Wrestling is a legitimate sport. No, really!


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  • Jmac

    Sad, because Olympic style wrestling is the hardest sport on earth. Yes, I mean that.

    • Cowgirl

      My husband is an ex-wrestler (he competed for years and went to the Olympic try-outs once). The workouts were intense, and the sport is punishing. He has had surgery on both elbows and knees and what they did to themselves in order to make weight, doesn’t bear thinking about. I can’t believe he did it for so many years.

  • metalnwood

    1986, I was 13 and it was the year I found out WWF was fake. That was deflating. I loved the ultimate warrior…

  • LabTested

    Some where there was a script writers meeting where they agreed – OK, ..after the snake/sock puppet attacks its owner we then we get the Dwarf to break the flute…

  • mike

    It’s sports entertainment… they are some incredible athletes, of course its scripted but it doesn’t make the feats they carry out any less impressive.

  • Andrew Gibson

    I’ve always found it amusing that some people think wrestling fans believe its for real….a little gullible I think!