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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    jumentous (adj)- Of, relating to, or smelling like horse urine.

    Usage : Nicky Hager’s jumentous book “Dirty Politics”.

    Source : http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/jumentous

    • Betty Swallocks

      Surely you could have saved yourself a bit of time and found that under the first letter of the alphabet, i.e. ‘Auspices’, couldn’t you? As in “NIcky Hagar’s book ‘Dirty Politics’, written under the auspices of a cabal of Left-Wing politicians, media sleazebags and a German criminal.”

      • Korau

        Auspices doesn’t smell like horse pee.

        “a cabal of Left-Wing politicians, media sleazebags and a German criminal” probably smell badly, but I try to stay upwind from such folks so can’t say for sure.

        • grumpy

          ….as in ‘orse pisses? (auspices) weak, I know……

        • taurangaruru

          The stench of Socialism, overpowering the masses since forever.

  • Rodger T

    The chimps at the Herald up to their usual standard this morning,

    • Kelvin

      There’s a “tow” bar there. That has to be pretty close to requirements.

    • Spiker

      Too easy, like shooting monkeys in a barrel.

    • Sally

      Sometimes I think we should just ignore their mistakes otherwise WO will be seen to be their unpaid proof reader.
      Or maybe Cam could send them an invoice for every mistake we found on their behalf and put the payment into the general fund. Might be able to cut down on advertising then we don’t need boycotts arranged by silly people.
      Mind you they do provide us with our daily laugh.

    • conwaycaptain

      Been across that bar several times in reasonably large vessels. You have to know what you are doing and trying to do it in a tin can of 15′ and 5 people aboard is senseless.

      • Imogen B

        Yeah, but have you tried doing it in a car?
        According to the Horrid the traffic is killer!

  • steve and monique

    Thoughts go out to the families of those missing on Air Asia flight. Guess the news will be tough for them today.

  • conwaycaptain

    Mallard and Clifton are hitched and Auntie Helun was there

    • Davo42

      No more “bike rides” with Andea now Trev…

    • Ilovelife

      Used to quite like reading Jane Clifton’s articles. Don’t bother with them since I heard about this relationship.

    • DoctorEvo

      So, the duck has married a journalist… How will the Labour Party whip ensure that they don’t call or txt each other? And if they do, is it in the “public interest”? If they delete those txts is it a potential breach of public records? ;-)

      • Sailor Sam

        “Stuff” calls her a columnist, not a journalist, so txting is OK.
        Labour’s whip Chris Hipkins was in attendance, so no doubt he has also agreed that she is not a journalist and all will be OK.

    • LesleyNZ

      Was Clare there too?

      • Nah, she has a new beau

        • LesleyNZ

          LOL! I forgot about this loving look.

    • LesleyNZ

      I have just seen the photo. Jane looked nice but why did no one advise Trevor to wear a tie? It might have been hot but he looks a tad scruffy – like he has just come from a union meeting.

    • sin-ic

      I’m sure a strong-minded Jane will really like being depicted as the ‘little’ woman kneeling beside her man. That picture depicts subservience at it’s best.

    • Sailor Sam

      I note that “Stuff” calls her a columnist, not a journalist.
      Does that mean the Duck can txt, tweet and email her at will, seeing as the lefties do not like politicians contacting journos?

  • Dairy_Flat

    The Herald sickens me. Headline “Air Asia pilot’s climb request denied “. Some idiot with no aviation knowledge trying to sensationalise a very sad event. The pilot was not cleared to climb due to traffic above him. Muppet.

    • Cowgirl

      I have just seen on the CBC that the plane reportedly dropped off the radar before the request could be granted. NZ media wouldn’t be being sensationalist and just flat-out wrong again would they?

      • Dairy_Flat

        Exactly. When ATC could give clearance a few minutes later they could not make contact. Tragic, but correct procedure and the MSM once again displaying their ignorance.

  • Hakaru

    This in the Herald editorial must have had their journalists choking on their breakfast. They will now have to follow a new line to match the editor.

    “The country enters a new year with government settled, business
    confident, more people arriving than leaving and the economy strong
    despite a drop in dairy prices. International markets are still clouded
    by China’s slowing growth and currency distortions in Europe but the
    United States is looking brighter. New Zealand, first-ballot winner of a
    UN Security Council seat this year, enters 2015 in exceptionally good

  • George

    I was browsing through the Auckland City Council site searching for some information with regards to what one can and cannot do when it comes to starting a small backyard fire. I became rather heated as I read through the pages and pages of rules and regulations that masquerade as “I know what’s best” statements made by insignificant faceless bureaucrates. This got me thinking.
    I have come to the conclusion that this city is governed by fools for fools. We are being subjected to laws that regards each and everyone of us as being clueless imbeciles. The obsession of these bureaucrates to leave their calling cards on our lives has to stop! I don’t need some faceless noddy nobody lecturing me by way of legislation on how each and every trivial human activity must be done his/her way. I say “Get stuffed to the lot of you”.

    • mommadog

      Well said George. Its an industry unto itself where they employ more bureaucrats is to make up more rules then employ more to make sure the rules are followed and then have to make up more rules because the first rules didn’t work. Before you know it they will be trying to regulate our bowel movements because its not complying with how they run the city sewage system.

  • Pete

    As I was eating crayfish last night I was wondering who is feeding all those 10,000s of starving kids we keep hearing about who are living in poverty over this xmas New years break while the schools are closed? I haven’t read any reports of them turning up in droves at A&E suffering from malnutrition …or are they only starving when politicians are not on holiday???

  • Friel Lane

    Just been reading an article on the NZ Horrid site about Mr Gilman-Harris, who was murdered in South Auckland over he weekend. Apparently he worked as a manager’s assistant for Kiwi Rail for 10 years, yet reportedly owns a number of cars including a BMW, and two Rolls Royce’s. Makes you wonder if there is more to this story. How does someone in a job like that afford cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars….?

    • Ilovelife

      I think it’s fairly obvious how. Time will tell.

    • Spiker

      Likely there is a lot more to the story, though you can pick up a Roller for 15k on TM right now.

    • Bert Piepoint

      I made a similar observation in yesterday’s general debate.

    • Cowgirl

      I thought it sounded like a dodgy situation, but it sounds even dodgier if he had a lot of expensive toys. Maybe he just poured all his money into them and was frugal everywhere else? Time will tell.

    • Hard1

      What was he doing checking into a Motel with two young guys not far from where he lives at 8 o’clock in the morning?. We all know. Sad, really.

  • newbarnkiwi

    “Scratch a liberal and you’ll find a fascist … I’m not joking. You look at what’s happening in this country now. Catharine MacKinnon thinks that we should now limit free speech, anything that offends a woman should now no longer be allowed – no reasonable man or woman in this country would subscribe to that, it’s just insanity.” (1994)

    Gotta love James Woods… was just reading his bio on imdb.com http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000249/bio … a brilliant mind with a substantially higher IQ than Einstein.

    • LisaGinNZ

      James Woods is awesome

  • Michael

    Fairfax have a dig at the Salvation Army (again).


    Ana Samways can’t help herself criticising a Nat MP, even for wishing everyone passing by safe and happy holidays.


    Does being a journalist mean you must be so cynical about everything that conservative politicians or groups do? And be so fawning over any socialist ones?

    • Does being a journalist mean you must be so cynical about everything that conservative politicians or groups do? And be so fawning over any socialist ones?

      It is if you want to remain employed by NZ’s media companies. You write what you’re told to write.

      Speaking to SonovaMin a while ago, he used to draw leftie cartoons, because that’s what he was paid to do.

      • Ratchette

        Paid to supply lefty cartoons ….. pleased to have that confirmation of something blatantly obvious.
        Today another side splitting Body cartoon.

      • Bart67

        Yet they still cannot understand that the blatant lefty slant of the media is driving people away in droves! Not a great business model. Some honesty in the MSM might lead to a better bottom line, but personally, I can’t wait for them to all fail spectacularly!

      • Whitey

        Years ago I used to wonder why political cartoonists seemed to all be left wing. Of course eventually I worked out the reason.

        • Betty Swallocks

          Yeah, most of the Left can’t read.

    • LabTested

      Stuff have an article about possible NZ$ Aus$ exchange rate parity. The first paragraph says it is all due to interest rate forecasts. Only when you read down do they sort of admit that the strength of the NZ economy is the reason. They just won’t celebrate (let alone admit) that we are doing good


      • dgrogan

        About time all those Aussie retail brands here in NZ were forced to stop their rip-off, comparative AUS/NZ $ pricing. There was a time I suffered from “economy envy” but not anymore.

  • Cadwallader

    I see their is an avert here to study Conservation in Northland. Given the presence of North Tec here I expect there is a Whale Protection Diploma. Seriously it is gratifying to find academia promoting its products on this site.

    • 1951

      Yup, but do we really need more ‘Experts’ in that field?

      • Cadwallader

        Of course not but I would be wary of criticising an advertiser on this site given the inane cries to boycott WO by some.

        • 1951

          Yeh, that’s exactly why I deleted the rest of my comment before posting. I will save it for another time.