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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    autohagiographer – One who speaks or writes in a smug or self-aggrandizing way about his/her life or accomplishments.

    Example is David Cunliffe’s CV.

    Source : http://www.encyclo.co.uk/define/autohagiographer

    • Michael

      Can that be shortened to just be called a “Hager”?

    • Andy Brown


  • George

    Now that Christmas is over we look forward to New Year.
    However it appears it is New Years. News readers, the print media, and acquaintances have uttered this irritating plural referrence to the dawning of a new year. Questions such as what are you doing for New Years? Am I the only one out of step here? I thought there is only one New Year this year or next year! I’m old, I know, but give me a break!

    • Nirvana10

      Irritating as hell! I agree. An Americanism. I guess it I an abbreviation of ‘New Year’s Day’. I correct anyone I hear using it- they no doubt think I am some type of aged freak.

      • Mags

        Drives me nuts. My boys roll their eyes when I mention it and think I’m being picky. But i just keep on saying that there is only one new year so that they remember.

      • jude

        My girls talk about New Years as an abbreviation for New Years eve parties:)

    • dgrogan

      Well, Geo I have a pet peeve too.

      When will people let go of that annoying habit of saying the year, two thousand and fifteen? It’s been 14 years already!!!

      Got me thinking. What did people say in 1915 – nineteen hundred and fifteen?

      Twenty fifteen PLEASE.

    • Ilovelife

      One of my pet peeves. So irritating. I always ask ” New Year’s what?” when people say that to me.

    • 1951

      My kids have used that form since they left home. Leave home for tertiary education, come back indoctrinated to the left, wearing dead-man’s clothes from the op-shop and spouting New Years…….. Irritated the (opposite to heaven) out of me. We have had many a hum dinger fight over the Christmas dinner table since. But I am pleased to say, I think they all see the light now…

    • ShoreRight

      I toally agree – drives me crazy and I start dishing out lessons about possessive nouns just to be met with “whatever” – another per aversion !!

  • Cadwallader

    I think it is a bad abbreviation of New Year’s Eve so it is possessive rather than pluralised. I am not a fan of general abbreviations. It seems to be an Australian habit.

    • jcpry

      You mean a Strayn habit?

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        west island

        • rantykiwi

          Mouth Island

  • Ginny

    I suppose you don’t txt either?

    • Korau

      Ritu Ghatourey quotes

      “Today I sent out a text saying, ‘Hey, I lost my phone, will you call it?’ 12 people called me…I need smarter friends.”

  • Korau

    Major accident at the Herald!!

    They have published a Fran O’Sullivan piece that is largely very complimentary to John Key.

    Read it yourself http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11379425 and be surprised this has managed to get into their yellow journalist red rag!

    • T Mardell

      Just ended up on their site through another link, and after a quick scan quickly realised why I deleted it off my favourites list earlier in the year. What a load of old codswallop.

    • taurangaruru

      An article based on supposition about what Key is supposedly doing after politics – is this the start of a theme of suggesting Key is past his sell by date? Another attempt to undermine him? I see it as a pretty lame article especially from a journalist who usually produces some good business pieces. Unfortunately O’Sullivan has recently changed her tone & has become one of the lefty get Key/National/WO muppets. She should have chosen the moral high ground & not climbed into the pig pen to wrestle in the mud like the rest of them.

  • Is anyone sick of ham yet?

    Is it even possible to be sick of ham?

    • dgrogan

      When you start feeding it to the pets, you know you’ve had enough.

      • Nechtan

        I’m pretty much all meated out, (never thought I’d say that) the chooks are about to get the cooked left overs from Xmas day BBQ.

        • Another Middleagedwhiteguy


          • MaryLou

            Can’t be worse than watching pigeons eating scrambled egg leftovers at cafes. A bit like eating your children!

          • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

            a post yesterday about non-halal foods included canibalistic animals and those without external ears – so somalis etc. should stay away from KFC, Maccas, Sub & King.

      • Sunshine

        Our pets expect ham at Xmas time along with an Xmas dinner with all the trimmings. Sadly this year I escaped dinner duties and only made trifle which they are not allowed to have. They did get a packet of dried duck breast tenders though and a lovely bath so they smelt nice.

    • Carl

      No it is not possible, if you do just have bacon for a change.

    • Isherman

      Even when there’s test cricket on, you can only eat so many Ham sandwiches for so many days, which is why I do rack of lamb for Xmas day normally.

    • Chris

      We didn’t have ham this year, cooked up a beautiful mutton roast. Don’t have that often now I have retired from the farm but son #2 supplies us now an again. I rate this much better than ham.

    • MaryLou

      Yes. Yes it is entirely possible to be sick of ham, particularly if it’s a big ‘un, and the dressing was a failure. But dammit – one must do one’s duty, so we’ll keep eating regardless of the consequences.

      Hasn’t affected the ability to eat bacon though – ooh…

      • Alright

        MaryLou! Your back! I was concerned that, having left your Christmas shopping until the last 5.5 seconds on Christmas Eve, you had had some type of melt down…and when you didn’t turn up on Christmas Day I nearly rang Cam to ask if he would organise a search party!

        Did you have a good Christmas?

        PS Mr Jingles is apparently growing like toppsy!

        • MaryLou

          Very close AR, every year I tell myself not to leave Christmas shopping till the last minute – and every year I do 90% of it on Christmas Eve.

          Yes – a lovely Christmas, the quietest in 15 years with most family away! Really nice – only 4 lots of dishes, rather than continuously all day.

          You? Loved the photo of the Pav – Mrs AR very brave to even attempt such a delicate creation. You put your heart and soul into baking – maybe let her know you can by them at the supermarket, for a lot less hassle!

          Yes – Mr Jingles now readily identifiable to the most casual onlooker. I’d love a %^&tiel, but unfortunately my cat probably would, too!

          • Alright

            All lovely to hear.

            Re the Pav….I put it down the waste-disposer, turned it on and it fused! It deals easily with chicken bones :)

            I have shown our cat photos of Mr Jingles. She was very interested..

          • MaryLou

            Bet she was!

          • Alright

            She told me the photo was the equivalent of feline pornography.

          • MaryLou

            NO! NO! I’m sure you didn’t quite mean that… Other species must not be viewed as anything other than a meal! I’m sure either she misspoke, or you misheard…

          • Alright

            I think I need to stop here or Cam, Wendy and Gareth Morgan will set up a posse and come after the Puddy Tat…

          • MaryLou

            Might be wise. And I’d sit down with her this evening for a serious chat.

    • Mark

      I had ham & bacon for breakfast yesterday,just having ham this morning. :)

      • Wallace Westland

        I have the BBQ all ready for action. Today is non stop ham eggs and hash browns for all who turn up.
        Beer at the appropriate time too. I define appropriate! :)

        • rantykiwi

          Address please :). I’ll bring beer.

    • Geoff

      The existence of ham is proof there is a god.

    • GoingRight

      Not in our house! We cook ours on Christmas Eve with have family over along with three dear friends, take half ham to son’s on Christmas Day, and share left overs with dear friends on Boxing Day. Today we are exhausted but definitely not hammed out!

    • ShoreRight

      Yes and yes !

  • Bryan

    well the media are really showing how poor and lazy they are this morning including sailworld just copying what rolex have put up on their webpage when if they bothered to even look at the tracker they would see a upset in hand with the older wild oats 2012 boat has sailed right through overnight and is 31 n miles ahead of Comanche doing 16.8 knots while comanche and the other wild oats boat are only doing 11.5 knots and she has gained 15 nautical miles in the last 1 1/2 hours so the six times winner is leading the pack

  • dgrogan

    Anything sinister about the message below appearing on a couple of threads lately?

    “Comments for this thread are now closed.”

    • Mods on holidays so reducing workload on remaining ‘staff’?

    • We’re here.

      Just that some articles were posted so far in advance, the software decided to close the comments. I’ve opened them back up when I’ve noticed.

  • Hard1

    One more to end the year…

    “Kanara was annoyed at something the victim was eating and grabbed it off her and threw it away.
    Kanara, who reacted by punching her in the face several times, while he held her head with one hand.
    Kanara became infuriated and picked up a beer glass and smashed it into her face.
    The victim not only lost the use of her right eye after her eye socket was broken and eyelid torn, but also has partial loss of vision in her left eye after her cornea was ruptured”

    I think a suitable punishment for Kanara would be to have one eye surgically removed
    The judge, however, will give him home detention or possibly a little jail time. This is where our system ignores the lifelong torture of the victim in favour of some vain hope that Kanara will calm down and won’t do it again. He will.
    The punishment for Kanara should balance the punishment he meted out to a 16 year old girl. He should suffer the same fate as his victim. Who cares about Kanara’s future?. I don’t.

    • Chris

      I bet she goes back to him though!!

    • taurangaruru

      Couple of points:
      How old is he? No mention in the article.
      16 year old girl being allowed to stay overnight at some guys house? I would not consent to that with my daughter.
      Disregarding that, this pig needs to spend a long time excluded from society, he doesn’t deserve to be part of humanity. 10 years in the pokie should give him time to reflect on his violent ways.

      • rantykiwi

        16 year old girl being allowed to stay overnight at some guys house? I would not consent to that with my daughter.

        Her parents are still legally responsible for her welfare when she’s 16 – when are they going to be prosecuted as well?

    • Imogen B

      I care very much about Kanaras future.
      That piece of filth is surely going to kill someone if he isn’t shown the error of his ways, or excluded from society until he is too physically feeble to be a threat.
      Praying for judicial wisdom at sentencing, but history says this is a rare thing.

  • Chris
  • Mikex

    Nearly choked on my weetbix this morning reading an artcle on Stuff.


    Can’t believe a Judge, Peter Butler, could let someone off a charge of DIC because he was too drunk to understand the legal process. Really what planet are some of these Judges on, I think some of this guys want time out and get a real job to come back to earth.

    • peterwn

      Fear not, the High Court has got this sort of thing sorted. See:
      http://tinyurl.com/nscw3hj (this points to the actual HC judgment the full URL is a mile long.

      I consider that drink drive laws should be amended so that the right to consult with a lawyer should be removed. The driver should instead be handed a brochure outlining his legal rights and implications. The text would be a schedule to the relevant legislation so it can be tuned up and agreed to by the legislastive process.

  • Hard1

    Yesterday, from Pete’s post was a quote from the ERA report ;
    “strengthening how they integrate aspects of Māori culture”
    Now, just what are these aspects that are exclusively Maori, specifically relative to early childhood learning?
    For a start, not sitting on the food table is general hygiene, applicable to all cultures.
    Is there really anything Maori do differently, or is this merely pandering?.

    • Skydog

      Food play is a no no where my kids go. No macaroni necklaces or potato shape cutting and printing. I believe it’s due to Maori culture policy.

  • Skydog

    With so many tourists involved in road accidents and search and rescue, if at fault, do they pay full costs of emergency services, including helicopters and other peoples’ medical fees? The only reference I could find stated, ACC paid for costs via levies and taxes. If this is the case then why do we pay for tourists mistakes?

    When I travel to the U.S, I know it’s very expensive to become ill and personal liability can cripple you financially, so I take out insurance every time I travel no matter where I go to. Is it time we charge tourists for emergency services and associated costs if we aren’t doing it already.

    • Betty Swallocks

      Depends where they are from; if it’s a country that has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with NZ (UK for one, but there may be others) then they don’t pay. On the other hand if they come from one of the many countries that don’t have this arrangement then if they have inadequate/no travel insurance then DHBs often chase the individuals up. A few years ago when I was still working in that field, I had great pleasure in referring one of our debtors to a collection agency. This idiot was a US citizen resident in Fiji, where he owned a luxury resort, and he came here on a sales trip with no travel insurance which would have been fine had he not suffered a recurrence of his malaria while he was here. The fact that he was an obnoxious cretin made it all the more pleasurable when he skipped the country to avoid his bill for hospitalisation and treatment, which amounted to about 8 grand, to get Baycorp involved.

      • Skydog

        Thanks Betty.

  • exactchange

    Social science should be non partisan. But it isn’t. This article – How academia’s liberal bias is killing social science – refers to a paper to be published in the Journal of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Cambridge University Press. Should be required reading for certain groves of academe, including one not a million miles from Wellington Hospital.

    Couple of excerpts:

    – “a study that sought to show that conservatives reach their beliefs only through denying reality achieved that result by describing ideological liberal beliefs as “reality,” surveying people on whether they agreed with them, and then concluding that those who disagree with them are in denial of reality — and lo, people in that group are much more likely to be conservative! This has nothing to do with science, and yet in a field with such groupthink, it can get published in peer-reviewed journals and passed off as “science,” complete with a Vox stenographic exercise at the end of the rainbow. A field where this is possible is in dire straits indeed.”


    – “In one survey they conducted of academic social psychologists, “82 percent admitted that they would be at least a little bit prejudiced against a conservative [job] candidate.” Eighty-two percent! It’s often said discrimination works through unconscious bias, but here 82 percent even have conscious bias.”

  • rantykiwi

    So a blonde westie chick driving a high-risk car in rural boganville gets carjacked. It’s almost news, but I’ll bet the Herald wouldn’t have given it oxygen if she hadn’t been a staffer – their journalistic standards really do suck. I’m surprised they haven’t started a givealittle page and linked to it, or is that behaviour purely the domain of Stuff?

    • ex-JAFA

      When I saw this, I thought it was very irresponsible “journalism”. The photo and the story both show her vehicle, and we already know her name, so it’s very easy to find out her address. And the story says she needed to get an emergency passport because she’s jetting off for her holiday. So now we know not only her address, but also that it’s now vacant and absolutely gagging for a burglary.

  • Alright

    Mrs Alright sent me this quote from my distant girlfriend, Annie Lennox:

    “There’s this youth culture that is really, really powerful and really, really strong, but what it does is it really discards people once they reach a certain age. I actually think that people are so powerful and interesting – women, especially – when they reach my age.

    We’ve got so much to say, but popular culture is so reductive that we just talk about whether we’ve got wrinkles, or whether we’ve put on weight or lost weight, or whether we’ve changed our hair style.

    I just find that so shallow.”–Annie Lennox, who turned 60 yesterday.

    • Toothbrush76

      Annie Lennox is one of my all-time favourites.
      I saw her at Athletic Park the night she stopped in mid-song and ordered the security people to evict a concert-goer that was hitting his partner.
      The language she used was very strong and determined, and the man was taken away to the cheers of the crowd.
      A woman to admire in my opinion.

      • Alright

        Toothbrush76 this doco (which is beautifully made – of course by the BBC) gives an acute insight into Lennox (and Scotland). She is a lovely human being.

  • Alright

    The Black Caps bowl Sri Lanka out for 138. Enforce the follow on. Very appropriately McCullum takes the last wicket. New Year honours? Maybe next year….