Youtube aiding Islamists by banning MEMRI account

Truth Revolt reports that Youtube has disabled MEMRI’s account for daring to tell the truth about islamic hate-speech.

It is nothing short of the kind of bullying as practices by Giovanni Tiso. There always seem to be some Stalinist prick that wants to stifle open debate.

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is a valuable resource for those who want to learn what the Muslims in the Middle East are saying to each other away from the eyes of the mainstream media. Early on Tuesday, YouTube deleted the MEMRI account for “repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.” In other words, someone complained that MEMRI was sharing truthful videos of Muslim hate-speech (what some call Islamophobia).

Most MEMRI videos features Muslim speakers denouncing Israel, Jews, the West and/or the United States.  MEMRI translates the text into English and adds it as a subtitle on the video. Recent examples of MEMRI videos posted on TruthRevolt include Jordanian MP: The PA Must Not Defend The Interests Of The Filthy Jews and Yemeni Child Leads Crowd in Chant ‘Curses Upon the Jews, And Victory for Islam’.   

This isn’t the first time YouTube has deleted MEMRI’s account. MEMRI can appeal the decision, which they have done in the past. They have always been reinstated.

Until the reinstatement, MEMRI videos can be seen on its site,  The videos posted there do not have the ease of embedding with a YouTube code.

MEMRI is a fantastic resource, I use it all the time.

Youtube just seems to be an enabler of terror groups now.


– Truth Revolt


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  • Citizen


  • nervus

    Who could lean on You Tube to cause that to be taken off ?.

  • Justsayn

    Glass half full… Seems it will be back soon enough and in the meantime any publicity is good publicity? I’d never heard of them before this and hope they get some worldwide headlines out of it.

    Perhaps a bit like the Labour, Greens, and the Herald providing advertising for Whale Oil.


      It’s mass flagging and overall complaints, guess who? Same at Face Book and Twitter. Islam and its minions are rabid!

  • Alloytoo

    “Youtube just seems to be an enabler of terror groups now.”

    Youtube has processes for addressing legitimate grievances typically including copyright violation (amongst other things).

    Unfortunately the rapidly religious (of any ilk) appear to have the time and resources to “Game” these processes, usually by flooding Youtube with spurious complaints and Youtube responds conservatively by suspending accounted etc until the matter is resolved.

    The most amusing instance I found was where videos critically analyzing young earth creationists videos were taken down under copyright violation claims.

    Not only were the critical videos using the clips in a bonefide fair use fashion, the complainants had were simultaneously inviting people to spread their videos stating publicly they were in the public domain.

  • Eiselmann

    Sad Irony : Islam is the religion of Peace, we can’t allow anything that suggests otherwise or they’ll blow us up.

  • The Last Crusade

    Such a shame! From time to time, I watch the Young Lions of Gaza being indoctrinated into their suicidal mission of bringing about the Islamic State by their Human Sacrifice.

    However, thankfully Palestinian Media Watch covers the same ground.

    A quick google of “Palestinian Children’s TV” will bring you up to speed, Comrades, should you wish to know more.

    Human Sacrifice is practiced by Hamas in wars they cannot possibly win, so that the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas rulers can get that sweet sweet UN money, of which Palestine is the world’s largest recipient.

    In the Torah of Moses, this is known as Whoring to Molech (Leviticus 20:1-5), quite possibly the most heinous crime that one can do, a crime that may even cause those who know of it, but do nothing about it, to be wiped out completely. God’s Chosen do not deserve this fate.

    I’m sure the majority of you are hoping for Naftali Bennett to win the upcoming elections in the Holy Land.

    Only Naftali Bennett will deal with these Canaanites in the way Moses commanded.