How to win friends and influence people: Phillip Smith Style


If Phillip Smith isn’t careful, he’ll take the “most hated person in New Zealand” title off me.

Murderer and child sex offender Phillip John Smith’s claims that he was aided in his escape to Brazil by a prison guard have angered inmates at the country’s toughest prison, where he is being kept in isolation.

Smith is in segregation within the maximum-security unit at Auckland Prison at Paremoremo and a source said he was “very disliked” by the other inmates after he claimed this week that a prison officer helped him plan his escape.

Smith fled the country last month while on temporary release from Springhill Prison near Te Kauwhata. He was recaptured a week later in Rio de Janiero and returned to New Zealand. A police investigation is under way into his escape and who helped him.

On Wednesday, his lawyer, Dr Tony Ellis, released a statement handwritten by Smith that alleged a prison officer helped him to obtain a passport and gave him a smartphone and movies.

Smith further alleged he received “numerous benefits” from the officer from the time of their first meeting to some time between October and November 2012.

And how is that working out for him?  

A prison source said the other inmates disliked Smith and were annoyed at the attention he was getting.

“No one likes him. The feeling up there is that Phillip Smith is lying about the corruption by the prison officer … it’s a complete fantasy.

“They think he is trying to cover up for [someone else]. Why would you give up a prison guard?”

In 1995, Smith stabbed to death the father of a boy he had been sexually abusing, after tracking the family down to a Wellington house where they had moved to escape him.

The source said no prison officer in their right mind would help a child sex offender.

“They are bottom of the heap, the bottom of the criminal world, and it’s very unlikely a prison officer would collude with him because of that low status and the high chance of being given up by him.”

Most hated.  Vile.  Fantasist.

They’re going to run out of adjectives next time they have to describe me.  After all, Phillip only molested a child and murdered someone.  I on the other hand, wrote blog posts, talked to people and texted the Prime Minister.


– Anna Leask, NZ Herald


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  • Popliteal

    The thing that annoys me about this case is that we are paying for Tony Ellis’s seeming role as the amoral enabler of a sociopath.

  • Rick H

    haha – the “Sponsored Comment” seems rather apt for this topic.

    • OT Richter

      ‘Get active with your kids’. Apt indeed.

      • SlightlyStrange

        Mine is “Would you say yes to a spontaneous getaway?”
        Slightly more appropriately apt.

  • SlightlyStrange

    It seems wrong to be suggesting it, but if a prison officer WAS colluding with him, what was he getting in return from Smith?
    That said, he’s far too up himself to give himself up like that, it would appear.

  • HunuaRanger

    Stick him in General Population. Problem solved.

  • MaryLou

    Yes Cam. In this post it highlights exactly the vitrolic way you have been labelled by the Left and the MSM. To use some one else’s word, it is abhorrent that they have chosen words to label you, that are better kept for this type of situation. The comparison is stark.

    Head up though – the day of reckoning is coming and you have plenty of supporters.

  • Hard1

    In this comedy of errors surely a Judge will grant Smith name suppression.

    • Red


  • damm good thrashing

    I read that the rest of the inmates are cross with him and say the staff would never help him escape. I suspect they don’t want an investigation into prison guards and corruption for what it may find.

  • 2rotorbro

    I thought the most hated person in NZ was D Cunliffe

  • burns_well_eh

    Don’t you mean “Multi-award winning most hated NZer”? There, now it looks right.