Will Rotorua be next to force unelected Maori “representatives” on ratepayers?

On Thursday there is possibly a vote, pushed by Labour hack, Steve Chadwick, to put Te Arawa representatives on Rotorua Lakes Council.

It will be a very explosive issue. A few councillors and a previous candidate have created a group to oppose the move:

Six months ago, at the Mayor’s instigation, a “Te Arawa Partnership Plan” proposed to give the iwi two unelected representatives on the Rotorua District Council, plus 50% control of the Resource Management Committee and their own parallel administration. The plan was flatly rejected by Rotorua ratepayers. Council officials have since provided finance and staff to support several hui, the most recent on 14 December 2014.

With respect, we invited Te Arawa to reaffirm the principles of democracy.

In recent times the Council, with the support of the Mayor, has increasingly paid lip service to due process and pushed through numerous decisions and changes to delegations about discretionary spending. So, we may ask, where to from here?

Given the Mayor’s progressively unilateral decision making, and recent announcements, it is clear she will ram through her preferred model of representation at the last meeting of the year on 18 December, hoping that the political fallout will fade over Christmas. Such tactics would be ill advised and will most likely backfire. Many Councillors have recently come to the conclusion that this Council has over-stepped the mark with the lack of due process. The lack of authentic consultation prior to controversial near split-vote decisions is creating a legacy of division in our community. Ramming through unelected representation will push the boundaries of democracy, and once again, divide our district. Public tolerance of such behaviour is fading.

This boils down to race-based, unelected ‘representatives’ (oh the irony) being put into chairs normally reserved for elected community representatives.

Councils have become the new battle-ground for Maori activism, claiming once again that this is all part of the treaty.

It is not.

The treaty was between tribes and the crown and arguably no councils even existed back then.

This extension of so-called ‘rights’ for Maori is leading us down a path of apartheid and resentment, especially as most ‘solutions’ to solve non-existent problems involved unelected ‘representatives’ to hold the balance of power and allow them to extort the ratepayers.

The government must move to legislate this nonsense away.

I wonder what local MP Todd McClay is going to say about all this?

He probably will be relishing Steve Chadwick pushing this through as it will make his re-election a foregone conclusion.


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  • This type of cooperation between Iwi extortionist and lefty mayors/councilors seems to be happening all over the country. Look at New Plymouth, and Wanganui and the H issue recent threats. To me it almost seems a planned well coordinated attack by Maori and the left throughout the country.

    • Kevin

      It’s just the Maori Mafia being enabled by sickly white liberalism.

  • Kevin

    If you’re a white liberal who believes in Te Tiriti O Waitangi then all this makes perfect sense. To them we should have a Maori Upper House and this is just a manifestation of that.

    • Dave

      There is already a special Maori Upper house, WINZ exists, and an extremely high percentage of its clients are Maori. Special Privilidges indeed.

    • Chiefsfan73

      Am I mistaken or was Te Arawa one of the tribes who refused to sign the treaty.

    • mommadog

      It seems that some of the white liberals are trying to be more Maori than the Maori. I work with a couple. The go out of their way to prove they are not racist and support Maori and Maori rights, then potentially become racist in the doing. Racist against other whites who are not so liberal in their thinking. When I lived in the States I learned about the Wannabe tribe. These were the non-Native Americans that frequently turned up at tribal pow-wows, tried to join in and wanted to be something they weren’t. I see some of that in this country.

  • cows4me

    Haven’t they got a nice mud pool they can drop that retarded woman into?

  • 1951

    What is wrong with local iwi putting up a candidate for local body elections anyway? Do they ever? Nick Smith…chainsaw required here too. [He better be up to the job].

    • Polly

      Already several maori on the Council.

  • sheppy

    Given the total inaction against Aucklands wasteful council and its unaccountable mayor complete with ratepayer financed hidden bookcase bathroom I’d not expect National to care about this let alone do anything about it.

  • Polly

    There’s already maori representation on the Council – 4 of the 14 councillors are maori, elected on their own merits as people. As well, Mayor Chadwick’s husband is a maori, and another long term councillor’s husband (now deceased) was a maori. So there’s plenty already there who understand the maori perspective without undemocratically adding unelected people to the Council decision making process. There have been several unpopular changes been rushed through and the general feeling in Rotorua is that people are very unhappy with Chadwick’s bulldozing methods, I have heard many people expressing regret at voting for her. She obviously has her own agenda and is determined to follow it in spite of vowing prior to the election to consult with the residents.

    • 1951

      Good to hear. Oh what a dangerous web the Lefties do weave.

    • MoggieManiac

      Well, to sort this out all that is needed is for a sentence to be added to the document stating that with unelected Maori representatives no-one with Maori blood will be allowed to stand for the elected seats.
      That should give the current elected Maori something to think about.

  • Tom

    I wonder if they will be putting some Asians into the council. After all Asian makes up a higher % in New Zealand and Rotorua needs to remember Maori are NOT indigenous like every other race here.

  • steve and monique

    Do we live in one country, or two. Would not know it by all this split race rubbish going on.

  • Polly

    Every day there are letters to the editor of the local Rotorua Daily Post from residents expressing concern about the current mayor and council. Four on the subject were published yesterday:: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/rotorua-daily-post/opinion/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503435&objectid=11373681

  • Mick Ie

    I can’t understand how all Maori are not insulted by this. Isn’t this a way of saying they are considered unelectable?

  • Lee

    Chris Finlayson and John Key are driving this from back door deals with radical corporate maori with their grubby perpetual hands out for more hundreds of billions.
    John Key is the best we’ve got in NZ but he’s still a coward when it comes to maori issues. Maori are not indigenous to NZ as their history says they came here by boat much like the rest of us. Why should they get all these benefits simply because they can’t make it without a handout. This is doing great damage to NZ, but most will simply let it go and look the other way. The greatest gift to greedy corporate maori is white kiwi apathy and look the other way syndrome.

  • Bryan

    te arawa never signed the treaty so how can they claim any covering from something to which they were no party, and what about others tribes present in Rotorua will they also get to have two represented also this is nothing but reverse racism, and yes i can remember a sub tribe member being elected on to the Te Arawa Maori Trust board and the trouble that person had till they finally resigned simply because they were not of the main tribe and yes i was there at that time and saw the whole sad situation played out, simply where do you stop once you go down this path, there are over 15 % of the population of NZ of Irish descent so are they entitled to their “Irish” representives on local councils as well?