What actually happens when you let socialists run the country

France is the canary in the coal mine. They have embraced all the worst aspects of socialism with predictable results.

Rampant immigration from Islamic countries, extremely high taxes, reduced working hours, benefits, subsidies, the whole shebang.

Little wonder their troops prefer to march backwards rather than protect that way of life.

Now it is infecting their prison system.

French prison has become a ?holiday camp?, guards have warned, after inmates posted more than 100 selfies on Facebook showing them posing with wads of cash, dope and mobile phones.

Two investigations have been launched this week into how the photographs and video clips featuring the inmates of Baumettes prison near Marseille, southern France, reached the social media website, and how the objects got through security.

In one image, a prisoner in Y-fronts waves around a large bundle of 50 euro notes; another photo shows an inmate smoking a hookah and playing with a mobile phone while another shows cannabis on a table in the prison.

A fourth shows a group of muscular, bare-chested inmates in the prison courtyard posing as if in a boy?s band. According to La Provence, the local newspaper that broke the story, photos of knives also exist.

The Facebook page entitled ?MDR o Baumettes? (LOL in the Baumettes) had garnered almost 5,000 likes in the past few weeks before it was closed down after prison staff stumbled on the page over New Year.

While it may have won fans on social media, the Facebook page sparked concern among prison authorities, who launched an internal probe while also filing a criminal complaint.

?We took immediate action after discovering this page by opening an investigation and informing the prosecutors in Marseille,? said Philippe Perron, the local prisons administrative chief.

Guards conducted a search of five cells identified on Facebook, confiscating three mobiles and a USB key. Several inmates featuring in the photos face disciplinary action.

Knowing the cheese eating surrender monkeys the disciplinary action will likely be the removal of subsidised baguettes for a week.

The page was published outside the prison but the author has not been found.

?One thing?s for sure, the photos and videos were taken by the inmates themselves. They all own mobile phones,? one prison guard told Le Figaro.

?This is a provocation,? said Catherine Forzi, from the prison staff branch of the FO union.

?Security doesn?t exist any more,? she said, adding a 2009 law putting an end to systematic body security checks had ?opened the door to everything coming into the prison?.

?We can see what?s coming in today, but we don?t know what might come in another day. It?s becoming dangerous.? Last summer, staff confiscated 30 knives found in cells during one search over a weekend.

As for the inmates, they were able to get hold of an array of creature comforts, she said.

?They?ve all got mobiles, sport, school, activities, television and even Canal Plus [a pay TV channel] while most people outside haven?t got the money to afford the subscription.? She added: ?This is no longer a prison, it?s a holiday camp.? Unions said the problem was compounded by a shortage of prison guards.

?The situation has become unmanageable with one prison guard for over 130 prison inmates, on average? said the CGT?s David Cucchietti.

In a fresh blow to prison authorities, a new Baumettes Facebook page?was up online on Tuesday. This time the inmates were masked. It has already attracted 3,000 likes.

I suppose they could put cellphone blockers in?the?prisons…that will work well….oh wait, it doesn’t work in New Zealand. I know of one career criminal in prison?who has a cellphone and email account and can be contacted any time for comment. ?Most journalists have his number.


– The Telegraph