Would you like the council to spy on you when you’re sunbathing?


We have no idea what to think about our privacy. ?On the one hand we put our photos on the Internet for many (if not everyone) to see, almost half the country gets uptight at the idea the government might spy on bad people who amount to a hundred or so, and now this: ?

A camera installed at an Auckland beach to keep an eye on beachgoers has been labelled by some as an invasion of privacy.

Takapuna is testing the surveillance option ahead of a review on dog by-laws and local board chairman Mike Cohen admits it requires “some degree of spying”.

Takapuna Beach is a no go zone for dogs between 10am and 6.30pm and the community board says it needs accurate information to work out how the beach is being used ahead of an upcoming bylaw review.

The council says the camera takes far range panoramic shots and the photos won’t be publicised. It’s also adamant the rolling snapshots won’t reveal people’s identities, creating a silhouette, but some question just how blurry the snaps will be given the whole idea is to identify the number of beachgoers and dogs using the beach.

Let’s not be coy. ?The camera will be capable of being panned and zoomed to the point where they can zoom in on anyone’s face. ? Or, not their face, if you get my drift.

The decision to install the camera has met some strong opposition, with board member Jan O’Connor saying people don’t want to be photographed on the beach.

However others told ONE News they aren’t concerned and the council and don’t think any privacy would be breached.

“I don’t find it invasive in any way,” one woman said.

Well, one woman didn’t find it invasive. ?That’s ok then. ?What are we worried about with security personnel having the capability to see people get changed, run around in their bathers, and take permanent photographs unknown to those who are actually in the photo.

At a minimum the total area should have clear signage warning people that they may have their activities recorded.


Would you avoid a beach like that?

Would you avoid it if you wanted to go for a swim?


– One News