Winners are grinners, thanks John

John Armstrong tries to have a dig while at the same time declaring me a winner of the year…ah and there is yet another cartoon about me.

He will be the next target of Giovanni Tiso’s Stalinist inspired online bullying.

Winners: Andrew Little; Paula Bennett; Cameron Slater. Has Labour’s luck finally changed? Little nearly did not make it back into Parliament following Labour’s dreadful election. His victory in the party’s subsequent leadership contest could hardly have been slimmer. But he has taken on the cloak of leadership with gusto. Labour finally has a game-changer. National would be foolish to still believe otherwise.

Bennett got the jobs she wanted in the Cabinet reshuffle. Now positioned as deputy leader-in-waiting as a minimum – and could go even higher when Key eventually departs.

Slater got slam-dunked by Dirty Politics; his influence within the corridors of power has consequently diminished. Outside, it has grown exponentially. Bad publicity is good news for Whale Oil.

I think John Armstrong has been taking keyboard interviewing classes from John Drinnan.

I was not slam-dunked by Dirty Politics. his own paper kept on publicising my incredible ability to control John Key, most of cabinet, the Police, the SIS, the GCSB and a feared gang…they even produced infographics showing that I was the centre of a vast network, the spider at the core of the web, a literal embodiment of House of Cards.

Emmerson has produced more cartoons about me than anyone else, and I’ve sold more Herald’s than their best paper boy on Queen Street and Len Brown, and even then the Len Brown story came from me.

I’m surprised I wasn’t invited to the NZME. Christmas party and given Most Valued Employee status for my contribution to their bottom line.

Meanwhile I just keep on winning accolades, thanks to John Armstrong for keeping the media myth about Cameron Slater alive.

Winners are grinners..


– NZ Herald



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  • dgrogan

    That looked like a pretty confused article from, Armstrong IMO. He seems to be having a bob each way at the moment. I wonder if he is expecting some Dirty Politics fall-out of his own in the New Year?

  • Macca

    Hey Cam, Pete, Nige, Lux or any moderator, a couple of questions if I may please?

    Although I don’t always agree with what you say (probably around 98% of it – hey, that’s the attraction of the site), I would love to have the opportunity to up vote or down vote each actual column or article ie before it goes through to the discuss comments – any chance?

    Also whilst on the discuss subject, whatever happened to the down vote? For a site which we all pride ourselves on to have freedom of speech within reason – and now clean speech for that matter, I can’t figure out why we can’t down vote a comment we disagree with? Surely this would add to the authenticity of comments? Like most on here, I use my real name and would be happy to have it attached to a comment I didn’t agree with if I thought it was appropriate – as I’m sure most others would too. If I get down voted, it would be nice to know by who.

    I hate the thought of any PC nonsense being the reason for the above. This site is a leader where the rest are followers. Thoughts?

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      Up and down votes are controlled by Discus, not WO. I see merit in being able to vote for the articles but only in so far as Cam might be interested, and as it is ‘his’ blog, I’m picking he doesn’t care too much whether people like what they read or not, he posts what ‘he’ wants to and we then read what ‘we’ want to.

    • Mark

      You can still down-vote comments but the total number of votes no longer displays on the front-end. It’s a Disqus feature…

  • Ratchette

    Poor old Armstrong …. now in his autumn years. He has spent most of his life from angry man to even angrier old man, writing politically left opinions, misinformation and sometimes downright lies. This time last year he championed ‘King David’ as the new left messiah which of course, he got wrong. Almost a year later it is Angry Andy as the next savior. I guess that could be the kiss of death.

    Retirement is looming and I can imagine John sitting in his high back rocking chair, cardigan & carpet slippers gazing wistfully out of the window wondering about his wasted life and dreaming about what could have been.

    I guess I am just a sensitive person.

    P.S. I did scan the herald this morning at the coffee shop. What a load of junk. The herald has become a women’s magazine. the three ‘C’s Clothes, cosmetics, cooking, children, Oh! I forgot real estate. Plus a soupcon of old/out of date news ……. Yes I know that’s four ‘C’s, so I will add another ‘C’ …. ‘crap’

    I have a good New Years Resolution to share. (in the New Year)

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Slam dunked? He must have been desperate to drop that in somewhere and again got it all wrong. One might suspect that Cam is grinning like a Cheshire cat about now much to the displeasure of those who continue to whine and look for something, anything to catch him out with.Lol

  • D.Dave

    Little is doomed, he was referred to as a “game changer”. This is as fatal as the bit actor in the war movies, who shows some one a picture of his ‘girl, back home”, it is guaranteed to get you done in.

    • Or wearing a red shirt in Star trek on an away mission

  • RightofSingapore

    Before you know it, you’ll feature in a Campbell Live “connect the dots” exercise :)

  • Karma

    Everyone knows you can’t slam dunk a whale unless you have a front end loader and very large hoop.