :-)
        A white winter xmas is on my to list so I hope you and yours enjoy…egg nog, mulled wine cosy fire all the good winter bits.

        I just had a moment outside and thought, “this reminds me of summer in Canada”

  • Tom McKechnie

    Grey skies here too in the Tararua’s. ( I feel a Willie Nelson song coming on )
    Merry Christmas to all at Team WHBO and Whale commentators ( especially for the humour ).

  • dgrogan

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to Cam, SB, Pete, Nigel, the WOBH team and wider commenter family. Be safe if you’re out and about on the roads.

  • mark14

    I see a fried egg on top of an avocado will cure diabetes,according to your google ads.Thats if you haven’t driven off an amazing bridge that astounded your senses.

  • Hakaru

    As we get older we all need exercise to keep us in shape. My wife gets me to do the hard stuff around the garden, hence physical. I would like to thank Cam and the team at WOBH for giving me the mental exercise needed to keep the brain active. If I had to read the rest of the MSM I would probably have a brain of mush, the equivalent of obesity. WOBH is the gymnasium for my brain. Keep up the great work and have a great holiday season and I look forward to the new year with you.

  • Rem

    A very kind act this. Mrs Rem and I once gave a car to a bloke to get him out of a jam. He was a student and he had no way of reliably getting to his part time job on a Saturday. The offer was made on the condition that it be used for this purpose but he sold it within a few days the bugger.

    • STAG

      So he accepted it, lied to your face and did exactly what he said he wouldn’t when he took the keys?

      • Rem

        Mistakes are information.

    • Mark

      Call me cynical,but I’m still not buying the “handbrake failed” bit.

      • Rem

        wasn’t the driver charged when his ute rolled into a pond near a mine killing a child. Maybe this guy will be charged for careless causing injury.

  • Aucky

    What a great year it has been to be an Oiler and how different would our country be today had it not been for the massive amounts of sunlight beamed on to those who threatened the very core of our democratic process. An unholy alliance of the MSM, the left and corrupt international influences almost delivered us a coup d’etat.
    Just imagine the shape of our Government today had their plan succeeded.

    Well done Cameron, SB, the mods and contributors.

    • Tom McKechnie

      I couldn’t agree more Aucky.
      This year especially has found me screaming at the TV set more than would be considered reasonable. ( I used to scream only when Russel Norman came on the news ).
      But, the antics of the MSM during the election was the last straw for me.
      Thankfully WOBH & the commentators have restored my faith in the political process and saved me the cost of a new wide screen TV. Without your news contributions & opinions, the TV I am looking at now would have gone out the window months ago.
      ( I’ve just realised that you’ve also saved me money for the broken window ).

      • …and for the hernia operation gained from attempting to throw said TV out the window… and the foot surgery resulting from dropped TV on one’s foot attempting to throw it out the window.

        The off button is so much more user friendly…

        • caochladh

          In the 60’s, the farmers had the right idea. Some blamed the TV for chores not being done, so they shot it and sent it back to Group Rentals/Bond & Bond.

  • sarahmw

    • dgrogan

      There you go, S. Great choice too. :)

  • Meanwhile over at TFD Martin/Martyn wearing his Wrongly Wrongson hat makes this prediction

    The combined Green-Labour vote for Northland at the election was 12 608, Sabin won 18 269. The only chance of winning would be an agreement between Labour and the Greens to only run one candidate, probably the Labour candidate.

    The gift of humour that just keeps giving

  • armotur

    RNZ is about to enter the annual summer Groundhog Day lasting the holiday period plus featuring again this year “Summer Noelle” complete, I suppose, with the appalling Noelle McCarthy.

    Like my Cat, I spray and walk away.

    Thank god for RadioLive & my iPod!

    • conwaycaptain

      Is the Irish Refugee back again???

      • armotur

        This must be the fifth time!

    • Blue Tim

      People in the real world don’t listen to RNZ but pay our tax to pay RNZ “staff” salaries

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Yep Radio in NZ is limited. Only a few options but over the xmas break the ringers are riding the microphones and the quality just isnt there.

      Thank god for I heart Radio. New country all the way, although I do have to listen to Dallas Texas adverts, but the music is much better than the overhyped crap that is thrashed on commercial NZ radio.

  • sarahmw

    so the ANZ bank union decided today would be the best day to go on strike. And unions wonder why no one is liking them anymore. Always a scrooge and a grinch about. I bet they have all their $$$ and cards moneyed up.

  • 1951

    For those of you who have a life and won’t get to checking in later…”Merry Christmas”

    • Nige.

      Huh! This isn’t Facebook! I have a life! I’m driving down the highway on my way to my helicopter which will take me to my jet boat which I’m using to get to my amusesmt /wildlife park where I hold party’s for my celebrity and sport star mates during the holidays! And I still manage to make comments here!

      Actually my life is nothing like that. But the one I have is OK. Merry Xmas to you too. ;)

      • 1951


      • Alright

        Bugger. For a minute I thought we were going to able to catch up face-to-face. Oh well, I’m just going to stay at home now.

  • nellie

    In the news around the world for all the wrong reasons…


  • caochladh

    The perfect solution for all those who hate Brussels Sprouts………….

    • Alright

      George Bush (Sen) might like some (you need a long memory to get the drift).

      • caochladh

        Actually, it was a friend of mine (the Broccoli Lady) who caused that fuss. Shortly after that, she came to NZ and is still involved in the marketing side of the F&V industry.

        • Alright

          …share the story….

          • caochladh

            Bush had an inherent dislike of broccoli, which was well known. In fact he had it taken off the menu and banned it from Air Force One. Lisa, who worked for California Broccoli Shippers organised broccoli to be delivered to the White House as part of an advertising campaign. She now works in Auckland.

          • Alright

            Ah, for George Bush it was broccoli that did his head (taste buds) in. I actually like broccoli. But Americans have an obvious dislike of “sprouts” – “A 2008 survey by Heinz shows that brussels sprouts now take the most-hated prize for Americans in terms of vegetables.”

            PS, as we speak George has been rushed to hospital….should have eaten his broccoli…

  • I.M Bach

    I have couple of rather lovely daughters. My eldest is happy-as with man and house etc. My youngest WAS happy-as but b/f of six years decides he no longer loves my daughter; fair enough, these things happen, but he surreptitiously starts texting some girl he met at the gym. Daughter sees texts, relationship crashed just before her birthday, Dec 23rd, and he decides he’s moving out over Christmas leaving her to carry the can on the rent and everything else. There’s a festive season and birthday she’ll not forget in a hurry. Good on ya, timing is everything as they say.

    • Aucky

      Been there, done that I.M. Exacly the same happened to our youngest on New Years Day three years ago. She’s still hurting but well and truly over it. She leads a great social life but it will take someone very special to get a commitment out of her now. Just give her 101% support and get her to move back home for a while. It’s times like this when your parenting skills are really needed and a big reminder that your job is never completely finished no matter how old they are.

      • I.M Bach

        Yeah, you’re a parent for life aren’t you? Moving home isn’t an option; she refuses to live with her alcoholic mother and I’m an eight hour flight away. She’s got some good mates and a terrific job, which helps a lot. I’ve offered to fly her out here for a break when she renews her passport, won’t be long. Thanks for your positive comments Aucky.

    • dgrogan

      She’s lucky to have loving parent(s) to support her though, IMB. She will likely find she’s better off without that scumbag too.

      • I.M Bach

        Appreciate your comment dgrogan and I also agree. They lived with us for eight months and I can’t say I was impressed with his (imho) lack of respect for her. He didn’t abuse her as such but she never went on a pedestal either.

    • kehua

      My experience is that,“it always gets better“ and these situations are always for a good reason.

      • I.M Bach

        Thanks kehua, she’s a tough cookie really and she’s cute so I’m sure things will pan out with a better guy.

  • Isherman

    A big merry Xmas to the WOBH staff, mods, contributors and the commenting community. Thanks for the stories, the humour and the engagement, its been a blast and I will definately be back to do it all over again next year. Have fun, be safe and remember..fish are cunning, be prepared.

    • Alright

      Pat your(s)elf on the back Isherman. Its a great community and you are a great contributor.

      Merry Christmas all.

  • Wheninrome

    More Dotcom news out today.
    The Supreme Court has ruled the search warrants executed in the high-profile arrest of internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom were valid, although Chief Justice Sian Elias was a dissenting voice on the bench.
    Onwards we go, they had to pay $35,000.00 in costs to the Crown. Dotcom has no money, or does he? Someone will have to pay, cause otherwise they might get a Judgment against them and that in turn might lead to time behind bars.

  • Alright

    Appalling. Now we have the age of the mega-troughers!

    Cruisin’ on the taxpayer

    December 15, 2014 Taxpayers’ Union

    New Zealand taxpayers have forked out $9 million
    to pay for a four-day UN conference in Samoa that included hiring the
    luxury P&O Pacific Jewel cruise liner. New Zealand covered the
    accommodation and operating costs, of September’s Small Island
    Developing States.

    • kehua

      When you are seeking a seat on the UN Security Council and the international recognition that goes with it these are the sort of things you end up doing. You do not for example expect smaller Pacific neighbours to have the logistical ability, it is either that or Australia. Not a big deal in the scheme of things really.

      • Alright

        Hold on Kehua. $9 million for one four-day conference? So what was the total cost of “our” temporary seat on UN Security Council? $100 million?

        Anything with “UN” in front of it has no cache for me.

        • kehua

          I`n with you on the whole UN con, but I guess sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

          • Alright

            Nah. Its a diplomatic gravy train. What do NZ taxpayers get for UN Security Council membership apart from a short term ego massage? I run a mile from any organisation Helen Clark is involved in.

  • Jdogg

    lol. Oh dear. And here, we have a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist with a platform in the NA, http://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/opinion/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503447&objectid=11378271
    Of course the author is typically anti-flouride, believes 911 was an inside job, false flags, quotes infowars as fact and um… https://clareswinney.wordpress.com/incarcerated-in-a-psychiatric-ward-because-i-said-911-was-an-inside-job/
    These people are painful, their critical thinking skills seem to be missing a huge part of the jigsaw – logic!!