What a great idea!


Reviewing the year in politics eh Katie?  Bet you didn’t add this one:  

Katie Bradford NZ

Katie Bradford


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  • Michael_l_c

    Her statement sums up the attitude of MSM during the election. Corruption if the media claim to be unbiased. The media should generally be neutral. They may have commentators with a left or right view but declare it.
    Maybe there should be an inquiry into the media particularly TVNZ, after all we own it.
    What was amazing was the arrogance and sense of entitlement to determine the election. msm need to get over themselves, this is a democracy.
    Fortunately their bias was so obvious, they along with kimmy, the absent hone, ‘I’m sorry’ & the one who would claim to be a journalist, sank the left & made National look really good.

    • peterwn

      Unfortunately, Whale’s 7th rule of politics comes into play here with journalists being the pigs – wrestle with them and you get muddy and the journos enjoy it. So it seems one has to get the political message out another way.

  • Reid

    She really should resign her position as deputy head of the Press Gallery and if we had a real profession of actual journalists they would long ago have put on sufficient pressure to have made that happen. But apparently we have none of these things so Katie, rather than being an outlier, is in fact part of the mainstream amongst our “news” providers, the vast majority of whom, evidently, have changed their occupation from “journalist” to “public relation specialist” but they’ve forgotten to tell their audience about it.

    Which really is the worst thing about it, isn’t it.

    Because when you think about it, their occupation is fundamentally about integrity. Integrity is as fundamental to journalism as the principle that lawyers are required to provide representation to everyone even the most despicable characters, it’s that fundamental.

    And yet here they are, one of their own, proudly proclaims she’s not there to inform, she’s there to influence, and no-one bats an eyelid, no-one seems to think it’s remarkable, no-one cares, no-one even comments. Well, one does. This one right here, on this forum. The one all the rest of the others, hate. Thanks guys. And well done.

    • Whafe

      Let us try and name one MSM whom has integrity? Yeah Right

      • Albert Root

        Nigella Lawson. All of her articles are factually accurate and help us to understand that the world can be improved with chocolate and aorta-damaging foods.

  • Asian_driver

    Undercover green operative, the enemy within !

    • Jeff

      i reckon

  • R&BAvenger

    That statement perfectly encapsulates everything that is wrong with the MSM in New Zealand. Completely politically biased and pushing opposition lines /angles at every opportunity with superficial questioning, examination and analysis of what the opposition (potential government in waiting) has to offer. This is across broadcasting, print and digital media.
    Kick the Press gallery out of parliament and across to another building where they can ply their ‘trade’. A neutral area to meet politicians of any party is needed. The only exception being the PM, Opposition Leader, Ministers and their ‘shadows’ in opposition.

  • Allyson

    Amazing thing is that the traditional media still have no idea the irrevesible damage they did to their profession during that election.

  • john Doe

    “Not only do i get to shake my head and laugh….” I feel the same when you come on TV Katie. I shake my head and turn the TV off.

    • mommadog

      She doesn’t stop shaking her head which is as annoying to the viewer as her voice can be. I find it interesting that those who employ her obviously find it a ok. While I’m no snob it would be good to return to the days when those presenting the “news” had to have diction lessons to make sure they spoke well and we didn’t have all the extras popping up in the news broadcasts all the time. All that pops up is big egos rather than pertinent information.

      • Imogen B

        That ain’t all that shakes when she hops up and down!
        Time to put the puppies away if you want to be taken seriously, Katie.

  • GoingRight

    Just getting a few more ideas as to who was involved in the dirty politics saga and look forward to having it spelled out for me early in the new year and those involved held accountable. Truth must come out surely.

  • Catriona

    And she really believes that we should believe in everything she says? Don’t think so.
    Why should I be influenced by an airhead?
    These journalists are not running the country even though they would like to think they are.

  • John1234

    Not only are the MSM left leaning, they are also completely out of touch with mainstream New Zealanders. I suppose the two are one and the same.

    • Kevin

      Explains why they were so shocked by the election result.

  • Tom

    Someone really needs to teach her to speak properly. My six year old daughter can speak better than Katie.

    • Radiodog

      I would have thought one of the basic requirements of being a ‘Presenter’ of any form in any media would be to speak properly. When she first opened her mouth to the public on TV, I was horrified. Were her employers worried they might offend her if they told her she spoke like a 2 year old? PC gone mad.

      • pisces8284 .

        Same goes for all the Breakfast reporters. Listening to them is like chalk screeching on a blackboard

    • Albert Root

      In Katie’s world, it’s “I spuck unglush proper.”

  • Ratchette

    To quote Katie Bradford referring to the politically left MSM cabal … “No matter what WE talk about, no matter what WE do, the polls don’t seem to be shifting at all”
    Haven’t you figured it out yet, Katie ? If you aspire to join the ranks of true journalists then stick to the truth, present FACTS not socialist lies.
    New Zealanders are not idiots. You should remember that.

  • conwaycaptain

    To the Whale Pod. When will we be FREED?

  • Kiwikea

    To be fair at least she broke the cycle and is not part of inter-generational welfare dependency….

    • Albert Root

      TVNZ is taxpayer supported. It makes a minimal annual return to its ‘owners’ and receives bulk support from NZ on Air.

    • Effluent

      and how likely do you think it is that the offspring of a non-leftie politician would have such a meteoric rise up the ranks in TV1, or would even have got a job as a political reporter in the first place? I smell nepotism.

  • Macca

    The funniest thing of all was the inquiry TV1 launched after Shane Taurima’s dismissal to check for any political bias in the organisation – and it came back that there was no political bias whatsoever!!!!! Even funnier was the likes of Commie Dan advising us of this on the news – with a straight face!

    The MSM obviously think that the average Kiwi is as thick as they are!

  • cows4me