2015 Sporting Bragging Rights

Guest Post:

A new sporting year, with some great competitions to look forward to, including two big world cups!  It could be a great year for NZ sport, or an opportunity for a NZ team to claim the age-old chokers tag which the All Blacks so famously claimed the last time the World Cup was in the Northern Hemisphere (the only time we haven’t finished in the top four).

Can you pick the winners of some of the biggest sporting events of 2015?  Do you pick with your heart or your head?  At the end of 2015 will you have the bragging rights? Use the comments to make and/or explain your choices for some or all of these big events.  Even if you know nothing about sport, have a guess, you might just beat us all!

Super Bowl XLIX  –  February 2

The teams still in the hunt:




Cricket World Cup:   February 14 – March 29



FIFA Woman’s World Cup:   6 June – 5 July



Super Rugby 2015:  12 February – 3 July


Rugby World Cup:  18 September – 31 October


My picks:   Seahawks, Black Caps (heart pick!), USA, Crusaders, All Blacks


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  • cows4me

    What no mention of Taranaki, champions 2014 !!!!!!, retaining the ITM cup, shame shame.

    • Wallace Westland

      The what?

      • Bobb

        The who?

        • Carl

          That’s who and what. (pic)

          • Bobb

            Sorry. No one I know. ;)

          • cows4me

            Down votes don’t work do they?

    • Dave_1924

      “Mooooooooooooo”. There you go Cows, Ferdinand at his best. As a Lions supporter it was very, very hard to watch Taranaki win the ITM…

      But I console myself with the thought that at least it wasn’t the thugs from Canterbury [tounge in cheek somewhat, but I remember Murray Davie and his nasty cheap shot on Murray Peirce]

  • Mags

    And NZ Silver Ferns for netball World Champs.

    • Michael

      Think Australia are well ahead, but will take an upset!

  • Sally

    My pick and no rhyme or reason except if I am wrong in a couple of them I won’t be disappointed.
    Seahawks, South Africa (prove me wrong Black Cap please), Germany, Crusaders (just wish the Blues for once put a season together), England (now definitely what to be wrong)

  • intelligentes candida diva

    NFL. Heart pick (love the areas teams represent) = Final to be The Patriots versus Cats, The Patriots to win all the way.
    Cricket. At a gamble my pick = 1/4 finals & 1st to 4th West Indies, England, Australia & South Africa.
    FIFA WWCS. X between heart & head picks = Germany, Canada, NZ, China
    RWC. Head & heart picks 1/4s to 2nd, 3rd, & 4th =NZ to win, then Argentina, South Africa, England

  • Superbowl? Who cares
    Cricket world cup? Australia (head), New Zealand (heart)
    FIFA women’s WC? Who cares
    Super Rugby? Who cares (it went downhill once it turned into Super 14)
    RWC: England (head), New Zealand (heart)

  • Eiselmann

    Superbowl : Head says Patriots Heart says Seahawks
    Cricket World Cup Head says Australia Heart New Zealand
    Fifa Womans World Cup Can’t split the Germans the Yanks and the Chinese
    Super Rugby …not really interested (league and Football family) would laugh if non New Zealand team won it
    RWC again not a major blip on my radar, however Head says England …heart yawns

    runs and ducks for cover

  • Rocket

    All of the above:
    ‘cos I’m a road-maggot/Mamil

    • Caprice

      And the winner after 23 days in July?

      • Rocket

        Has to be Alberto – unless he falls off again.

  • Michael

    Superbowl: Seahawks.
    Cricket WC: South Africa.
    Womens Soccer WC: England. No seriously, Germany.
    Super Rugby: Waratahs.
    Rugby WC: (Aware that we will likely have a QF in Cardiff vs France, but still the best team in the world should be) New Zealand.

  • Dave_1924

    Superbowl: Patriots, Cricket: Australia, Womens Football: USA, Super Rugby: Crusaders, Rugby WC: NZ [though England/SA have the best shot……But always bet on Black : ) ]

  • Arizona cardinals!!!, South Africa, USA, Dont care, Dont care.

  • Jafarma

    Superbowl: Packers (wild guess); cricket: Black Caps (I already have faith/tickets to the semi final and final at MCG; and they have momentum / are on the rise); FIFA womens: Netherlands (bit of a guess); Super Rugby: Chiefs (can’t go past Wayne Smith and Brodie Retallic); Rugby WC: ABs (Hansen, Wayne and Ben Smith, McCaw, say no more)