Who is paying for the Boagan’s $2.1 BILLION snatch?

business woman with lots of money

Everyone smart is running a mile from Michelle “The BoaganBoag’s plan to snatch $2.1 billion in Vector shares from Aucklanders and South Aucklanders to give to Lyin’ Len Brown for him to build his trainset.

But one question is still be to explored. Who is paying The Boagan, 60? And who is paying her offsider Cedric “Senile” Allan, 102?

These people don’t do anything for free. The Boagan even got Doug Myers to pay her when she was running for National Party President.

The tipline is running hot with theories.

Top of the list of suspects is John “Dining Table” Collinge who has been obsessed with getting rid of the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust for 20 years. But I’m not sure Dining Table has the cash to pay The Boagan and Senile’s fees.

Second on the list of suspects is Precinct Properties which has done a dodgy deal with Lynin’ Len’s Council to make a fortune redeveloping its properties when the trainset gets underway.

A few say Lynin’ Len might have got the council’s Auckland Transport organisation to pay The Boagan but that’d be so dodgy …. wait … maybe … who knows?

Top of the list of the construction companies to be The Boagan’s sugar daddy is Hawkins Construction. They’re seen as the frontrunners to get the trainset contract when work gets underway – so the sooner the better to get the cash in the bank.

Fletchers is said to be a possibility too. They are keen to have a crack against Hawkins for the work.

Higgins and Downers have also been mentioned as outside chances. Maybe Beca?

Or would Kiwi Income Property Trust have a way of skimming some cash from the trainset?

What about Sky City? It can get more punters to its casino when the trainset is built – there’ll be a station right outside.

I think I’m close to cracking it: What’s the bet The Boagan’s secret funder is listed on her mate Heather “The ShotterShotter’s “Committee for Auckland” site.

A box of virtual chocolate fish for whoever knows the answer.

Whoever it is, The Boagan is singing “You Beauty!” as the cash comes rushing in.



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  • Jas

    Has to be the Americans, they are always in the dodgy stuff hahaha.
    But seriously I could understand property companies if it was building new train lines in the suburbs but not so much in the CBD so I would say one of the construction companies

  • Drhill

    Len Brown through a secret trust?

    • what ajoke

      And A secret Room in the next council building for Len s orgies get rid of him before he ill ruin Auckland

  • This has the ring of politics rather than commercial interests to me, i’d be looking at the mayor and any pro railway councilors. Though I wouldn’t rule out other political factions.

  • MrBarrington

    Can’t see how Kiwi Property gets much of a look in with the train set…. it owns some office towers in the CBD but none on the route? Precinct however, they could well be a backer of the Boagan…

    I do think Drhill might be onto something though… Len has all the incentives in the world to be running a secret trust for this…

    • Drhill

      He has proven that he wants the trainset to be his legacy.

    • Platinum Fox

      Let’s hope that Red Len and Auckland Transport haven’t “sold the farm” and agreed to pay for building the entire foundation for the redevelopment of the Downtown site in order to get their tunnel through the site.

    • peterwn

      Kiwi (owner of the ‘toilet seat’ building) would benefit in a similar manner to other CBD property owners, that is assuming more people come into the CBD. Kiwi has already benefited from the rail upgrade – with its Sylvia Park shopping centre.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    I would put my money on Auckland Transport.Hawkins is a building company
    not infrastructure which is more a Fletcher gig with overseas partners.

    a overseas consortium with experience in these projects in say Hong
    Kong or China.Maybe Lenny Boy sorted this out on one of his now many
    visits to Asia maybe his mind was made up when he was saw the video of
    his hotel room.

    Thirdly with a project of this size blowing out to $4 – $5 Billion everyone on Shotters list will clip the ticket at least once

    • http://www.hawkins.co.nz/

      Hawkins have an infrastructure division…

      Just sayin’

      • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

        Yes totally agree but very small and just starting out.I think they just completed the cycle way next to the motorway and Auckland Uni.

        • Canucktoo

          How many million was that cycleway?? $10-12M I heard – you Aucklanders must be nuts or Lenny is totally captured by the lycra brigade (confession – I’m a dirt tracker!!)

          • Platinum Fox

            The $10-12m piece was a Transit project, so on the taxpayer account. AC’s ratepayers have paid about $2.8m for a connecting cycleway from Alten Road to Quay Street via Beach Road, Mahuhu Crescent and Tapora Street. Another extension along Beach Road to Britomart Place is also proposed by Auckland Transport.

            Here’s an earlier post which also has discussion on the SkyPath fantasy which I have little doubt that Red Len intends to commit Auckland ratepayers to underwrite http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2014/11/spending-millions-cycling-auckland/

          • Canucktoo

            OMG!!!! We Speights’ drinkers are paying 50% of these gold plated fantasies in Jafaland – time to buy a house boat!!

          • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

            Good idea then bring it up to Auckland and apply for subsidy for running a ferry services from Auckland Transport and bingo you will be away laughing.Don’t forget to bring your Speights.

          • Albert Root

            Don’t expect a cent. AT doesn’t understand the value of ferries, despite them requiring little or no upgrade to the routes (occasional dredging), small inexpensive wharves, and a public hanging out for something that avoids expenditure of billions of dollars on two kilometres of underground railway and vast motorways. And most ferry routes start and end in the CBD! Who’d have thought that would be possible in a harbour city?

          • MrHippo

            And if you look at the AT board papers they get something like 1/5 the subsidy per passenger km as to trains.

          • Albert Root

            Heaven forbid, a public transport system that works effectively, takes its users to where they want to go faster than via any other means and costs less than rail and probably roads to operate! Can’t have that now can we?

          • MrHippo

            Yes too much common sense there. It doesn’t sit well with that special bread ‘the bearded numpty’ that inhabits local government and survives off ‘free’ rate payer money and a social agenda to push.

          • Win

            Skypath fantasy – Auckland ratepayers will be paying for this for at least 20 years. The promoters can’t wait for ratepayer monies to roll in. Yet another ‘Auckland Council’ scheme that needs a good dose of sunshine.

          • Albert Root

            Can’t wait to see the annual cost required to encourage riders to use the Skypath during 1) rain (180 days of the year), 2) wind (every day), 3) and winter (quarter of the year). Maybe there should be a toll system to cover the vast number of days when the Skypath is not being used to full capacity?

          • MrHippo

            Skypath… They have already started paying. Just look at all the handouts in the council minutes.

          • Albert Root

            Skypath is supported by a large number of North Shore cyclists, many of whom probably use the Devonport and Bayswater ferries at the moment. I don’t see any of them switching their means of transport during the working week. So the lycra-clad superheroes will be creating havoc on the Skypath on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

          • Platinum Fox

            Easing the traffic worries of the good people of Coatesville by removing cyclists from narrow country roads may perhaps be a collateral benefit of the Skypath which I hadn’t appreciated.
            If, however, the Devonport lycra brigade think that they will be able to cross the Skypath and infest the city streets then they will find that weekend traffic volumes are already high and the traffic light cycles are not coordinated so it’s mostly stop/start.

          • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

            Canucktoo just so we can share our love to other tax payers in NZ and so you don’t roll around laughing at us Jaffa’s what Plantinum Fox said below is correct.

            When Auckland Transport undertake any project that includes transport and I mean cars,trains ferries,cycling,walking and buses all tax payers in NZ pay 50% as they apply to NZTA for funding of 50% each project for transport.

            This is one area that needs a good dose of sunshine.

          • Platinum Fox

            And the $10-12m for the piece that goes up past the university through Grafton Gully and links up to the cycleway that runs alongside the NW motorway was entirely on the taxpayer account!
            I just checked on Google Maps and I see that the GG cycleway is now shown on the map, though the connection to the NW cycleway at Upper Queen Street isn’t obvious to a me.

          • Mainstream Mike

            No – because basically only 10% of people in NZ pay nett tax and apart from a few thousand cvil servants in Wellington, they are all in Auckland. The rest of NZ – especially Wellington of course – sucks Billions and Billions from Aucklanders, ads it to the HUNDRED BILLION Bill “Rock Star” English borrowed, and then flushes it all away on welfare.

          • Dave_1924

            Yeah that is just total rubbish. I hope you’re trying to be ironically funny with that comment….. because the real economy happens in the farms, orchards and quarries of NZ not in Jaffa Land…

          • Kevin

            Auckland councillors want everyone out of their cars and using buses and cycles so they have more room to drive their BMWs.

            And nothing wrong with dirt trackers. At least you guys don’t ride 10 abreast and hog the entire road.

    • Luis Cannon

      Secondly gets my vote. Brown’s trips overseas are coming home to roost. This smells of a desperate attempt to appease overseas interests and avoid a knee-capping before he gets kicked out.

    • All_on_Red

      Hawkins have done over $500 million in work for Kiwi rail…
      Just ask Auckland Transport- they know.

  • unitedtribes

    Dame Jenny Gibbs

  • burns_well_eh

    Cooper and Co would seem to have a lot more to gain than Precinct. Also, Precinct couldn’t organise an evening of convivial imbibing in a hostelry specifically designed for the purpose.

  • JC

    “Second on the list of suspects is Precinct Properties”

    Yesss! There always has to be a property company involved for crony capitalism and corruption to work. Thanks for this, it restores my faith in human nature, stand by for a rerun of Detroit City.


  • Muffin

    whats that trust that funded Lens election campain, you know the one that we arent allowed to know who put in the funds. Seems they might be further perverting the course of auckland city.

  • kayaker

    Mighty River Power.

  • Just a thought …

    Please please keep up the pressure on this….. that woman scares me and has got no-ones best interest at heart than her own…….. she is looking for one last big payday and see’s this as the perfect opportunity to cash in……. she is the quintessential mother-in-law….