Winston admits he would have gone with National


Winston Peters admits

…that a Labour-Greens Government was “never a mathematical possiblity”.

The only way Labour and the Greens had a chance of forming a Government was with NZ First, “and no one had talked to us”.

Whether Labour and the Greens’ failure to recognize their position was “arrogance or ignorance, it didn’t really matter because the net effect helped National”.

Mr Peters said National benefitted from the anti-Green paranoia which already existed and was exacerbated by the Greens demands to Labour including the finance portfolio in a new Government, two deputy prime ministers and an independent audit of Labour’s alternative budget.

To sheet it home, the Greens would not rule out having talks with National after the election, Mr Peters said.

Wasn’t that a nice right-initiated idea that managed to take hold at the time?  It frustrated the hell out of the Greens who were never considering anything of the sort.   There was a lot of desperation in the last few weeks, and some very silly moves were made to try and break the stranglehold that National had in spite of Dirty Politics.

…Labour failed to learn from the 2011 election that voters did not like its policies of introducing a new capital gains tax and raising the age of superannuation eligibility to 67.

“Frankly there is an old rule in politics – you don’t announce a tax before an election.”

Mr Peters said voters did not hear Labour’s explanations that those policies would not apply for some years.

“That’s how people are, they’re busy and they take impressions as much as they take facts.”

To paraphrase Winston:  People are stupid.   People don’t care.  Give them a simple message.

But Winston is just sore that he’s been denied his final 3 years in the troughts bobbing for baubles.

Sorry Winston, we won, you lost, you know the rest.


– Isaac Davison, NZ Herald


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  • Sally

    But didn’t Peters say prior to the election he wasn’t going to decide who he was going with until after the election. He was sitting on the fence. So why would Labour,Greens or National talk to him if he wasn’t making any decisions.

    • mommadog

      An irrelevant point for Winston. I think he was/is so full of self importance and believing he would be kingmaker, he still expected both sides to run to him before the election and beg for his support. He was going to play them and make everyone wait for his reply. Didn’t quite work out like that for him.

  • Monty

    I am loving that Winston is irrelevant for the next three years. Unwanted. No issue, no prestige. Just a sad old man without friends.

    I have always thought he would have gone with National if he had the chance. He was not going to want to play third or even fourth fiddle to the hydrabeast of the left. Winston would have known a government led by cunliffe and antognised by the green taliban would have been a disaster by about now.

    But I wonder if, on the basis the fifty odd years of heavy drinking and heavy smoking have not caught up with winnie, I think he will be back for one last crack. ( oh and the dementia is not too evident)

    • Bob Murphy

      Don’t you watch parliamentary TV?

  • cows4me

    Serves the old trougher right. He spent the whole campaign sitting on the fence and now he moans because he has splinters in his arse.

    • Aucky

      Quote of the day Cows.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    “Sorry Winston, we won, you lost, you know the rest” – Priceless… Eat that….

    • Ginny

      Hey, how did you get back in?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        You know prisoners are pardoned or released or their sentences reduced when the country’s President or King’s birthday is celebrated? So when Whale Oil was awarded the best blog award, Cam decided to forgive all the miscreants….

  • Captain Darling

    For me the most pleasing thing from the election was Winnie being given the arse card. Can you imagine if the insufferable old fool had held the balance of power.

    • dgrogan

      Yes I can. Next to IMP’s total destruction, neutering Peters was the best result from the 2014 election.

  • Timboh

    winners are grinners, losers can please themselves.

  • Timboh

    The image is awesome by the way..

  • I wonder if he is looking toward next election with a bit of preliminary bridge mending, wouldn’t trust him as far as I could kick him.

  • RobT

    “Transparency” if you want to take the people with you…this what a modern politician will need.
    If you want to continually talk in riddles and innuendo, no modern thinking voter will want a bar of you.
    Admittedly there has to be discretion with policy and releases of information, but to continually play at being a clever dick will produce the effects that Winston now carries forward.
    The bulk of his party votes were from confused older persons who struggle to understand the lie of the land.

  • jethro

    There’s always the CIGNA funeral ad’s to do when he loses the leaders position to Ron Mark..

    • dgrogan

      Not sure Ron is up to it. Based on his performance at Questions in the House today anyway. Almost as ineffectual as Turei.

      • jethro

        Always thought Ron was over-rated, likeable face, that’s about it…

  • Liberty

    “Winston admits he would have gone with National”

    So why didn’t Winston come out and condemn the hacking of
    whale oil.
    To busy milking it for all it was worth and sucking up to the coalition of losers.
    I suspect Winston has now been tipped off.
    The hacking scandal is going to get very toxic for the Coalition of losers.
    Winston is only covering his butt.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Suspect he’ll be back though, he’ll want to die with his boots on.

  • lautrec

    is that Pam corkery with winston

  • cmm

    “Winston admits he would have gone with National”

    Nope. Winston has always gone with Winston.

    The only reason he is saying this now is because he’s playing the long game.

    He’s trying to get on the right side for 2017.

  • Monito

    Poor sad Winston can’t make his mind up about the story for today. He muddled around for too long, definitely holding out for the best offer – outsmarted by National -they said thanks but no thanks don’t need you.. in in the next breathe he is claiming that the election was a done deal for a Labour/Green/First coalition? how out of it is he?