2014: Whaleoil by numbers



The pages we lovingly crafted and sent out to be read by an increasing number of readers.



Number of days Whaleoil wasn’t serving pages because of Rawshark and his friends attacking our server and hacking our private data




The minimum number of articles produced every day.  Even on our birthdays, Christmas, Anzac day and days when the whole media, most people in politics, and their social media attack dogs were trying to cause a Whaleoil blackout.



Highest number of comments left by Whaleoil reader motorizer.  Followed by Dave (5596) and Cowgirl (4560).



Our monthly “circulation”/readership , which was independently measured during the election.



Number of actual visits to Whaleoil



Number of unique visitors, as measured by IP number and browser fingerprints



Average number of minutes a reader spends with us per visit.




Total number of 24 hour ‘reading days’ that our readers spent on-line.  This is equivalent to 146.7 years.



Percentage of readers from India



Number of times people have found a page on Whaleoil by using external search engines.



Highest number of clicks that Whaleoil gave another web site:  wikipedia.com.   Other interesting numbers:  9,038: Newstalk ZB, 6,408: Radio Live, 3883: Parliament TV, 2134: Freed , 2119:  Brian Edwards Media



Number of times people found “Whale Oil” by using a search.  There are many ways they also find the blog.

whaleoil 70,469 whale oil beef hooked 21,937 whale oil blog 7,061 whaleoil blog 5,240 whaleoil.co.nz 3,566 www.whaleoil.co.nz 3,315 whaleoil beef hooked 1,936 whaleoilbeefhooked 1,479 whaleoilbeefhooked blog 1,311 cameron slater blog 1,249 whale oil co nz 1,062 cameron slater 1,004 cameron slater nz 973 whale oil beef 826 http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ 798 whale oil nz website 630 site:whaleoil.co.nz www.whaleoil .co.nz 541 whaleoil blog  new zealand 502



Percentage of searches that Whaleoil delivered a page for where the person was actually searching for the blog itself.  Appoximately 200,000 times.



Highest number of search results for an individual that isn’t Cameron Slater:  Mona Dotcom

via 3 News

via 3 News




Number of incoming site visits from people that clicked a link on Kiwi Blog.

Others:  nominister.blogspot.co.nz 66,235, trademe.co.nz 21,389, nzcity.co.nz 9,725, Reddit 6,907, lindsaymitchell.blogspot.co.nz 6,302, bowalleyroad.blogspot.co.nz 5,825, nzherald.co.nz 4,864



Largest number of page views of  single story.  Remarkably, it was only published last month:  Pimping the Poor – Bludger family attacks Salvation Army



Whaleoil’s position in the blog rankings for each and every month of 2014.  As it was in 2013.  And 2012….


The monthly blog ranking post will follow tomorrow.



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  • Wheninrome

    It boils down to a common-sense read, intelligent comment, no ugly, vile, obscene comment. Thanks moderators.

    • Michael_l_c

      And I think most importantly, other views are allowed, not deleted.

      • Nige.

        Yeah, it gets boring reading the same agreeing comment all the time. I relish when a new commenter challenges the hive mind.

        • Michael_l_c

          I like a good debate & most importantly reading alternative reasoned discussion. I am to the left of many here but also have my to the right moments & don’t stick to one viewpoint but think about what is said. Unfortunately some posters seem to get a bit too excited when challenged. Oh well it takes all types.

  • Michael_l_c

    can u tell us the number of readers from India that the 0.18% represent against NZ & other readers?
    Helps to provide proportion & relevance,

  • Stuarts.burgers

    Pete we need some more stories on Chris Carins the Indian numbers are slipping 8-^) ( this comment may cause a bounce if so you owe me)
    Edit spelling

  • Des

    Nice! Good stuff Cowgirl, top 3!

    • Nige.

      Anyone can just write comment after comment after comment. Its providing quality of comment that counts. I think Cowgirl and Dave well to do both despite each living outside new Zealand.

      • Cowgirl

        I’ve actually restricted myself quite a bit?! Obviously was writing too many before I was put on commenting ‘sabbatical’.

        In my defence, I am currently unemployed.

        • Carl

          And you also took that little break, just think what you could have achieved.

        • Don W

          Don’t feel guilty as your comments are always appreciated. I hope you can find employment in the new year.

          • Cowgirl

            Thanks Don, I have the job lined up, just need the permit.

          • Don W

            We, unfortunately, need permission from those that produce little to be able to get out and work and earn .

        • Pharmachick

          You are NOT unemployed sweetheart… you’re waiting for a temp worker (or maybe? perm res) visa. I completely understand that, and have been sending good wishes to you and yours since I heard. Happy New Year (almost) from BC.

          • Cowgirl

            You’re right, a work permit and permanent residence application is lodged. Your support is appreciated very much as this situation is very frustrating and hard, especially at this time of year.

          • Wallace Westland

            Good luck. I’m sure you will be fine.
            I sense you have that “Right Stuff” thing going for you. Otherwise known as being a Kiwi chick :)

      • Dave

        Thanks Nige, but I had thought I had gone on a comments diet. I do feel well informed firstly and foremost from Whaleoil as my choice of Media, and also from the many commenters who regularly influence but also challenge the way I think or might see an issue. Then Backchat, it’s like a time wth mates! Thanks to all, and I will try and make the diet work in 2015!

    • Cowgirl

      Whoops am obviously a bit of a mouthy cow lol. I don’t know how I’ve managed to be in the top 3 when I’ve cut back heaps!

      • Don W

        Well done Cow girl.

      • jude

        Not at all! There are a few regulars that enjoy your comments

  • 1951

    A lot more work would done round here if I could just limit my catch-up to 8 minutes ;)

  • Sally

    I love analysing statistics. There is always a story to tell from this type of information, specially when doing comparisons.
    Just shows how hard you all have worked. Well done.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    9.6 million actual visits is not bad. Can any other media in NZ get close?

  • Glenn

    The first time I attempted to look at WhaleOil was when Rawshark was in business and I gave up after trying for a couple of days. Cameron appearing on 7 Sharp reminded me, I now spend time each day keeping up to date.

  • Whafe

    Stoked with the numbers, great work to Team Whaleoil and all those that comment..

    This is my second home more or less.

    The HUGEST thank you to Cam and your awesome team. May this year see the stats just keep rising and peaking.

  • cows4me

    8 minutes per average visit, I suspect it’s all the lefty loons can handle.

    • Don W

      Len was a 2 minute visit.

    • Dave

      Quite interesting its 8 minutes, that makes it obvious Len Brown is not visiting, or if he is visiting he is dragging the average down.

  • symgardiner

    Fantastic. It’s great to see the domination of Whaleoil continue.

  • ShoreRight

    Superb …but the 8 minute average has got me thinking…all manner of permeatations I would assume ….Congratulations!

  • MrBarrington

    congrats to the whole crew!!

  • coltheman

    That sure is gonna upset old Zeph

  • mrfattsworth

    Yeah, congrats to the whole …crew.

  • Sally

    Maybe all the “Mona” searches were done by the former husband just checking what has been said about her on WO. Can’t really think why anyone else would be searching her out.

  • dale

    I’d like to think that I am the one that visits you most often from Perth.