When will the Dodgy Socialist Dam Fall Over?

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Regular readers will know that I loathe socialism, and especially loathe corporate welfare.

I also loathe local government giving anyone the right to turn our waterways toxic. So it is a good day when we hear that an extremely dodgy corporate welfare project is looking likely to fail.

The halfwits at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council have been promoting a massive irrigation scheme in Central Hawkes Bay, despite being repeatedly warned that it was not environmentally sound and was not economically viable.

These points now seem to be coming home to roost.

Backers of the Hawke’s Bay irrigation scheme have until March 31 to show they have the necessary consents, investment and demand before construction begins.

But Friday’s High Court decision, in favour of Fish & Game and other appellants, has complicated matters because it has sent a crucial part of the resource consent back to a board of inquiry for consideration.

The board needs to reconvene and take submissions from both sides. No date is set for this to occur, and it is uncertain how long it would take or what process it would follow. If the investment company behind the scheme is forced to extend the financial closing date beyond the end of March, it would face additional costs of about $250,000 a month.

Word from Hawkes Bay is that Fish & Game and Iwi have repeatedly told the council that they will not get consents for turning the Tukituki Toxic, yet the council has bulldozed ahead without taking any notice of any criticism until nailed by the Board of Inquiry process, and the High Court.

This makes one wonder whether the councillors who repeatedly ignored external advice will be liable for all the money they have wasted.

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council are so dodgy that the appellants to the High Court case have received costs, which is very unusual, and funds the next round of legal action.

He said the fact the appellants had been awarded costs meant they were now financially armed to fight any bid to ease water quality limits, “and it seems unlikely that they’re going to back off”.

If the halfwits at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council had actually worked with the appellants instead of trying to bulldoze through consents that were always going to be overturned in court they may have a viable project.

Instead they were contemptuous of anyone with legitimate opposition to the dodgy socialist dam, and they proceeded with a dodgy project that keeps losing legally.

If only we had recall provisions…the problem is John Key lacks the courage to give ratepayers a tool to remove dodgy councillors.



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  • mark14

    we can always make a film about it…..

  • rua kenana

    “John Key lacks the courage …”
    To me he seems courageous enough, perhaps just blinded by his own ideology.