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  • George

    A great Herald-DigiPoll survey result for JK and National. However there is a puzzling result regarding Labour. “When questioned on party affiliation 24.2% of those polled said they voted last time for Labour and were likely to again. But more encouraging for Labour is that 14.3% had not voted Labour last time but were likely to do so next time.” Am I missing something here? Does that not total 38.5% stating they would vote Labour next election? It appears there is a missing 9.6% of pollsters who would change their vote to Labour at the next election but did not support Labour in this poll?
    87% do not want Little as our next PM. 65% do want JK as our PM. The Messiah can’t cut the c…p when he is head to head with JK. Russell lost a third of his support with 97.8% of of NZ’s thinking he is a muppet. It all looks so good. The Herald has tried to put a positive spin on Labour’s results but In essence, nothing has changed and quite frankly it isn’t going to.

  • Ginny

    Yesterday, my sister and i invited a family neighbour from way back (96 years old) for Christmas day. She was the last to leave (in her own car). She went home with a doggy bag.

    • sarahmw

      and that is the true spirit of Christmas. I had a wonderful day catching up with family some I hadn’t seen for a year and probably will not for another year.

    • Bafacu

      I know the feeling, The wife is in Brisbane seeing the new grandson (don’t ask why I’m not there as its a long and painful story) so I asked our neighbours over for Xmas dinner – set for 6:30 and all organised including the roast veges for them to arrive at 7:40. Who cares, we had a fantastic time and cemented a great relationship. Time means nothing when people are great. And as an added bonus they took my mind completely away from missing the family (at least while they were here!)
      Hope everyone else had a fantastic time.

  • Five perfect days for cricket lovers ahead. But how do you watch both tests at the same time? Hmmmm… ;)

    • Ginny

      I thought men knew how to multi task!

      • Wallace Westland

        Multi tasking is chick code for “Nothings Finished”

    • Carl

      11 till 1 NZ then 40 mins of the aussie game during the lunch break and see which is most interesting and change between the two.

      • The answer is multi screening Carl. Use the Internet

        • Carl

          I just hope we win the toss and bowl first.

        • EpochNZ

          And where, pray tell, could someone in a non-Sky household find such a thing? (I watched Bathurst on a feed from overseas, but if someone has a link to the NZ/SL cricket I’d be ever so grateful!)

          • Blog rules prevent me from telling you how to do it, but I’ll be streaming both games, as we aren’t a Sky household either.

    • Pete

      Yes, I have pondered this, the only way is to surf between the 2.

      For me, the Aussi test looks the best, there is a lot of emotion still in the team, and there could be some fireworks if sledging starts to play a part.

      • How do you feel about Sir Richard saying sledging has no place in cricket? I found it rather disingenuous.

        • Pete

          Sledging is always a part of sport, as it is in rugby and football, I think if you approach it as banter you can have some fun with it. I do wonder sometimes tho about Mitchell Johnson’s stare downs especially after a quick bouncer and if that has a place in thew game…I guess its all part of the sport tho.

          To be honest Pete, I’m sad the darts aint on, I find that addictive to watch….it’s even got me playing again!

          • Carl

            It’s back on tomorrow Pete, it is great viewing in the morning over the holidays.

          • Pete

            Taylor this year I reckon, VanGerwin seems to be struggling with the world title, I think Taylor might just have enough in the tank to win it back..then retire. Anderson or Wright might be a chance as well…roll on tomorrow……Got to go shopping now with the Mrs…Ka Ching !!

          • Carl

            I’ve got tickets to see Taylor in Invercargill, can’t wait.

          • Pete

            Keith Della even has a finish named after him…10 points to the clever boy or girl who knows what it is

          • Tom

            9 dart finish ?

          • Pete

            Nope, its a number, referred to “The Deller” after Keith famously finished on it once, he beat Eric Bristow with it.

          • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

            Gotta love a sport where over weight peeps with a pint and ciggie one hand can participate.

            Training nights must be tough.

        • Greg M

          Yes that cracked me up. Sir Richard was one of the best in the biz.

        • Salacious Crumb

          I’m inclined to agree with him. It was interesting watching the highlights of McCullums amazing 300 against India yesterday. The commentators said at various times how much onfield respect and acknowledgement there was and how well both teams got on with each other. This was also the same when England and the WI toured plus the recent series against Pakistan. It seems the Aussies are the ones who really like to dish it out so I’d be very happy if they were told to pull their heads in. It has no place in the sport.

        • jcpry

          The impression is that this aussie team have taken the sledging to a new level. Seems to be the tool they use to get back to form. The poisonous little gnome Warner is the main instigator.

          • It’s a mental game. You have to learn to tune it out. We here at Whaleoil are being “sledged” 24/7. Winners need mental toughness.

          • Carl

            Muhammad Ali was the best at it, just got into his oppositions head.

          • Aucky

            I agree 100% Pete. Sledging is an integral part of the game and the Aussies happen to be the world’s best at the fine art.
            I’m told that AB front rowers are fairly adept too.

          • dgrogan

            And just like all school-yard bullies, the Aussies hate it when the tables are turned on them.

          • Aucky

            I’m not so sure about the tables being turned DG it’s more that the attempted responses to date have been pretty second rate.

          • jcpry

            Yes mental toughness a requirement however civility and decency set us aside from animals and ferals. Sledging is very much a part of cricket but decency should not be crossed as that promotes ill will and eventually something stupid will occur.

        • Gay

        • http://www.cricketsledges.com/top-twenty-cricket-sledges/

          Eddo Brandes knew how to out sledge the Aussies:

          McGrath: “Why are you so fat?”

          Brandes “Because every time I [redacted] your wife, she gives me a biscuit.”

        • Aucky

          If there had been a cash prize for the best sledge it wouldn’t have taken Hadlee too long to master the art.

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Buy a cheap tv at the boxing day sales and have 2 going of course. Embrace capitalist excess and support our poor commercial businesses.

    • LesleyNZ

      So you mean to say my daughter who is going to be visiting will be glued to the telly? It is already started – the sound of summer is cricket in our household.

  • LabTested

    Got home an hour ago after 84 days away. Front door was unlocked – Nothing taken. A couple of people have access to the house & I will be having words.

    • That will have boosted your blood pressure :)

    • A piece of 4×2 across the back of the head might get them to pay attention

      • 1951

        The funny thing is that after 84 days, been home an hour and he has to warm-up the ipod to come here and tell us about ;)

    • Fredd Dagg

      Shows what a generally safe country we live in. MSM and Police P.R. dept always make it sound like the place is swarming with crooks… but I’ve accidently left a shop door unlocked over a weekend, and the house a few times, and while it didn’t feel good you could probably go years like that before you got unlucky.

  • Rem

    Called boxing day for a reason but since the weather so good it might just be boxing and concreting day today. Have a great day folks whatever you are doing.

  • Bluemanning

    This is perhaps the result the Horrid from the left mouthpiece of the Greens and NZ1st not doing well and haven’t learned since the election to continue on their downward spiral. Labour has picked up some said points from them, National have taken some from Labour and Winstone perhaps and are over 50%. Angry ho hum. More propaganda from MSM don’t know the poll credibility or how the questions were asked?


  • Pete

    Nats over 50%


    So even after his lordships Little meteoric rise, and with full backing from the media they still can’t get over 29%

    • Yep, and the Herald (Audrey Young) writes it up as a huge surge and come-back for Labour.

      • LesleyNZ

        I was just going to post the same comment. What is it with Audrey? The beginning focus on the Labour result and not National’s being over 50% is deliberate. That is quite something after all the negativity from MSM lately. Poor journalism showing a bias.

      • Pete

        When you consider the IMP votes had to go somewhere, its pretty obvious they would go to Labour.

        Whats the right / Left Bloc totals now??? I would guess there is little or no change since the election

    • dgrogan

      Far too much sherry in the MSM trifle, obviously. Young was obviously feeling a bit light-headed.

      • Cowgirl

        After working her euphemism and excuse-making muscles so hard, I’m not surprised if she did feel a little light-headed.

    • Oh darn!

    • Dumrse

      Surely the best bit is the party that has fallen below 10%. Go Wussel.

  • dgrogan

    Sydney 2 Hobart 2014, gets underway this afternoon. 5 super-maxis in this years race. One Kiwi entry only. Go Giacomo

  • Hedgehog

    Just scanning the Herald – only takes a couple of moments these days as I rarely stay for a read.
    But one headline completely bamboozled me and I’d like to know if others feels this way or I’ve got some sort of aberrant personality. “Northland crash children high achievers” I thought what’s the fact that they are high achievers got to do with the tragedy? Would it be less or more of a tragedy if the kids were normal achievers?

    What a horrible thing it is that our media need to make more of a story from a tragic road accident to add more words.

    • Yup, the inference is that next time there is a crash and some dumb kids get killed, it’s kind of ok.

    • 1951

      (unable to find article) It is horrible and so wondering as to which journalist has written the piece. Being about a Chinese family it may be a way of acknowledging those passed, just a difference in perspective, if written by an Asian journalist. Even so, it doesn’t sit easily.

      • Hedgehog

        Still up – main stories on the left of the home page. It appears that “Morgan Tait is the NZ Herald’s consumer affairs reporter” wrote the article.

        • 1951

          Found it, ta. It is as you say, making more of the story.

  • Mark

    Since I have finally got around to actively participating here I don’t think I have the words to comment on this yet,I’ll have a break first…

    “”None of the vessels used as floating armouries has been purpose-built
    as an armoury; instead, they are adapted craft. As a result, vessels may
    not have safe and secure storage for arms and ammunition,” the report

    Control over anti-pirate weapon ships urgently needed, agency warns

    • dumbshit

      Talk about the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, deal to the pirates and there will be no need for another bunch of snouts in a trough. The urge to control all things is deeply ingrained it seems.

      • Mark

        I watched the movie “Captain Phillips” the other day,not sure how my TV survived.

        These ships are protected by water cannons & cyclone wire netting. So defenceless essentially,which is morally indefensible.

        I’m going to engage in a little hyperbole here,I mention this because I know Oilers will be unfamiliar with it.

        A fair shot with a silenced,single shot .22 could defend these ships.

        Instead we end up with a sacrificial Captain’s,cannon fodder crew,insurance rorts,funding terrorists, & dearer goods to the consumer. And still the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff has to be used, SEALs.

        The PMC’s running the floating armouries are doing just fine,if only they could offer safari’s.

  • Ratchette

    On-line Herald still reporting Andrea Vance has received an apology from Parliamentary Service over Vance’s phone records and data tracking her movements being accessed (stolen)
    Can we expect an apology from hager & the herald for using hacked (stolen) Whale Oil emails ?

    • Dumrse

      I’m guessing a precedent here will be…. my employer collecting and using the data records that accumulate as I access his many sites in my day to day work activities. So, when something goes wrong can he not use those access records against me ?

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      The simple answer is to take back all key cards/phonelines etc. Then issue new ones but the caviat being the data created is the property of the card issuer and can be used by the owner. If you dont like it then dont expect to get access. Oh and no transmitting devices in parliament grounds unless cleared or issued to user (same data rules apply).

      I would expect the pollies have a simillar deal about their cards/email/public provided phones. If they dont want to use public property to carry out their deals then step outside the boundary of govt property.

  • Toothbrush76

    The Dominion Post’s editorial this morning is headlined “OIA review must get stuck in”.
    It mentions as an example the “toxic blogger”. I wonder who this is.

  • Orion

    Just seen on the news that Mosques have been burned down in Sweden. Maybe it won’t be the start of the fightback but it’s all going to build up against the totalitarian, theological, intolerant death cult they (our leaders) like to call the ‘religion of peace’.
    The civil war is coming to Europe, and especially Britain, as EU leaders have ignored the people of Europe, instead branding them as racists, fascists, bigots, far right for the simple act of even broaching the subject.
    Maybe it’s all part of the grand plan to cause a war by filling our countries with a 7th century death cult that they knew would refuse to integrate into any western democracy, so as to enforce some kind of martial law upon civil society and the new world order and then Marxism/communism.
    I don’t know why our western politicians, academics, MSM, intelligentsia have all jumped on board in support the mass immigration of Islam into Europe in this gigantic failed experiment.
    To me the paradox is it seems that that the more educated these people became the more stupid they become; it simply doesn’t add up in my tiny mind that they don’t, won’t or simply refuse to see it and its eventual outcome for all of us.
    Maybe I’m wrong and I simply don’t see that Islam has its place in the west. I don’t think so though. I believe its aim to take over the west via mass immigration and one day start a war against the western infidel in their own western democracies to convert or die.
    I’m sure I’m not alone in this thinking and so many at the very top surely can’t be ignorant of this instead of placating, fawning, praising and down right lying about this theological, politico death cult and its true intentions.
    Them who support the notion that Islam is truly the religion of peace, and hate my views I think are either completely stupid, in fear of speaking out the truth, or are completely sucked in the the vast majority of the western MSM, and really believe what I say is religious hatred and I truly am some kind of neo nazi or fascist.
    In short I believe in Israel and its freedom (Zionist) and is a true friend of the west.
    I believe the vast majority of Muslims in the world hate the west and have an ulterior motive to come to the west.
    I believe they are all rabid Jew haters and Americans come a very close second.
    I believe our own stupidity and cowardice to even talk about this issue is the greatest gift to Islam and their ultimate aims.
    Unfortunately for the west at this time the zeitgeist is left wing, Marxist, pro Obama and anti anything that resembles nationalism, patriotism, or indigenous white and western. It will turn round but will it be too late? Will the whole of the west be at war inside its own borders with the fifth column that our leaders over decades have enforced upon us via mass immigration of our real and true enemies who will stop at nothing to kill or forcibly convert us back to the 7th century.

    • 1951

      Not only through immigration but also outstripping them in the breeding. It has already forced change in parts of European society. I agree with where you are pointing the finger of blame, wholeheartedly. It is already on the way to being very bloody & nasty. The only consolation is, how difficult would it be to outsmart inbred, poorly educated beings with a death-wish?

      • Mark

        Sadly the problem is not difficulty but will.

      • steve and monique

        By breeding at a rate of 8 per family, they need not fight to take over, but just become the dominant culture.

    • GoingRight

      After two children there should be no further assistance from the welfare pay out. Maybe that way some of them might see sense.

  • Greg M

    Boxing day sales, ugh. I told the boss the credit card has got stage fright and refuses to come out of my wallet. I got a clip around the ear for that. :-)

    • This is why I have my card details memorised.

      #onlinesales #unstoppable

    • Aucky

      Just dropped the women in my household off at Smith & Caugheys – now for some serious cricket viewing. Four hours peace if the shopping gods are smiling.

  • Rosemarie Tomlinson

    Stuff this morning “5 people who made NZ a better place – and 7 who didn’t”

    And at number 1 we have — Nicky Hagar!!!

    How can the author of a politically motivated inaccurate piece of drivel based on stolen information possibly have made NZ a better place?

    “Say what you want about him, his book Dirty Politics exposed high-level interactions between unsavoury characters and the Government.”

    If that is the best NZ can do then the future does not look very bright.


    • steve and monique

      What clown came up with that hack as number 1. Shows how out of touch, and left wing the media are.

      • Aucky

        He’s tops in my book. Hagar was one of the most significant contributors to the downfall of the left in the election. So yes, he has made NZ a far better place – imagine our country under the heel of the coalition from hell!

        • steve and monique

          Give him that.

        • Hans

          But what bothers me is the future; what if the greens and Labour get a hold of the reigns just as the world goes made in the future. I can see war comming between eastern and western cultures and I shudder to think we may get a nevil chamberlain in office when we need a Winston Churchill. Merry Christmas all,

    • EveryWhichWayButLeft

      Welcome aboard RT. Come on in and make yourself at home.

  • JAFA Gazza

    Morning WO Crew…hope everyone had a great Xmas day and are in fine fettle this morning…Cam and Pete – congratulations on a great year, and big respect for keeping the Blog going during the holiday’s…

  • hbboy

    Speaking of cricket, I see ND wanted to let people BYO to their games, to increase patronage. Great idea and signs were looking good for better attendance, but then the police had 2nd thoughts so the deal’s off.
    The reason a lot of people stay away from the cricket is they don’t like being gouged. $6 for a can of beer that cost $1 at the supermarket, or $5 for a plastic glass of watery brown liquid makes you cringe. When the organisers make it attractive and reasonable, people will attend. If some people have too much to drink, is it really that serious? The rules have changed to make the environment a bit more family friendly, but perhaps too far.

  • Jimmie

    From the ground to the table….was yum Photo 1

  • Jimmie

    Photo 3 – Finished result (Couldn’t upload photo 2 as too big!)

    • 1951

      Glad you put this one up too. I had concerns for the mother-in-law when I saw the first one.

  • dgrogan

    Bacon butty for breakfast, ham and tomato toasted sandwich for lunch and minced pork wonton soup for dinner. Looks like I’ll be pigin out again today.

    • Salmon bagel this morning, just fabricated myself a steak sammie.