Winston knew this was coming, and dumped her from the party


I tried to run this as an important story about an MP breaking the law at the time, but the media were so pre-occupied with their own little games, it allowed Winston Peters to duck quite the controversy.  It may have earned him a few percentage points for the final party vote.

Former NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor inappropriately accessed the criminal records of a former party official, the Department of Corrections has confirmed.

Dennis Taylor, her husband, lost his job last month after an investigation found he looked up historic convictions of NZ First’s former director and Mana electorate chairwoman Marise Bishop.

Now, in a letter to Bishop, Corrections has revealed the investigation found Lole-Taylor, who was a rehabilitation and reintegration services adviser at the time, also broke the rules.

But because she quit Corrections after becoming a list MP in 2011, they can take no action.

Bishop, a former Defence Force communications operator and sales consultant, was stunned by the findings, saying it was “unbelievable.”

“I am still comprehending the outcome,” she said.

We all knew this at the time of course.  But as National was hedging its bets that it might need NZ First as a coalition partner, there was nothing to be gained by exposing corruption among NZ First.

However, Bishop has taken a complaint to the Privacy Commission and may decide to raise the matter with police.

She complained to Corrections earlier this year and an investigation began in June.

Her historic drink-driving convictions were divulged to senior party members when she sought re-election at a 2012 convention. But she had already disclosed her record to the party’s executive board.

At the time, Lole-Taylor said Bishop’s complaint was politically motivated and “blackmail”.

NZ First has been approached for comment.

Lole-Talyor could not be reached today, but is understood to be contemplating a move to Australia.

That lady has an ego that dwarfs Winston’s.  Australia are welcome to her.

In the end, both National and Winston dodged a huge bullet, and if it wasn’t for Dirty Politics pushing all these kinds of stories from the media’s radar, it would have been a major scandal.

I mean, let’s be clear:   breaking the law by accessing criminal records or a perceived mistake to go visit a factory and drink a glass of milk.

If 2014 stands for anything, it’s the total determination of the media to drive one kind of result through and anti-government agenda, while caring little to hold anyone else to account for real rather than imagined crimes.


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  • Gaynor

    That last paragraph sums it up very well …and the msm still haven’t learnt a thing.

    I still don’t see why Dennis Taylor and Asenati Lole-Taylor can’t be prosecuted .

  • With the media being driven and coordinated by others, maybe Shane Taurima at TVNZ was just the very tip of the ice berg?

    An Independant analysis of political reporting 2 months either side of the election would be interesting. The stories it would tell.

    That Winnie though… More cunning that a cornered rat near a drainpipe!

  • Benoni

    The Herald and TV1 and TV3 stink in their useless news reporting. They spent thousands of hours churning out hubris on a manufactured “oravidia scandal” and missed real criminal offending. Maybe because they themselves are colluding in the largest scale unlawful privacy invasion that is in continous practice in NZ and they do not like to face their own guilt.

  • Time For Accountability

    An offense happens at the time it occurs (Obviously) so any changes subsequent does not affect any ability to prosecute.

    It may affect the penalties available.

  • Lance Ralph

    There’s that brilliant comment about the departure of one person To Australia from NZ “raising the mean IQ of both countries”…

    but, in the case of this person, were she to move to Australia, the mean IQ of Australia would plummet and that of NZ rise stratospherically.

  • wooted

    Say what you like about her, I do miss her asinine tweets!

  • Boris Piscina

    You have to hand it to ol’ Winnie, he knows how to dump a loser. Horan, Williams, Taylor….