Who is paying for the Boagan’s $2.1 BILLION snatch?

business woman with lots of money

Everyone smart is running a mile from Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag?s plan to snatch $2.1 billion in Vector shares from Aucklanders and South Aucklanders to give to Lyin? Len Brown for him to build his trainset.

But one question is still be to explored. Who is paying The Boagan, 60? And who is paying her offsider Cedric ?Senile? Allan, 102?

These people don?t do anything for free. The Boagan even got Doug Myers to pay her when she was running for National Party President.

The tipline is running hot with theories.

Top of the list of suspects is John ?Dining Table? Collinge who has been obsessed with getting rid of the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust for 20 years. But I’m?not sure Dining Table has the cash to pay The Boagan and Senile?s fees.

Second on the list of suspects is Precinct Properties which has done a dodgy deal with Lynin? Len?s Council to make a fortune redeveloping its properties when the trainset gets underway.

A few say Lynin? Len might have?got the council?s Auckland Transport organisation to pay The Boagan but that?d be so dodgy ?. wait ? maybe ? who knows?

Top of the list of the construction companies to be The Boagan?s sugar daddy is Hawkins Construction. They?re seen as the frontrunners to get the trainset contract when work gets underway ? so the sooner the better to get the cash in the bank.

Fletchers is said to be a possibility too. They are keen to have a crack against Hawkins for the work.

Higgins and Downers have also been mentioned as outside chances. Maybe Beca?

Or would Kiwi Income Property Trust have a way of skimming some cash from the trainset?

What about Sky City? It can get more punters to its casino when the trainset is built ? there?ll be a station right outside.

I think I’m close to cracking it: What?s the bet The Boagan?s secret funder is listed on her mate Heather ?The Shotter? Shotter?s ?Committee for Auckland? site.

A box of virtual chocolate fish for whoever knows the answer.

Whoever it is, The Boagan is singing ?You Beauty!? as the cash comes rushing in.