Winston blames Nicky Hager for stuffing up his election win

What a sookie sook:

Opposition parties blew an “unlosable” election partly because Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager mishandled the information he based his book on, NZ First Leader Winston Peters says.

Mishandled indeed.

Mr Peters said Hager’s book detailing allegations of dirty tricks campaign run out of Prime Minister John Key’s office, was “a strategic disaster”.

He said it “made no sense” to release all the information at once in the book, “giving your opponents days and weeks to prepare their defence”.

“Everybody knows you drip feed it and as you do that your opponents are constantly having to react, re-react re-re-react and you keep the pressure on them.

Yikes Winston, that sounds like the very techniques that Dirty Politics criticises!

Also, the book was but the first hit.  It was followed by much more.  

“Whatever Mr Nicky Hager thought he was doing he should have taken some sound advice because if he had taken that advice this election would have been dramatically different.

“Instead of people getting sick of Dirty Politics they’d have been hungering every day’s new disclosure, that’s how it’s done in politics.”

That was the job of Whaledump.  Winston, what’s wrong with your memory?

Winston’s being an idiot.  I would have shut down Hager with an injunction as soon as possible.  They knew this.  So they did the book, and then they continued running their plan from an anonymous Twitter account (or two).

As expected, once things are on the Internet, the media then simply reported what was there, no matter the veracity or intent.

The people involved in this criminal conspiracy still can’t understand why it didn’t work.

It should have worked.

As to why it didn’t… that will be revealed in good time.


– Isaac Davison, NZ Herald


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  • Catriona

    It’s about time Winston did some real navel-gazing and realise that nobody really cares about him and his colleagues anymore. They are irrelevant.

    • Justsayn

      Their relevancy has only been for their votes, never their opinions, and now even their votes are irrelevant.

    • OneTrack

      Irrelevant. But we still pay him $160k per year for the privilege.


  • Justsayn

    Two things staggered me about the piece:
    – That he acknowledges that the Hager book was not about exposing the truth, rather it was about maximising political effect (something he was all too ready to go along with), his only criticism is that it wasn’t done well enough; and
    – The lack of insight sufficient to see that that is in itself the worst attempt as “dirty politics” that has been seen since Clark’s days (of not longer).

    • You have a better memory than his followers, that was supposed to be long forgotten.

    • OT Richter

      I thought one of the bases was at Huka Lodge.

  • dgrogan

    It’s time Peters retired. His powers of reasoning have obviously deserted him. He’s now about as irrelevant than the Greens.

    • Yup. Another Green Parrot revelation from Mr Irrelevant.
      Nothing to see here ….

    • OneTrack

      But he and his party are still costing the country on the order $2.2 million dollar per year, just so they can sit there marking time.

      But you didn’t need that operation anyway, and those kids didn’t need breakfast. We have to pay Winston and his 1%ers to keep those seats warm.

      Ain’t MMP grand.

  • RM

    Winston is bleating because ‘they’ (whoever they were) didn’t go to him (the expert at dirty politics) like they did with Brash’s emails or the Wine Box dump – whoops he received them anonymously didn’t he…

  • kaykaybee

    Winston schooling his homies on how to really play DirtyPolitics.

    “…… drip feed it and as you do that your opponents are
    constantly having to react, re-react re-re-react and you keep the
    pressure on them”

    Master of the dark arts and not just the black label.

    • Cadwallader

      He’s right there. That puts pay to allegations that he has dementia. Nobody in the Labour caucus would have that cunning. I personally despise Winston but he is an old warhorse.

  • The only thing the Left still struggles to understand is a population of thinking individuals capable of critical thinking and reasoning.
    If only the voters were wrong…

  • CheesyEarWax

    It didn’t work for Dirty Politics but it did work for Winnie, just not the way he wanted, i.e. being in government with National.

  • It didn’t work because they missed the next step in attack politics. They didn’t present a competent alternative. Even if the allegations in dirty politics were damning(and in my opinion simply showed politics being played for real, not the lefts fantasy version of it), National were still the only party that presented itself as a government.

    Personally, i’m worried about Peters mental health if he thinks that election was unlosable for the left.

  • Hey Winston… Just a FYI…

  • Benoni

    Winston was a beneficiary of the “dirty politics/ dotcom election diversion. Those who did not read whale oil and did not know what was happening, but who knew the TV and Newspapers were full of bull stayed away from National and the Greens and voted for Winston instead. Without the dirty politics /dotcom saga Winston would not have made it back into parliament…. again. Not that Winston knows this. He still thinks everybody loves him whereas in reality he was the last resort.

  • Iera

    Winston’s appraisal seems to not be journalistic integrity or pursuit of truth,
    rather just “bad timing”.

    Meanwhile, National’s campaign chairman Steven Joyce says there is no doubt Hager’s book was designed to influence the outcome of the election.

    And an irony still not fully appreciated by the entire nation – that the book titled DIRTY POLITICS is in itself a supreme example of really Dirty Politics, all be it supremely unsuccessful as it turned out.

    Where have to police got to with their enquiries regarding hackers, and profiteering from stolen documents?

  • Wallace Westland

    The problem for Winston is he knows who the best PM for NZ is and nobody else does!

  • Aucky

    Winston’s problem is that he backed the wrong horse.

  • Chris W

    It didn’t work because elections never work like that – the media just imagine they do. It didn’t work because of the innate good sense of the voting public, which the media are blind to. They imagine people read and watch the news because we believe it all when we do so for entertainment (and give them their dues, they are reasonably entertaining), and we then make up our own minds about its veracity.

  • Iva b ginn

    Winston Peters has spent most of his political life with lies and innuendo never any facts to my knowledge. It has become known as the “Winston effect” But now Mr Hager has taken on the mantle and will from now be known as “The Hager Syndrome. You loose Winston!!