75 percent of journalists say that they use Twitter to build their own brand

In what other industry are employees busy building themselves as stars that shine brighter than the company that pays their wages?  In what other industry would that even be acceptable?

Yet the old media continue to fail as they don’t grasp what they need to do.  Weighed down by the need to keep a legacy newspaper going, they are hamstrung against new media platforms.


Can you see how this drives the decline of traditional newspaper subscribers?  The need to turn their work into shareable clickbait simply doesn’t cater for people who have a roll of paper delivered to their letterbox.   And they haven’t got the resources or the nous to run different stories for the print and on-line versions. 


And while they are building a personal brand, how does this benefit the company they work for?  They are getting paid to pander to their fan-base for self gratification and personal brand building.   Why do their employers see value in that?  Any loyalty that is built will disappear from that media organisation when the Journo no longer works “for” them.


News isn’t dead at all.  But is is different, and it is no longer served by the newsrooms of old.  The next decade will see a virtual bloodbath as news moves online, advertisers are unwilling to join at the same investment rates as they did in the paper, their customers don’t want to pay for accessing it, and they are increasingly turned off by paid-for “native advertising”.

I’m excited by the future of news generation and delivery.   It will be one where there are no prima donna journalists pandering to their own brand on the back of their employers’ salaries.  It will be lean and responsive as I don’t have a huge number of buildings full of mechanical and biological dinosaurs to F eed.


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– Social Times / AdWeek


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  • Rodger T

    95% of journalists aren`t journalists.
    Watch TV and tell me I`m lying.

    • Nige.

      same old story. Having a piece of paper doesn’t;

      a) give someone skill or
      b) give someone experience or
      c) give someone class.

  • Sally

    Judging by the announcements made by Freed this week and now this article I am getting really excited about Freed.

    • GoingRight

      I missed that news, what’s the goss?

      • Sally

        via FB or twitter
        No paywall, free of paid subscriptions, free from wallpaper advertising, free of press releases as news.

        • GoingRight

          Cheers, wonder how they will stay in business

  • Nige.

    there is nothing in business less appealing (more unappealing?) than someone who pumps themselves up to be bigger than the organisation that they are in.

    If they the individual are really that great then they should be out on their own.

    • sarahmw

      And they don’t need to pump themselves up. The quality of their journalistic integrity and output would be all that is needed. Why would you have to pump up your self up hmmmm because you’re not very good I think.

  • caochladh

    Most of these mongrels in the MSM calling themselves “journalists” should be done for deception and fraudulent activity. The owners of newspaper’s should be charged with offences under the Consumers Guarantee legislation.

  • shykiwibloke

    Just who are they gathering to build these brands? Each other? They cant sell papers or TV to the massess so what makes them think electronic media will be any less discerning?