A little less conversation, a little more action please (aka Blubbergeddon 2)


by Pete

If you have been with us for a while, you’ll know of Blubbergeddon, where Whaleoil staff and readers all competed for bragging rights on who lost most weight.   I’m about to start Blubbergeddon 2, and if you want to join, you can.

A few weeks before Christmas I finally had the guts to stand on the scales (see what I did there?).  After a year of work, stress and very bad food and lifestyle choices, I wasn’t too keen to see what it said – other than “one at a time please”.

Having done the Polo orders and gotten another for myself, I knew I was one of only two people, excluding Cam, that ordered a 3XL.

127 kg is the heaviest I have ever been, and it’s all around my gut.  All around my organs.   I probably have more fat in my liver than liver.

I guess I am one of those healthy fatsos, because over the year, the blood tests all said I wasn’t even pre-diabetic.  Cholesterol was high, but not needing medical intervention.  Blood pressure was high – in fact, it sky rocketed over the Dirty Politics period to the point my doctor told me to come back a few months later to see what it would settle to.

So yes, on the whole a healthy lardo, but I was having other problems.  Suspicious chest pains.  Clearly deteriorating vision that was linked to what I ate or drank.

Before Christmas I decided it was time to stop being idiot and stop taking the easy way out.  2014 was a year where for large parts we worked all day and grabbed any food and drink that was easy.  My poison of choice was caffeinated soft drinks – the elixir of people who need to push their bodies to stay awake.

Since then, I pretty much only drink water, cut out most easy sugars, and have cut out most of my snacking.  But I didn’t restrict what I took in, so I was still eating pizza and large pates of pasta.

I wasn’t eating to lose weight.

What I had started was basic set of supplements.  Something called Lester’s Oil and a good multi-vitamin.  Lester’s Oil mostly because of the Omega 3.  I’m a bit concerned about my depression, early onset dementia and Altzheimer’s if I have to be totally honest.

Looking at what and how much I ate was going to have to come eventually, but I couldn’t make myself do it yet.

Why tell you all?  Do I have this need to be the center of attention?  No, not really.  But the fact is, we beat people up for being fatties and lardos all the time, and we’re hardly poster children for healthy living ourselves.   This is why Cam and I are going “out front” again, admitting we’re seriously overweight fatties ourselves (especially me!), and we’re going to do something about it.


This is what it looks like today.  It’s not a pretty picture at all.  Some nice moobs and a pasty blob of fat hanging off me.

I’ve started a new way of eating a little over a week ago, and as a side effect it also delivers slow and steady weight loss.  I’m still finding it nearly impossible to do something because at this stage I’m going to be out of breath just thinking about it.  But that will change.

Cam and I were talking about the need to sort our health last week, and the idea to resurrect Blubbergeddon came up.   And so here we are.

If you are interested in joining us in our battle to put our health where our mouths are (see what I did there?), you’ll need to drop me an email ([email protected]…etc).  Your true identity will remain a secret, but I need to give you access to a Google document you can access to update your own information.  You can use a made-up name if you like, there is no need to go out in public.

But it will be nice to have another Blubbergeddon, and you are welcome to join in.

To start with, I’ll do a weekly update on my own situation, while discussing some side issues, like my diet, why I’ve started taking Lester’s Oil, and some other experiences which I have not found that doctors know much about:  the very scary situation of diet affecting vision.   And of course, the weekly update will also show the progress of everyone else who has joined Blubbergeddon.

You don’t have to be a 3XL type to join in.   Even people who are size 12 that want to drop to 10 are most welcome.   And whereas my journey is probably going to take me well into 2016, you can join and stop whenever you like.

You don’t have to post photos, although if you have the courage, please do, if only to make me feel less lonely.

This won’t be a weekly agony uncle column, it won’t be a look-at-me column, it won’t be a rah-rah-rah let’s all lose weight column.   It will just cover various topics that seem to become more important when you get to a certain age, and you start to realise you have taken your body and mortality for granted too long.

The first Blubbergeddon worked well for losing weight.   This one will be about making changes that are permanent, and weight loss is but a small side-effect.

Drop me an email if you want to join.  (For total privacy, create an email address for the occasion as other participants will be able to see your your email address)


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  • murrayirwin

    I never thought i’d say this, but Pete, you are a mere slip of a man. You do need to take eating seriously if you want to grow up to look like me….!

    • Fat must be heavier than gold. I’m carrying almost two full suitcases extra, somehow, and it’s a bit hard to see where I managed to squirrel it away.

      • Cadwallader

        I was wondering whether you were anticipating a virgin birth?

      • johcar

        Hollow legs?

  • Wendy

    Totally well done…Im delighted for you. You will have so much support.

    • pak

      Wendy – if you go to Jason Vale Juice Master Facebook/web page will find lot of great sensible juicing info. Movie he made was inspiring with group of v. unhealthies who he supervises with 28 day juice fast. Amazing results. He has free programme at moment with in order of 50,000 participating worldwide on juice detox of 3, 5, 7, 14 or 28 days. Up to you and can still join in. I on day 7, great improvement in arthritis pain/less stiff and down 3 kgs. Am going for 28 days! Jason V. is entertaining and recipes are delicious – there is soup/juice/salad option as well as just juices.

    • 1951

      Apparently one should go for whole food intake rather than juicing. Juicing is now yesteryear fashion. If you have time find a copy of China Study by Colin Cambell, it shows how to avoid our nasty Western diseases like diabetes, Parkinsons, demntia and ties in nicely with the palio diet that Dr. Terry Wahlis developed for her MS.

      • Wendy

        As I said…I am so not into fads, fashions, fasting or detoxing. I refuse to diet or buy books on diets or radically change my eating habits because for me it is not necessary. I already eat wholefoods and I really enjoyed that link you posted a while ago about paleo (dare I say another fad).
        There is nothing wrong with supplementing an already (mostly) healthy diet with juiced foods for an extra nutritional boost.

        • pak

          So much conflicting information out there on how to best support our health and up to us to educate ourselves and decide what works best for us. Fasting for me is v. interesting and ancient practice. Prof. of Gerontology USC Davis conducted a study on it last year and commented “We could not have predicted that prolonged fasting would have such a remarkable effect in promoting cell-based regeneration of hematopoietic system”. I think that means they found that fasting created new stem cells …? In any event, in terms of juices, am finding I am consuming far more fruit/veg in liquid form than I would have actually eaten and feeling the benefit!

          • Wendy

            Not stem cell, blood cells.

          • pak

            Thanks. I accidentally missed out the word “stem” so quote should have been “stem-cell based regeneration of …”

        • 1951

          Same here, until recently I have never needed to diet. I have lived on the Chinese diet plus additional protein & mineral sourced by typical Kiwi foodstuffs. I have found that WO-with-a-glass-in-hand has blown a lifetimes good habits out the door ;)

    • Grizz30

      You must have seen Fat Sick and nearly Dead.

      I have some issues with juicing. First is that all the pulp that you remove when extracting the juice is the good stuff. That’s the fibre you are throwing away. Juice just concentrates the sugar which depending on your thoughts about carbs is not always a great thing. Nutritionists encourage eating the whole fruit rather than drinking the juice. Most importantly, if you do not change your diet and lifestyle, you will put back on all that weight you have lost when you stop juicing.

      • Wendy

        I agree with all of that.

        Juicing must be primarily vegetables for exactly the reason that you say…if you juice fruit you will end up with way too much sugar. I never drink fruit juice for that very reason. Not many people know that the average glass of fresh orange juice contains the juice equivalent of six oranges. That isn’t really that good for you.

      • pak

        Understand that in the past it was thought when juicing fruit/veg a significant amount of nutrients remained in the fibre, but that theory has been disproved. e.g. one US Dept Agriculture study several years ago found 90% of antioxidant activity was in juice of the 12 fruits they analysed rather than in the fibre. Also seems assertion sometimes made that juice lacks fibre is simply not true. Only insoluble fibre is removed and juice is loaded with soluble fibre. It is easy to add a bit of the former into a juicing programme if needed. I have seen FS&ND and thought point was you don’t stop juicing, rather use it as a way of getting a concentration of easily assimilated nutrients into the body to improve health/heal, then include it in a healthy, balanced diet thereafter to maintain. But juicing certainly not for everyone and definitely has its challenges!

  • Gonna have to change my diet, totally couldn’t see your face in that pic ;-)

    • The real shocker is the lack of body hair, surely?

      • Orange

        Nice waxing.

        • +1. I wonder if anyone got that joke before I made them think about it.

          hint: I prefer to be waning from here on in

          • Orange

            At least you didn’t give us the full moon picture. :)

          • I think our contract with Google Ads prevents that, although I could start my own web site for people who are interested in that sort of thing.

            Full moons, I mean.

      • Nechtan

        You’re just further evolved (than me thats for sure) I look like a silver back gorilla with my shirt off.

        • Huia

          haha, my husband is covered in hair, I tell him it is actually a pelt. Just the way he is and Im used to it now after 48yers.
          So…… I need to lose a few kilo’s myself so will join in.

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    I’m in Pete! I need to shed a few kilos so that WO polo fits better.

    Starting @ 115kg (I put on over 10kg last year, yikes!) and my goal by Christmas is 100kg.

    And as a side note… it’s now day 17 without a cigarette :D
    Nothing like making it extra challenging!

  • Jimmie

    My missus and I tried the low carb diet last year. You can eat as much protein/fat as you want (plus green veges) and cut out all carbs. You can have a cheat day once a fortnight to eat what ever you want.

    I dropped from 107 to 89kg in around 3 months.

    • David Moore

      You can’t eat ‘as much protein/fat as you want’, the whole point is to reduce the total calories to below your expenditure. No matter what most diets claim, thermodynamics rule.

      The main challenge that most people face isn’t dropping weight, it’s never returning to the eating habits that lead to the weight gain in the first place.

      • Orange

        Calories doesn’t mean a whole lot. It comes down to 1) eat smaller portions 2) breath more, ie. any exercise that increases breathing rate for a bit, even weights. A 3rd point would be change carbon/sugar heavy drinks with H2O. Edit: some people think it’s not how much, just if one changes to better diet you’ll feel full quicker etc. I don’t think you can trust your tummy to determine when you’re full and when you’ve eaten enough.

        • David Moore

          If calories don’t mean a whole lot, why are your points, respectively;

          1. Eat fewer calories,
          2. Expend more calories
          3. Eat fewer calories


          • Orange

            I’m thinking about mass, not energy.

      • Pharmachick

        Actually on Atkins and Paleo you change from burning carbohydrate (sugar alcohols) to burning ketones. The energy balance is different (and its better for insulin/glucagon peaks and troughs). The brain prefers to run on glucose so it makes some people a bit loopy (hint: if you feel loopy after a week on low carb diets just stop). But by forcing the body to use ketones it starts to break fat down for energy. The problem is that if you don’t eat enough fat in the diet, you will break down your muscles too (remember: heart is also a muscle). Also, because of the biochemistry of ketone breakdown, you end up producing more water … the diet tends towards dehydration (which was why Dr. Atkins originally said no caffeine a that can dehydrate you as well – double whammy – caffeine itself doesn’t affect glucose vs. ketone metabolism). There is a danger of a lack of minerals (particularly Ca2+ and Mg2+) but if done properly (i.e. lots of veggies) most vitamins should be ok. So need to take care to keep well supplemented.

        • David Moore

          Yes, but this does not change the need for there to be a calorie deficit, you simply cannot eat as much fat/protein as you want and sill lose weight. Paleo is not a ketogenic diet BTW, far too many carb sources for it to allow this.

          • Pharmachick

            If you take your carbs below 20 g/day and eat exclusively fat/protein one can still lose weight on 3000+ calories/day. And yeah, I take your point about Paleo – totally correct.

          • David Moore

            Only if your expenditure is above 3000 cals/day. The body will simply not tap into fat stores unless that calorie deficit exists.

          • Pharmachick

            Yeah I know about 50-70. Actually, when people hit plateaus they tell you to take it low again. At <20g net carbs/day even carrots are off the menu (bummer) – its all green leafies, meat, eggs, cheese (not soft varietals) & fat. And actually – it depends on your body-fat percentage, but you don't have to expend 3000 to be losing fat weight when under 20g Carbs – until you hit a certain body fat level. And yes the body will tap into fat stores when you're in ketosis even if your energy expenditure is not high. That's part of the reason the medical profession was so anti-Atkins … it more-or-less goes against received wisdom since the 70s.
            EDIT: added the last 2 sentences

          • David Moore

            Well, I’m going to disagree about tapping into fat stores if your not in a deficit! You can talk about partitioning or whatever else, but without that basic thermodynamic balance being in place, there isn’t going to be weight loss.

            All diets are basically geared to trick people into a calorie deficit, even when many say they are not.

          • Pharmachick

            The thermodynamic balance is precisely what I was talking about. With apologies to non-geeks here: it takes more energy (ATP-equivalents) to break down ketones than it does to break down glucose because 1) there is an energy difference in a ketone bond and a glucose bond.2) the [delta]G required for the enzymes that break down ketones is much bigger than the [delta]G required for glycolysis enzymes, therefore the body uses more energy in the reaction. I’ll find good link and post if you like.

          • David Moore

            Yes, but in truth that differential is very minor isn’t it? it’s not going to be hundred of calories.


            Warning, Lyle is famously rude!

          • David Moore

            Adding to your addition, the medical profession being against Atkins is really rather odd when a ketogenic diet is medically prescribed very regularly for both the obese and epileptics. No one seems to think it would blow up the kidneys then…

          • Grizz30

            I don’t think the medical profession understood Atkins. You always got images of people eating fried eggs and fatty red meat with nothing else. Dr Atkins actually ate a lot of vegetables and salad. I think the second wave of Atkins is to emphasise the vegetables more reduce the meat intake.

          • Grizz30

            I find this advice dangerous. It appears to work if done correctly. But you tell your average punter this, they will put on weight largely because they do not know where all the carbs are hidden.

            From my perspective,the trick is to reduce your insulin spikes as this will reduce your appetite. You have to know what the good carbs are (those with higher complexity and low GI) and eliminate the bad carbs such as the starches and the sugars.

          • Pharmachick

            This MOST CERTAINLY WAS NOT advice (sorry for yelling). These have been blog posts, mostly in conversation with David Moore surrounding thermodynamics and energy balance vs. carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

            The “average punter” has a responsibility to themselves to consult with a medical professional prior to doing anything like embarking upon a radical diet – although they often don’t.

            I, personally, consulted with a Clinical Biochemist (because I can), who is a doctor but also a biochemistry expert re: Atkins before going that route a couple of years ago because I was aware of how it might be considered restrictive and weird. In addition, I take your point about knowing actual numbers of Carbs … one can print out tables of carbs and net carbs contained in raw foods from all sorts of places. But if one doesn’t then they are not really doing anything different or “changing their lifestyle”, they’re pretending to themselves.

          • Grizz30

            Look a good diet needs to become a lifestyle or you will not sustain it. Very few people have the ability to properly count carbs. Talk to anyone who manages diabetic patients and they will concur how difficult it is even for the most well intentioned patients. You sound like you are doing great and have access to the best of advice and good on you. However I just do not think a ketogenic diet is a sustainable soution for most people seeking weight loss.

          • David Moore

            I don’t think anyone regards a ketogenic diet as sustainable, it is there to provide the weight loss. Transition to a more typical diet would be expected once the objective is reached.

          • David Moore

            If your ‘average punter’ does not know where the carbs are ‘hidden’, then any diet advise is pointless. Knowing what you are eating is kind of fundamental to the whole exercise……

          • Grizz30

            There is science and then there is the realities of getting the population to do it. You can tell people the sorts of foods to include and the sorts of food to avoid. You can teach the art of reading food labels and ingredients. You can educate people to prepare the good foods so it is tasty and filling, ie the fun part.

            However to make people to keep a diary and add up the total amount of carbs consumed for instance is just setting people up to fail. Soon they will lose interest in what they are doing and be back at the drive through in no time.

          • Pharmachick

            Keep a diary??? Once you learn it, it is second nature… off the top of my head: 4 cherry tomatoes = 2 net carbs, 1 large stick of celery = 0.2 net carbs, 1 rasher of [streaky] bacon [North American style] = 1 net carb, 100g romaine lettuce = 0.4 net carbs, 2g cheese (not cottage, cream or soft) = 2 net carbs, one glass red wine (5 oz) – 4.5 net carbs … etc. Once you start it properly and learn it, of course you can make it a “way of life”. What you’re talking about is people that what to know how many carbs there are in a KFC bucket, McDonalds Big Mac Meal Deal, or the local fish & chips shop.

          • Grizz30

            This is the point I am trying to make. Keeping a food diary might be second nature to your good self. However for most of the obese community, it would be like pushing excrement up a hill. To most of us, food is enjoyable and fun. Food diaries and counting every last nutrient is not and more than likely will not fly. I believe healthy eating is enjoyable and fun. It should not need to look like homework, as it will only encourage bad habits.

    • taurangaruru

      The issue I have found with the likes of the Aitkins diet is the amount of muscle you lose as well. You really have to go on a weights programme to try to avoid this.

      • David Moore

        That’s true of all diets though. If anything a ketogenic diet should be more sparing of muscle given the high protein content. Most of the more fadish diets would be devastating on muscle mass.

      • Pharmachick

        Yep, one actually needs to up the fat in the diet to prevent loss of muscle … or as you suggest, to do a weights program. My issues with Atkins is the water loss – always running tot he loos :-)

    • Sunshine

      Misconception that a low carb high fat diet advocates as much protein as you want. Protein should only ever be moderate for health sake. Excess protein is stored as body fat and not a good idea for those with kidney disfunction.

  • Catriona

    Taking up cycling as a form of exercise as well. So good for you. It will help to shed extra kilos.

    • WeaselKiss

      On that score Catriona, how heavy is too heavy to get into cycling? I am 144, a good weight if I was 7 foot 8 tall!
      I have to do something too and I am getting more resolve by the day.

  • Chris EM

    Gotta say, Pete, you look so much healthier in your avatar photo.

    • I had the same photoshop artist as Helen and Jacinda.

      • Cadwallader

        Actually, you could always visit your local jihadi. He’ll be happy to trim off a bit of topside fat for you! You’ll never need to concern yourself with weight gain hence.

  • Jaffa

    When is the baby due?

    • It’s a shocker, innit.

  • JC

    Last December and all January I did it the easy way and lost 30kgs in 60 days.

    I got some sort of infection in my gut that turned into gangrene and they cut out my large and much of my small intestines in two six hour operations. Half way through they gave me a breather and told the wife and I we had 12 hours to settle my affairs before the second op. So the Missus just said in outrage “We don’t think like that!” and I thought “Bugger, she’ll kill me if I don’t make it”. Interestingly they brought me round towards the end of the second op and the anesthetist kept badgering me, asking questions, demanding answers and generally forcing me back into the land of the living where I then got peritonitis and kidney failure.. I couldn’t even hold water down but by early Feb I was out and back on the jog down from 130kg to 98kg.

    So what do you do when you lose over 30kg and supervise forestry operations? Well, you charge up and down hills with gay abandon on a 69 year old body for a few days, hit the gym and the weights again and then both knees give out completely and you exhaust all the necessary minerals in your body that stop you from getting the cramps.. so the rest of 2014 has been spent actually learning how to adapt to a vastly changed body metabolism that reacts almost instantly to any abuse of exercise, foods or drink, one that can lose 5kgs in a night due to dehydration, that hates incessant coffee drinking but loves Snax, cheese, tomatoes and onion dip and as I found out this Christmas and New Year has no trouble in piling on 5-6kgs of fat but thankfully no more cramping. It has also given me an extra three operations to remove skin cancers as the old bod reminds me of 70 years of year round wearing shorts in the sun with a fair skin is dumb.. I think I’m up to 17 such ops now but am still wearing shorts and still forgetting the sunblock.

    Yet through it all I’m feeling miles better about myself.. I’m much lighter, can walk the hills without blowing too much, BP can go as low as 100/60, the Archilles tendons are blown but more manageable without the weight and I know a lot more about myself.

    So I’ll wait and see but I reckon I’ll take last year’s prize by losing 32kgs in 60 days.. but there will be some here who reckon I cheated.


    • taurangaruru

      I saw the first line – 30kgs in 60 days & was hooked – what is his secret I thought. But buddy you can keep your gangrene weight loss programme as it doesn’t sound very appealing! All the best with your health in 2015 & onwards JC.

    • Pharmachick

      OMIGOD. That’s terrible. I totally understand how close you were. I’m wishing you a happy and HEALTHY 2015.

      • JC

        Thanks.. and there are other benefits I forgot to mention. I had a heart attack 17 years ago and with my weight surgeons were very wary about operations involving anesthetic. But after two massive ops they and I found that a tired old heart near wrecked by a 20-40 cigarettes a day for over 55 years can get just the jolt it needed and I’ve subsequently had a further two ops under anesthetic with no-one the slightest bit worried about me conking out.

        Nevertheless I’ve quit smoking and now use an E-cig. No need to twist the Devil’s tail all the time and it means I can afford a better drop of wine.


        • The wildman

          Good luck and health jc.need your wise input for a few more years yet.all the best.

  • flutterby

    I see you said that your ‘Cholesterol was high, but not needing medical intervention’. You’re lucky, seems like statins are the new favoured drugs (despite the side effects) that doctors are pushing much like HRT in the 90’s. Are they really as fantastic as they are promoted? Unfortunately they don’t help with weight loss.

  • wooted

    I’m in. As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve already dropped 15kg in the last 6 months, I want to double that so it will be good to have company.

    And yep, I am serious about it, I’m shelling out $55/hr for a personal trainer three times a week. I must be saving nearly half that in reduced purchases of lattes, cakes, takeaways, white chocolate magnums, strawberry milk and sugar.

  • Cowgirl

    I’m aiming to move away from being a violin to some other less bottom-heavy shape. I’ve been working on it while I have not been working – I have recently tried to cut out a lot of sugar and switch to diet drinks and/or water. I have also been exercising pretty relentlessly and making a lot of salads. I’ve shed quite a bit, but a long way to go with regards to firming up the remaining wobbly bits. I’ve been doing intervals on the exercise bike, combined with weights to build muscle, which I’m told will burn fat faster than cardio alone. I also did a lot of walking in the summer (an hour most days) and used a rowing machine – sometimes doing both in the morning before breakfast. It’s hard yakka, and I hate being hungry, but I think a few simple lifestyle changes can go a long way towards it. I’m convinced it’s the sugar rather than the healthy fats, and “eating clean” is the way – processed food as little as possible.

    • David Moore

      Weights and building muscle are a key to keeping weight off, which is much harder than the actual weight loss in itself.

      Intense intervals are really a double edged sword when on a diet. If your in a calorie deficit, stressing the body with too much intense exercise can lead to complete shutdown.

    • jude

      I too want to shed a few kilos.
      For me, it is not what or how much I eat. Rather my love of wine!
      I am going to really cut back and I suspect my weight will come off with that and the exercise!
      I use a cross trainer and the rowing machine too!
      When the sun shines I like to get out and power walk.

      • Cowgirl

        Alcohol is a lot of sugar and calories unfortunately. As much as I tend to have a drink most nights, I have subbed in the diet mixers to save myself some calories.

        • jude

          I am trying to have alcohol free nights and have diet tonic and lemon instead.
          It will be a challenge but worth it:)

          • Cowgirl

            Also lots of water during the day to take your appetite away, and lots of fruit and veg. I have just made a taco salad for dinner with chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion, kidney beans, corn and avocado, tortilla chips (plain salted), a little grated cheese and dollops of lite sour cream, followed by pomegranate and fresh strawberries with yoghurt (watch the sugar in the yoghurt), drinking water all the while, and I am soooo not hungry any more. The fibrous veges and water will keep me full for ages :)

  • Yeahright

    Cups of tea and a good brown bread. I have crohns and always get bloated on white bread, not gluten. brown bread with lots of pieces of seads etc, and lots of fluid, tea.
    I feel less inclined to eat crap food, and it then shows in my weight.
    Running around the parks with my kids help, it is surprising to find no one doing this. Our parks are empty???

    Anyway good luck and good on you!

  • Wallace Westland

    That’s amazing timing. I intended starting my diet tomorrow and have made all the preparations (I ate all the junk food in the weekend hehehe), I’ve even got a couple of exercycles to look at tomorrow.
    The photo is not rigged, I clocked the scales. Email is on it’s way Pete. Oh and if it’s any consolation a 3XL polo won’t fit me. I’d need a 4. sigh.

    • Luckily I’ve got a digital one now, because I was in serious danger of clocking it myself. Welcome, you should have an email by now.

  • Curly1952

    We have the biggest loser twice a year at work. Haven’t competed in the past but may do so this year. I clock in at about 112kg but at 193cm don’t look too bad.
    I reckon I am the correct weight only that I should be 200cm.
    May well join in here

  • Brian Badonde

    I have really packed on the kg’s in the last year and need to do something about it. Just weighed myself and am 0.1kg off 115kg. I really have no excuses for being this weight apart from suffering from lazyitis. A few years ago I self diagnosed myself as having an allergy to idiots and morons for which I take largish quantities of squashed fermented grapejuice. Santa was especially kind to me this year giving me a fantastic episode of Gout which no doubt was brought on by being overweight and too much of the fermented grapes. Count me in. Will email you shortly Pete (from a new account).

  • Asian_driver

    Go for it guys , looks salvagable to me . Journey of 1000 miles starts with on step which you have taken. Carbs and sugar are the killer, they kinda the same thing everything gets converted to sugars , people fuel. Eat like a peasant, you will be under 100 in almost no time. Your battle is bigger than you think, almost every food manufacturer is trying to stuff you with sugar , salt and fat, fat tax or sugar tax wont fix it only you can , go for it !!!

  • Mother of ten

    I lost 23 kg last 2 years and lovely husband followed with 33kg loss last year (men have more muscle bulk so lose weight more easily as a general rule). Won’t tell you his starting weight but relax – you’ve all got a head start! We’re in the heathy weight range now. Here’s the combo we used – low carb/high protein diet, regular cardio exercise and a magnificent personal trainer who monitored everything but also took us through weightlifting exercises to build muscle and reduce fat. The more muscle you build the more you burn fat, the more you can eat. Weight lifting is the secret to success in my view and the reason why people who go to weight watchers and Jenny Craig bounce back to their usual weight once they go off the diet ( reach goal weight). I know a personal trainer is an expense but so is an unhealthy diet. Time to look after yourself everyone :-) Also everyone says after they lose weight they have tons more energy etc and that is true,what they don’t say is you actually, truly feel younger. Someone said to me recently 20kgs lighter, and you look 20 years younger – I love it!


    It’s a bit of a novelty that WO staff wouldn’t mind being the biggest looser around:))

    • The common denominator is “biggest”, not “winner” :D

  • Steely Man

    Great idea. I’m in! 20 kg of man fat needs to go.

  • Sunshine

    Kudos to all that are addressing weight and health issues. My words of encouragement and wisdom are keep it simple, don’t over complicate it. Eat whole real foods that are nutrient dense and unprocessed. Move your body, get some sunlight, good sleep and laugh often. Eat wayyyy more veges than you think a vegetarian would, remove the added sugars, eat the natural fats that occur naturally in whole real foods and not the processed vegetable oils the diet nazis of yesteryear told us all we should consume.

  • R&BAvenger

    Well done Pete and Cam all the best with your endeavours to trim down. I’ve been following the ‘Fast Diet’ for nearly 12 months. I was a little overweight, but not majorly and have trimmed down from 73/74kg to 65/66kg and I am maintaining my weight.

    It means I am restricting my calorie intake for 2 days out of 7 each week. The results (for me) were evident within 1-2 months. I wasn’t aiming for a particular weight, but just aimed to stick to the 5:2 plan and see what happened.

    My suggestion is to ensure you have a strategy for the 2 days you are restricting your diet for the times you feel a bit peckish. Mine was to drink water.

    I don’t follow the 5:2 diet slavishly, but do restrict my calorie intake on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Otherwise I eat what I want, although it’s a lot healthier, i.e. more fruit and vegetables, no sugar in hot drinks, no milk in home made hot drinks and cutting back on ice cream/desserts.


    What ever you end up doing, good luck.

  • la la land

    Right if you guys can do this so can I. I have decided to follow Pete Evans Paleo way programme – it is 10 weeks long. http://www.thepaleoway.com/ i have been dabbling in this for a while but all good habits have flown out the window over xmas… I need to lose 8kg.