10 Places in the world you can never visit


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  • intelligentes candida diva

    Enjoyable and informative, I didnt know about half of them

    • Albert Lane

      In 1964 I was privileged to be sent to London as a member of a NZ contingent. We stayed at Chelsea Barracks, and guarded Buckingham Palace, the Bank of England and the Tower of London and St James’ Palace. I was assigned to a detachment that guarded the Bank of England. Our job was to guard the guard-house inside the bank itself. I believe that it has been guarded since 1924 when the IRA attacked the bank. Didn’t get to see the stash of gold though. Interestingly, the Bank paid us something like 5 shillings each. We were the only guards who were given this extra money. They were pretty trusting letting a bunch of Kiwis guard the bank. I understand that Chelsea Barracks is now owned by one of the Middle Eastern Arab countries. A great shame.