What happened to Keep Calm and Carry On?


We’ve seen the Brits tell their armed forces not to wear their uniforms outside of barracks.

We’ve seen the Brits tell their police not to wear their uniforms from and to work.

Now the Queen’s guard has been withdrawn and are hiding behind fences.

The furry-hatted and red-uniformed sentries that visitors to London like to be photographed with have been withdrawn from their sentry posts outside royal palaces for fear of falling prey to lone-wolf terror attacks, British media reports say.

The elite soldiers who make up the Queen’s Guard in the British capital no longer stand alone outside Clarence House, St James’ Palace, Windsor Castle and Horse Guards Parade.

They have moved to positions inside closed gates or when present are closely guarded by armed police, the Daily Mail reported.

It is now unlikely that tourists will be able to get close enough to pose for photographs with the Queen’s Guard.

When are they going to call this what it is?  When your own people attack your own people, you have a civil war.  Parts of the UK, and especially the armed forces and police, are cowing in the face of a religiously driven war on their way off life.




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  • Mark

    Sheesh,they already have guns,all they need is ammo! Maybe they should put out a cap with a sign,”Will pose for photos for ammo”

  • MaryLou

    Yes, I haven’t heard the problems referred to as civil war before, but that is exactly what it is. That term addresses the problems in Europe far more succinctly than other names bandied about, because a fair chunk of the trouble makers are born and bred in the country they are attacking. Closing or partially closing the borders will help, but the “send ’em home” rhetoric is too little too late.

  • Sailor Sam

    Finally people are getting it, it is civil war.
    All the excusionists for Islam must now realise they were wrong.
    NZ is also in the firing line, plenty of ” intermingled” maori are taking up Islam, it will not be long when patched gang members get into the act.
    The have plenty of self induced grievances.

  • nervus

    Blame the gutless polititicans not the police or the armed forces there.

  • LabTested

    .at what point do English stop & say this is not right. We have to fight back. If they quietly put the House Hold Guards behind bars, then whats next? Will the Queen be banned from doing walk abouts?

    6 Generations ago my Grand-dad’s Grand dad (etc) served in the Household Calvary. What complete humiliation that they now have to hide away.

  • caochladh

    A good start will be to get back to SOP 101. If it has a weapon in its hand or about its person it dies, pure and simple. No endless negotiating, no warning shots, no shooting to wound, just death.

    • mommadog

      Yes – leave the guards at the gate but set up a new sniper position somewhere close and with a good view.

      • Nechtan

        With a very open set of ROEs.

  • mike

    It’s a prudent measure to take. It’s not cowardice it’s protecting those men who do that duty and are an “easy” target.

    Any Government that does not take all practical measures to protect its citizens is guilty of negligence.

    • Carl

      Agree Mike but it should never of come to this.

      • mike

        It’s been like this for decades if not centuries. Look at the actions taken during the Troubles. British soldiers didn’t wear their uniforms in public off duty. British soldiers were kidnapped and murdered by the IRA. There were bombings in London, there was even a mortar attack on Buckingham Palace!

        terrorism isn’t new.

    • LabTested

      . where do you draw the line. The government must take all practical steps. This includes banning your national flag because it upsets Muslims.

      Rural council votes to stop flying flag of St George claiming it is offensive to town’s 16 Muslims


      Do you think they will ever stop? or is each small victory just encouraging them.

      • Wallace Westland

        For crying out loud. Do these rabid foaming at the mouth lefties have no end?
        What’s worse is clearly the Muslims in this community don’t want a bar of it and are sickened that they will be seen as the ones being unpatriotic.

        I have only one more thing to say (pic)

      • mike

        Not flying your own flag is not a practical step. That’s wrong. Protecting soldiers on ceremonial duties is smart.

        You want to stop them. Easy let’s stop buying their oil. Once the money is gone they are gone.

        • El Diablo

          How exactly does boycotting Middle Eastern oil get rid of millions of muslims who are living in Britain? That simply makes no sense.

          • mike

            Follow the money.

            Who funds the terrorist groups?
            Where does that money come from?

            If you stop buying the oil from the ME then the money men won’t have the money to fund the terrorist groups. ISIS and AQ without this funding will eventually shrivel up and die. The militant radicalised groups living in other countries will then not have these groups to idolise, and they will not see it as their duty to carry out these attacks.

            It’s essentially the same game plan that the US used to win the cold war. Deprive the USSR of funds and spend a boatload on defense. It drove the USSR bankrupt… and then the Wall came down. An overly simplistic view of the whole thing I know, but essentially accurate.

      • The Accountant

        To be fair, not even the local Muslims understand the council on that one. The council are a bunch of nutter PC’ers who will only stoke the flames between the local fractions.

  • Hardie Martin

    “Up Guards and at ’em”. Arthur Lord Wellesley at Waterloo.

    It worked then.

    Time for an action replay?

    • The Accountant

      Actually, the Duke cut his teeth on some Muslim leaders when he was charging round in India at the start of his career. I imagine he would be appalled at the limp wristed wasterals.

  • unitedtribes

    So what did they expect if they let the enemy in. Nations have been trying to defeat England for centuries. They should have just fronted up to the gates and said “please sir can I come in and kill you from within” Pathetic

  • cows4me

    Are the police and armed forces really cowering or are they hamstrung by their idiot, politically correct, liberal politicians ? Quite frankly they’ve crapped in their own nests by voting in limp wristed politicians over the last couple of decades. These politicians have neutered their citizens and turned the UK into a bureaucratic cess pit. Look at the increasing popularity of Ukip. The UK is the perfect example of the crap polices of the left and the total failure in the lefts belief all cultures are of equal value.

  • Tom McKechnie

    At the end of World War II, Winston Churchill’s suggested solution to dealing with fanatical Nazis was simple. When captured, anyone in a black uniform should be shot immediately. How things have changed.

    The breaking point was reached with the brutal murder of the off duty soldier in England.
    The UK Parliament should have moved then to show the murdering scumbags that the rules had changed and declared that because of the ever increasing terrorist threats, all Police & Military Personnel would now be armed , at all times.

    If this action provoked a negative response from The European Court of Human Rights. Tough.

    • OneTrack

      But the UK parliament didn’t do that. They were too scared that someone would call them a waysist.

  • Mark

    It’s not like soldiers haven’t been at risk before,once again a failure of will,not a lack of a reasonable solution.

  • Disinfectant

    They didn’t back down to the threat of the IRA.
    So why now, what’s going on?

  • paul468

    We must stop muslims from immigrating into NZ, too late after the event

  • Goldie

    It is no surprise – this is the country where flying the St George flag is considered to be offensive.