Whaleoil’s Top 12 stories for 2014



Pimping the Poor – Bludger family attacks Salvation Army

I only posted that a week ago.  That’s rather amazing that the story is the most read one compared to the others we had:


Another Missing Chapter – Mona Dotcom gets her kit off [IMAGES]

Tania Billingsley and the Green and Rape Crisis fingerprints

The three biggest lies of Hager’s book


Random impertinent questions

How a tainted journalist manipulates the news

I hope the NZ Herald know what they’re doing… Bryce Edwards is quite the spiteful liar!

Mana blogger and Internet Party “strategist” Martyn Bradbury enrolled to vote twice

David Cunliffe’s Challenge

Hager’s Book

Tania Billingsley, in her own words


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  • Carl

    With being on this blog for about a year now the stories that opened my mind the most was the REAL ones on Israel and not the tripe we are fed by the Hamas huggers in the MSM. Thanks to all who opened my mind about this.

  • cows4me

    All stories our lefty loving media either totally ignored or wore wielding glasses when attacking their keyboards, not wishing to shine to much cleansing light on the subjects.

  • kehua

    Re your Aug 14 post `KDC Paymaster`, did any of the msm take up your interview offer?